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New collection

After the summer I want to release a new collection with new Mumzel.

in this collection are also 2 styles Mumzels, half way through the collection I found out that I could add something in the style for an even better effect.

in this collection the Mumzels without background will be offered as NFT.

if the NFT Mumzels holders of the New Collection want it, they can send their own photo in which I edit the Mumzels and send them back.

So you have your own Mumzel photo that you can use on social media or at home.

(sell as NFT is not allowed, Mumzels always remain the property of the Mumzels, photos must also be made by you.)

When purchasing multiple Mumzels you also get your own story and with your photos on our website that is only accessible to you himself

(the holder decides who can read the story)

at this moment over 80 different Mumzels have been made and will be making several more for this collection. some Mumzels are rare and appear only once but others can appear multiple times in an NFT. because each NFT contains multiple Mumzels so no NFT will be exactly the same.