Halloween Gift for the Holders

The Mumzels want to do more for their holders. So if you own 1 or more Mumzel NFTs, you will occasionally be surprised with Extra Costum season NFTs.

You can only get these NFTs if you are a Mumzel Holder and have discovered the Mumzels before the release of these NFTs.

The NFTs we will create for the Holders, can be collaborations with other projects or just a special Mumzel . The number of copies depends on the number of Holders at that moment.

It will be an Animation this time and in this Blog you can see a small preview of the Mumzel

So do you want to have the Halloween Mumzel NFT ?

Make sure you own a Mumzel before August 29th.
We will then upload all our holders in Dropys and send all our holders a free Mumzel NFT on August 30th.

The Mumzels Adventures

You can Mint them for 5 Matic via the Mint page below and see which Mumzels you Discover!!

Good luck catching them!!