What did the mumzels do in november ?

what did the mumzels do in november ?

The Mumzels have also been very busy in the month of november. they have shown themselves in different places and left their mark. in this blog we tell what the mumzels were involved in.

Sticky stamp Mumzel

The Mumzels have created a Sticky Stamp Mumzel in collaboration with The Stamp Man  and NFT Kunst Galerie .

The mumzels had received 100 copies of which 66 were sent to the Holders of the Mumzels first 2D collection and The Mumzels Adventures. the Mumzels have 34 left to give away with the purchase of a Mumzel. NFT art gallery also has 50 in their possession to sell.

The Mumzels can also be viewed
in the NFT Kunst Galerie

A website where Dutch NFT artists promote and sell their work. there are several collections to admire.

NFT technology could be viewed from a distance as a revival for the digital arts, but it is more than that. NFT technology is a way of linking ownership to digital objects. Everything you can digitize becomes a kind of irreplaceable digital artwork. The most attractive reason to invest in NFT is the growth in value. These digital products can increase in value exponentially over a number of years. Because they are digital, you can also check exactly who the previous owners are.

curious? for more infomation about the art gallery click on the link below

Mumzel Animations

In addition to AI and Blender, the Mumzels also have an App in which we can draw Mumzels in videos or photos. What we like to do.

We have put the first copy on opensea. There is another one on Tiktok.

let us know what you think about this. the drawn mumzels in videos

Mumzels Minted AMR token

The Mumzels had a surprise this month, we could mint AMR tokens from autominter where we manage our Mumzels adventures collection. it is a nice extra that you get in addition to your collection and holding a propass

AMA with VDK Music 16 nov @TheNFTreeShow Epsisode 31

The Mumzels where invited on Wednesday November 16 at 1 pm EST for in the #TheNFTreeShow.

hosted by VDK Music and @ChanceyNicholas

Every Wednesday they host the space for about an hour and every Wednesday they invite a project to talk about the project. allowing listeners to learn everything about the project being interviewed at the time.

on 16 Nov The Mumzels talked about everything that is currently going on with the Mumzels, we thought it was a very nice conversation and hope that people got to know more about the mumzels

The Mumzels are VDK Music and @ChanceyNicholas very grateful for the nice conversation and thanks everyone for listening.

Donate PGN and bought dust bunnies

The Mumzels wrote a blog about Polygon Game Night last month about what they do within the NFT community. the blog can be read on our website and is also mentioned in this blog. the Mumzels also sponsored NFTs for a game event hosted by PGN. 2 of which were NFT’s from our first collection also the Mumzels had found some Dust Bunnies.

Donate to Dave Swinbank for Movember

The Mumzels did donate 10 matic to Dave Swinbank for his donation campaign in movember in which the money goes to charity against cancer.

although the Mumzels had to get used to Dave without a Beard, a mustache itself is also with you for a while. We will see the beard appear again soon Dave, so that The Mumzels can participate again next year in your donation campaign that shaves off your beard.


last month Art Alliances bought a Mumzel and this Month the Mumzels made a Blog about her. curious about her Abstract art and metaverse qualities? read the blog.

we also had other blogs such as stories or our webshop

The Mumzels Bought Poetry from Metacarpus

Not all poems rhyme but every word counts when you dive deep into the poetic realm”


a man , a mystery and a soft spot for emma watson writes beautiful poetry about real life events about people he meets. the poems that often hit a dark and emotional chord are beautiful to read, let alone when he reads them in spaces. Metacarpus is a well-appreciated NFT artist with a beautiful collection of poetry that is loved to be seen in spaces. view his beautiful NFTs on opensea and choose the poetrie that appeals to you the most

The Squiblets

The Mumzels bought the Squiblets coloring book on Amazon from Jay Stanfield and The Squibbles.

Jay Stanfield makes children’s books and coloring books and has several NFT collections and wants to start his own The Squibbles TV show.

His latest coloring book consists of generated layers on top of each other that ensure that you all have unique characters straight from the world of The Squibbles .

The first 100 people who buy a squiblets book will receive an NFT


I got the Squibbles coloring book 🥳🥳 do you already have it? @Jay Stansfield @Troglodyte Society @CryptoGoonz @Cynthia Steenkamp #thesquibbles #squiblets #voorjou #foryou #england #nederland #netherlands #fypシ #foryourpage #colorbook #nftproject #childerenbook #kids #fun #art #cartoon #tvshow

♬ Bola De Masa – THE SQUISH

Mumzels Won the Safrootics Golden Founders Badge

The Mumzels are happy they have won the Safrootics Golden Founders Badge with which the mumzels have access to the Beta of the super cool game Safrootics that is in development with all creatures (tic’s) and a fantasy land (Safrootica) in which there is a lot to discover.

if you want to know more about the Safrootic Badges and the Game below, go to the Whitepaper

Safrootics is mobile Free to Play to Own game by AlabStudio

where you start in Safrootica, a mysterious land that is full of these mystical creatures called Safrootics (Tics for short) where every Tic feels unique, collect them, battle them against other players, grow them stronger.

Monster Creations

The Mumzels are busy experimenting in Blender and AI tools. only during the creation of AI Mumzels, a number of other creatures emerged from the AI, which the Mumzels thought was too beautiful not to do anything with.

That’s why we created a collection of Monster Creations in the Mumzel Market where we put artworks of creatures that we sell there and with the proceeds we buy NFTs from other artists.

The Mumzels have 134 unique holders


sold 2 NFT’s last month

Thank you for Discovering some Mumzels Adventures

Cynthia Steenkamp en VDK music

The Mumzels Adventures

mint us for 5 matic. 🌏🚀

⚠️1000 matic goes back in the community ⚠️

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⚠️Mint page🌏🚀🚀⏬️

“all tiers get free seasonal NFT’s”

TIER 0 TO TIER 5 utility’s below.. ⏬️

Tier 0

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Tier 3

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Tier 4

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Tier 5

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⚠️Mint page 🌏🚀🚀

Oorspronkelijk getweet door The Mumzels ⚠️📢Mint is Live📢⚠️ (@TMumzels) op 3 november 2022.

New Holders in NOV

Thank you All

Last month a number of new people have also been added who have won or received a Mumzel in a Giveaway.

Welcome to the Mumzel Family below you can see our Twitter community.

The Mumzels want to thank everyone for the support in the Mumzels so that more and more people discover the Mumzels and see that very sweet creatures live around us at night.

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night, don’t be afraid, those are the Mumzels.

Mumzel Weblinks

Mumzel Weblinks

because the Mumzels have so many interesting links these days to check out.
That’s why we put all interesting links here in this blog

Have you discovered them yet?

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