Robin AI Art – Mumzelmarket

My 12 year old daughter Robin started creating AI art. Her collection can be found in the Mumzelmarket.

They are all 1/1 art and she likes cats so the first designs are all cats. she asks 0.003 Weth / 5 Matic for the artworks.

For each work of art she gets 2 dollars from daddy , (own resources)

She made the art herself with an application and uploaded it herself to the Mumzel market, “my father only explained it.”

The crypto with which the works of art are sold. We buy new artworks from other artists with the mumzelmarket, which Robin likes.

The collection currently has 12 different cats, which she liked the most and wants to share with you. so if you are looking for a nice pet, you love cats but you do not want hair in the house or nasty litter box odors in the house then maybe 1 of these NFTs is something for you to hang in your house.

Curious about the others ?
view the collection on opensea