The Mumzels are particpate in the Safrootics tournament

the Mumzels participate in the Safrootics Tournament to promote their new Game all participants have 21 hours to Like, Retweet or Comment on the Tweet of Safrootics so that the artist/player advances to the next round.

there are great prizes to be won in Matic. on May 6, 10AM CEST time, the Mumzels will need to promote their name in the post to win. everyone who then shares, liked or comment the Safrootics tweet in which the mumzels are named helps the Mumzels win. so you want to help the Mumzels? help share safrootics’ Tweet.

safrootics is a new game in development on the new WEB3 , join their discord for the latest news about this fun game.

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