Last chance!!

Halloween Mumzel

October 30, the mumzels send their first Halloween Animation Mumzel NFT to all holders. it doesn’t matter to this Mumzel how many or which Mumzels you own. all holders of a Mumzel bought or received will receive this Mumzel.

Do you want this Mumzel too? make sure you also own a Mumzel NFT before 29th.

The Mumzels Adventures are currently the cheapest to buy.

You can already mint 1 for 5 matic.

find your mumzel here

We want to give our holders a gift more often, In the future it may be that free NFTs are only intended if your Holder of a specific collection.

150 copies of the first Halloween Mumzel will be made. The Mumzels currently have about 130 unique Holders.

The Mumzels occasionally give away free NFTs to the Holders to show gratitude that you believe in the Mumzels and help spread the word about the Mumzels so that in a few years the Mumzel will be known worldwide.

So that no child has to be afraid of strange noises on the roof at night.