School day

Morning came again.

My mother walks into my room, she is angry when she wakes me up. “Stand up Bram!“. She says. “What did you do last night? What did your father say?”  

Half asleep I respond “ok mom“. I get out of bed, grab some clothes, and put them on.

I have to go to school, so I walk downstairs and look for my father. “Mom where is dad? “Mom answers: “Your father is working and he was not happy last night!“. “But Mom, I saw a real Mumzel.” To which my mother replies: “Stop thinking about those Mumzels and go eat your breakfast, you have to go to school“.

All I could think about was the Mumzel in the shed. Before I went to school, I quickly went to look in the shed, where I saw the Mumzel. There was no Mumzel and the leftovers of the cookie were also gone. “Did the Mumzel eat it?” I went to look at the nest, but it looked empty and deserted. Could the Mumzel be afraid of me and never come back?

My mom calls me, I have to go to school.

On my way to school, I meet my friend Karin. I greet her by saying “Good morning Karin

To which Karin replies: “Hello Bram”.

Karin, I saw a Mumzel last night!” But Karin says: “I don’t believe that.”

It was real.  I sneaked into the shed and there I found one. He had left half a cookie when he saw me and ran away.”

Haha, that’s a nice name “Cookie”, Karin told me. So I asked her: “do you think so? Shall I call him cookie ..? “Yeah nice.” She answered.

What did it look like?” Karin asked. “Well, I couldn’t see him very well, but he was no bigger than a mouse, walked on 2 legs, and looked like he had two feelers on his head. He also had very big eyes.

Haha, Funny, but did you really see that or did you dream it?” Karin asked.

A bit angered I reacted: “Of course, I saw him, I do not lie.”

Karin had to laugh, because of my angry reaction. “You don’t have to get mad”, I believe you.”

Do you want to meet later today Bram? Let’s see if we can find that Mumzel together”, Karin asked. “That’s nice,” I said. When we arrived at school Karin said: “I’ll see you this afternoon”, I have to go to class, bye!”

Was your cookie jar empty in the morning, while it was full last night?  Chances are, “Cookie” the mumzel ate them.

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