MumzelFamily: NFTeve

NFTeve bought a Mumzel Champi.

The Mumzels want to congratulate Eve on her new Mumzel.

Champi will take good care of her and will always be close to her somewhere on a roof.

NFTeve is now a member of the Mumzel Family and can now be admired in the World of the Mumzels on our website

The Mumzels introduce NFTeve to you

she has very sweet Hawa cats one of the collections NFTeve made. In addition to making very cute cats and art, Eve is also very good at belly dancing and has also made an NFT collection of it. in addition to various collections, she also holds spaces on Twitter as a Host. it is very nice to listen to Eve and she often has instructive conversations with other Artists. she also has a Youtube channel where she does interviews with NFT artists but also explains a lot about NFT and WEB3 in various tutorials. which you can learn a lot from. she has a very sweet and nice voice, she is a sweet nice woman and is a valued person within the NFT communtiy who does a lot for the community and brings people together.

below you will find the links to her Collections

if you click on the link you will come to her youtube channel and subscribe to her channel so you don’t miss the latest videos.

Besides youtube she is an iconic IRL artist and first performance art in the Metaverse.

In addition, she has set up a community together with others to help artists gain more reach and help with their own projects. the mastermind club

“An understandable definition of the mastermind is this.

It consists of two or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose.

~ Napolean Hill

NFTeve founded the Mastermind Club to work with a group of artists to see how we can get more reach in Marketing by working together and trying different strategies.

she can articulate it much better herself than the Mumzels can.
but after watching several videos on her Youtube account, the Mumzels decided to join her Mastermind club to share information and help each other.

The Mumzels are very happy that they can work with NFTeve and that she is part of the Mumzel Family .
Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of her in the coming years
I can only advise everyone to take a close look at her websites and accounts and discover what a beautiful woman she is and does for the community