Mumzel Family: NFT

During a business trip @frank_preve Mumzel saw pete scared sitting in a corner of the plane,he had traveled with someone in the suitcase and jumped out of the plane.

Frank Preve Mumzel took Pete home so that Mumzel could recover with a cold beer and delicious barbie

The Mumzels want to introduce you. NFT arc.Network

NTFs are a lot of fun to trade, make and sell them. only so many different marketplaces and they all work differently. Constantly have to keep an eye on whether your NFTs are still listed or buyers are having trouble buying NFTs. often a lot of hassle.

NFTArc helps in that.

if for us people it is sometimes quite a task to sell your NFT or buy NFT from others. what will it be like for people who have just come to watch..? so as not to discourage these customers from spending more than 3 hours buying an NFT .

Offer NFT arc.Network a platform that is much more user-friendly for the people and they can also pay with a credit card on your own website. artists and companies can manage, create and sell their NFT with this platform on their own website.


ARC is a platform that gives retailers of all sizes the power to create their own NFTs.

The mission of NFT arc.Network is to make the process of selling NFTs easier, faster and less complicated.

NFT arc.Network work with companies, entrepreneurs and other organizations to give them the power to create their own collections of NFTs and sell them on their own websites of via NFT marketplaces.

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“ARC is making NFTs accessible for all Squarespace users”

How it Works ?

Create your collection

Manage your NFTs

List your NFTs

View your wallet

Manage your revenue

Meet the Team

meet the team behind platform ARC



Frank has over a decade of experience in software and sales. He has previously worked as a key part of the sales team at Slack and Zuora, and co-founded Qualia’s sales team.



With over 15 years of cloud engineering experience, before starting Augmentor, Rohit was the Director of Engineering at Alibaba, Sr. Mgr at Sears, and a Principal Engineer at 3M. 



Ben has over a decade of experience in Marketing, Product and UX, having worked at start-ups across Europe including Babbel and what3words.



kanda has been involved in Web3 since 2016 and is currently building a decentralized and chain-agnostic oracle called Razor network. 

For more information about the people from this team and links to their linkedin on their website