Mumzel Opal

Where’s the party? Here’s the party! It’s always a party with opal. As soon as night falls, Opal jumps out of his nest and heads for the human world.
Because they have all kinds of nice stuff there. Opal likes music and disco lights.
Opal prefers to dance all night long.

That’s why you often find him at discotheques or clubs.
Only it is not entirely without risk: in the human world nightlife in clubs continues . The chance Opal is being discovered by people is much bigger if you visit people in the places where they are still awake.
But Opal doesn’t mind because he had found several places that are high and safe:  between the lamps in the dark corners near the ceiling. No one comes there.

And that’s where Opal likes to party. Among people that aren’t able to see him.
Say yourself: nobody wants to miss a good party, not even a Mumzel.
And what if the club closes its doors? Well, Opal keeps going until the early hours. He is the last “man” standing and goes to his nest very satisfied. And in his dreams the party will go on until he wakes up to go to the club again.

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