Polygon Alliance

Polygon Alliance

“Working together to help all succeed”

Who is Polygon Alliance ?

Many different Artists on Twitter and Polygon Blockchain have started together to build the Polygon Community.

Polygon Alliance was founded on 28th Dec 2021.

There are more than 120 projects affiliated to the Polygon Alliance and can be seen as one of the champions of the polygon Ecosystem, Polygon Alliance’s vision is to grow stronger together and make Polygon blockchain the number 1 destination for NFTs and DeFi .

want to know which projects started the Polygon Community check out the link below.


Polygon Alliance is a FREE TO JOIN community of supportive project owners. List your project, use our resources and network with other project owners

What Polygon Alliance Do?


We help to get your project out there by providing a place to show it off. List your project here for free!


We help to get your project out there by providing a place to show it off. List your project here for free!


Learn about crypto, NFTs and blockchain from trusted and reliable sources


Get help marketing your project by utilizing the support of the Polygon community

Hosting Events

What achievements have they already achieved?

Polygon Alliance

Hosted Numerous Community Events, Including the Charity Auction in Ukraine, Raising Over $1,400
for the people of Ukraine, through DAO for Ukraine and the NFT mega giveaways.
The organization of the ‘F Cancer Charity Auction’. featuring 60 artists who donated NFTs to a charity auction hosted by us, this event raised over $2,750 and donated to the charity’s foundation.

Polygon Alliance grew to 120+ projects from members and Discord users to 1000+ within 3 months.

100k+ Twitter followers
across official Polygon Alliance account and founder accounts.

Booked to present at numerous conferences in 2022.
Implemented a bridge and taught countless users how to get started on Polygon.

Team Behind Polygon Alliance

Team Leads

Dave – Team or Operations Lead
Nickels – Auditing & Website Lead – including PA verified
CeeCee – Blog & Co-Charity Lead
Coded Carbs – Co-Charity Lead


CreativeOwls – Metaverse Champion/Mentor
JayStansfield – Young People’s Champion
Vans– Mental Health & Wellness Champion/M


  • Q1- 2022
    • Built Discord, Twitter,
    • Website built
    • Start to host events (We hosted a charity event for Ukraine that raised and a huge
      Giveaway with many different creators & projects NFT’s, worth nearly 1Eth)
  • Q2 – 2022
    • Get more people involved in our team to better support the community.
    • Focus on Growing Polygon Alliance
    • FCancer Event
  • Q3/4 2022
    • Define more roles within Polygon Alliance.
    • Create a core team for specific roles that require direct support and mentor roles to continue to enhance knowledge throughout the community.
    • Add more social channels.
    • Dedicated Blog.
    • Build out an Auditing team.
    • Add a listing page to our website for non-polygon projects.
    • More profiles on Website.
    • Dedicated RoadMap & PithDeck created
    • Host 2022 Polygon NFT award with Creative Owls. Pushed to 2023.
    • Have an audit process in place for Verified by PA.
    • Have a dedicated Social team in place.
    • Have more Services and Tools in place.
    • Define detail for 2023 roadmap.

Polygon Alliance Continues to make progress and increase targets

for Q3/4 from 2024

Polygon Alliance starts building a platform where people can network with people reliably. Using a weighted system created by us, with input from our communities.
in 2023 they want to focus more on the resources they currently have and expand them.

The structure we envisage

Polygon Alliance will split there activities into 3 aspects. Team and Mentors & Founders.


were the people who inspired and supported the early growth of Polygon Alliance and we will be forever grateful to them

Founders do not have a decision-making role within Polygon Alliance.

Polygon Alliance
want there team to have defined roles and responsibilities to continue driving growth to
Polygon Alliance through socials and community outreach.

This is broken down into 2 key roles.

Team leaders

guide the mentors and will support the maintenance of the website & community.


pollygon alliance wants mentors to maintain their brand and focus on providing support and building with
knowledge to our greater community.
They will be focused roles to provide dedicated support.

Core values ​​for everyone in our structure

To uphold there core values ​​




Is the Polygon Alliance community built on this core

to uphold and promote there core emotional values

love and trust
Why these values?

Polygon Alliance believes in equal opportunity and helping each other build within the DeFi space we believe crypto and NFTs give us this opportunity to create a safe environment for artists and NFT enthusiasts the emotional core values ​​of polygon alliance support that.

  • To work with people to uplift others.
  • To communicate respectfully at all times.
  • Open and honest communication is key to preservation
  • Building relationships.
  • Mentor/Champion Commitments
  • To add knowledge to the community.
  • Be willing to collaborate with people in your field to increase community knowledge and
  • sources.
  • To encourage the following mentors and teachers in your field to offer their knowledge and support to the community.
  • To support Polygon Alliance on our socials, by RTing events etc. (we don’t expect you to RT every tweet)
  • To be a resource to the community in terms of a point of reference or centers of knowledge.

Do you want to register yourself as a Polygon Project or do you have skills with which you can support the Polygon Alliance? then go to the pages below for more information.