Mumzel Family: AutismHoodMedia

Jason & Sheamus


Jason and his Son Sheamus are now for a while in the NFT world , the both sell 1/1 NFT to get More Awareness for Autism.

Jason’s son is now 13 years old and has autism and loves to make art , Riding his bike and listening to Music.

About Autism

Studies have also shown that making art or listening to music can help children with autism develop and grow.

Autism is very different in many children and many children and parents also experience it differently.

One child shuts down and needs years to start talking or communicating with other people at all and the other child is very social but does not understand norms and values at all and therefore expresses strange behaviors, which more often than also resembles ADHD, in short, autism The spectrum is very extensive and varied and it is important that more attention is paid to it so that children also receive the right care.

Because a child is not always just annoying, quiet or busy. often there is not much they can do about it themselves because they are not in control.


They have a company Autismhoodmedia and advocate for all special needs individuals and families. #AutismAwareness

Sheamus has made multiple collections Art go and look to his art and Support him