Mumzel Gecko NO.30

Mumzel Gecko loves flowers so is always very happy when spring starts again,
He is busy all night watering all the flowers

spring is the favorite season for Mumzel Gecko.

The flowers come out of the ground again and nature becomes colorful again. Mumzel Gecko always enjoys that very much and would prefer that nature looks this beautiful all year round with all the colored flowers.

that’s why mumzel Gecko takes care of them all spring and summer. he waters them, spreads the seeds and also pollinates flowers by running into them. he always finds the winter cold and wet and little color so every year he hopes that his flowers will last all year round. that’s why the fall is always a hard time for Mumzel gecko.

He goes all out and goes crazy trying to save the flowers at any cost. but in vain the flowers all wither. because the Mumzel is so crazy in the Autumn and he is completely obsessed the other Mumzels call Gecko .

He is unlike all other Mumzels and spends all night only with his flowers.