Weeks passed

Weeks have passed an still no mumzel was seen.

Whenever i díd hear noises at night, it was often one of our cats.
And sometimes… i just couldn’t explain it.

Yesterday before i went to sleep i had put my lego dolls on my desk.
This morning they were gone.
I don’t get it!
Did i put them somewhere else i forgot?
I got dressed, went downstairs and asked my mom if she cleaned them up.
My mom said she didn’t.
So i searched for my dad and found him in the shed.
“Come overhere son and take a good look” he said.

I asked him if he found my lego.
“Yes” he replied. ” Look closely at the cupboard… but be quiet!”

There, i saw all my lost lego dolls among all kind of rubbish.

“Did you do that dad?” i asked my dad.
But he swore to me it wasn’t him and tried to convince me it probably was a mumzel making a nest.
At that time there was no mumzel in that so called nest, so i begged my dad to stay up to look in the shed tonight.
My dad didn’t want me to, because tomorrow i had to go to school.

I don’t like his answer at all, i am never allowed to do anything at all.
Shall i sneak out this night and have a look in the shed?
No one has to know….

What do you think: is there a mumzel in our shed???

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