Next Night

The next night came, I was in bed with my ghostbusters toys and my flashlight. I tried to fall asleep but I was too curious if I would hear mumzels and come into my room, preventing me from sleeping.

I lay with my head under the covers with my proton gun and ghost trap, the flashlight was on. I don’t know if I could catch mumzels with ghost weapons. But still I wanted to try.

Minutes became quarters and quarters became hours. I got tired and hadn’t heard a mumzel.
Half asleep I tried to stay awake but couldn’t.

Suddenly I wake up startled I hear something the flashlight is off, what time is it? Did I fall asleep? I lay on top of my toys and crawl out from under the covers. Trying to get my flashlight on but it doesn’t work.

I hear noises again from the corner of my room ..  is it a mumzel? I can’t see it well, it’s dark ..

I see a black shadow moving in the corner of my room and it comes closer and closer .. also hear all footsteps, I’m afraid.

I quickly crawl back under my covers. Suddenly I feel and hear something jump on my bed . “I’m scared” and take the covers off me to look.

Miaaauww I hear and see my cat Sophie in front of me ..

hello sophie I thought you were a Mumzel. I petted my cat and lay down. Sophie can also catch mumzel when they come into my room. Sophie lay down against me and I fell asleep.

Do you ever have those moments when you are scared? And think there’s a Mumzel in your room?

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