Last Few Hours for Sale

Today is the last day that these 5 de Mumzels are for sale. do you want one of these mumzels? now you can still buy them. because after this round my price of the Mumzels Redi & Champi will go up 10x . to support the buyers.

Buy Mumzel Champi no.18 Rarity Level 4 for sale 2/ 5

Buy a mumzel and you get this utility

– Join the Mumzel Family in the world of the Mumzels
– Mumzels put information about your project in Mumzel family.
– Mumzels create a Blog post about your project that is shared on social media.
– my price of Mumzels sold goes up 10x after first round of sales to support first time buyers

Buy Mumzel Redi no.2 Rarity level 1 for sale 49 of 75