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Troglodyte Society
Mysfit Ryders of Umbrya
lopaka los banos

bought!! 2 Mumzels Marley after my daughter pitched about the mumzel project in the Twitter Space Polygon community Share Projects #Allwelcome #Trogstrong .

on behalf of me, my daughter Robin and the Mumzels and want to say a big thank you to all these wonderful people and artists.


was created by a number of artists and projects who have created a shared Whallet to support people in the Twitter community with their new project.

Every Monday to Friday they hold spaces on twitter between 6pm and 10pm CEST

where people can talk and share about their project. join the Polygon community and view all the great projects.

Below you can see the Artists with their projects who have set up the PollyWhallet for the NFT Polygon community on twitter.

Click on their name

to go to the Artisten’s Twitter account

Check out their own great projects

They deserve attention too!