Christmas Mumzels

The Mumzels made a Christmas collection of 500 mumzels

in different layers with

In winter it is often very cold outside and then The Mumzels are usually warm inside in their nests under the roof or in the shed. They sleep longer and need less food, but around Christmas they always wake up because the Mumzels love christmas.

Outside there is often snow and they prefer not to come because they disappear in the snow and it is then very difficult and cold to dig yourself out. So they prefer to go into the houses at night.

At Christmas that is extra fun for the mumzels, there is usually a large tree in the living room with all kinds of lights. in and under the tree the Mumzels always find tasty sweets and cookies to eat and the tree remains fun to climb all those beautiful shiny balls that enlarge your face. until a Christmas ball falls and breaks into 1000 pieces.

The Mumzels are shocked and run in all directions to get to safety as soon as possible before the pets or people wake up in the house.

Curious if there are Mumzels under your Christmas tree this month?
see if you can mint us

Everyone who owns a Mumzel in the Mumzel community (currently 136 people) can each mint 3 Free Christmas Mumzels. The Free Mint for Mumzel owners is on the Autominter website where the Mumzel Adventures collection is also made.

Haven’t you discovered and owned a Mumzel yet?

You can get whitelisted for this mint by buying mumzels on our Mint page for the Mumzels adventures. you can now mint us for 5 matic per Mumzels Adventures NFT .

With this collection you get different utilities such as free seasonal NFTs if you mint more mumzels Adventure NFTs you also get costum photos , story , tshirts and more. On the page below you can see more information and the mint page is also below.

We still have some Halloween Mumzels from October and Sticky Stamp Mumzels from November. so if you consider minting one of us you will get a lot more mumzels in your wallet and whitelist access to the mint.

You don’t want mumzel Adventures or any other mumzel, you just want the christmas mumzel?

public mint is available on december 24th

for 1,5 matic

Gepubliceerd door The Mumzels

"Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Don't be afraid, it's probably the Mumzels! The Mumzels are creatures that live around us at night, searching for food and items they like to take back to their nest. They can be recognized by their big eyes and feelers on their heads, but they are not easily seen by humans as they consider us dangerous. We have all experienced waking up to an empty cookie jar or misplacing something, only to find it later. This is likely the work of Mumzels in your home. The Mumzels started as a children's book in 2012 and made their way into the NFT, crypto, and Web3 world in February 2022. In addition to their own English blog website, they are also active on social media like Twitter and various NFT communities."

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