The Mumzels Adventures Give Away

To celebrate “The Mumzels Adventures” mint on September 1.

The Mumzels asked multiple Artists to give away Mumzels to their community in a Giveaway.

The various artists are giving away a Mumzel NFT on their own profile this week.
The Mumzel NFT is its own unique NFT of which a total of 100 copies are to celebrate the new collection.

The following artists are participating in the Giveaway and on their profile you can win the Mumzel.


and keep an eye on their profile

The Mumzels would like to thank these Artists for helping us with the Giveaway.

Give all these Artists a follow and check out their fantastic projects.

By helping each other we reach more people together and can we build the NFT community bigger and stronger.

Below is an overview of all Giveaway Tweets that are currently active .

disclaimer: There is no utility with this Mumzel, it is a collectible Mumzel to celebrate the new collection.

The other Tweets will be added later when they are active !

Thanks for reading this blog, Good luck in the Give Away and maybe you’ll win a mumzel.

shouldn’t that be the case?

On September 1st you can mint the new Mumzels “The Mumzels Adventures”.

for 5 Matic

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