The Noseless Mumzel

the Mumzel has found a Noseless apple alone under a beautiful tree, all other Noseless apples were still hanging in the tree smiling at the Noseless apple on the ground. the Mumzel felt so sorry for the apple that he lay there alone and the others made him tease him. that the Mumzel took home the Noseless apple. will the mumzel resist the temptation to take a bite of the apple?

The Mumzels had won a Noseless apple in a Giveaway. in consultation with @Hornydevilsclub we made 1 NFT together with 100 copies. do you want to get one? keep an eye on the twitter account of Hornydevilsclub he is doing a Give Away !!

Do you also want a Collab NFT please contact us for the possibilities. I have opened a collection without Creator Fee and number of copies is divided among the number of participating projects of a certain Mumzelcollab NFT