Mumzel Collections

Last year,

The Mumzels did not sit still and put several Collections with NFTs on Opensea. of course a lot of Mumzels but also other collections and NFTs such as monsters or made by my son Finn or daughter robin.

In this Blog we list everything and tell you something about the collections with links.

The Mumzels

click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzels First 2D collection. this was the very first collection we made when we started in March. without any experience we had uploaded NFTs on opensea.
If you look closely you can see that the Mumzels are still in development during this collection. one NFT is a 1/1 and some had more Copies up to 75 pieces.

There are a total of 50 different Mumzels in this collection and several other NFTs because we didn’t have a Special Edition Collection back then.

The 50 Mumzels all have their own name and character and as a utility we write Blogs about the projects for the people who buy a Mumzel and we place their project on the Website in the World of the mumzels.

We don’t sell all NFTs at the same time and the price doubled 10x last summer after the release of the new collection. this had 2 reasons ,

First reason was because the Mumzels were so cheap 2 – 8 dollars and the time that goes into making a blog. I was not able to continue to offer if I want to continue developing the Mumzels.

Second reason so that my holders can sell there Mumzel below my prizes so in the Future the second market will also be interesting and try to create some value on the Mumzel NFT’s for my holders

The Mumzels are now available
between 0.03 and 0.045 WETH

The Mumzels Adventures

click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzels Adventures is a collection I made of different Mumzels with or in objects. these mumzels don’t have their own story or character yet. The NFTs contain 2 different Mumzels. There are total 1000 NFT’s some mumzels are more common than other Mumzels on the NFT’s .

1000 Matic goes back into the mumzel community

and we buy back NFTs.

There are 3 mint prizes.

1x 50 matic

2x 25 matic

The intention is to give the buyers of the NFTs more and more Utilities with the number of Mumzels they mint (buy) for 5 matic per NFT. We want to involve our holders with the Mumzels and make costum photos and story.

This because we would like to involve the holder in the Mumzels. for example, think of a picture of yourself with all your Mumzels on it. or a story about the Mumzels with you or your kids in it. by entering into conversations, The Mumzels try to find out what your interests are and base the Mumzel story on that and you decide whether you want to make the story public or keep it to yourself. We may create a password on our website that will allow you to access the story and control who you allow to read it.

If they mint even more, they get a spot on our website, sticker or a T-shirt from our webshop.

We give FREE Mumzel NFT’s** for all Mumzel Adventure and The Mumzel holders. We give them every month, These can be Mumzel NFT’s resulting from collaborations with other Artists or other Creations.

**For all other Mumzel owners!! (special edition Mumzels & collab Mumzel owners ) get free Mumzels on occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, or other seasonal Mumzels.

More information about the Mint and utilities at what amount of minted Mumzels can be found in The Mumzel collections of price and Utility on our website

Special Edition Mumzels

click on the image to go to collection
Special Edition Mumzels.

The collection says it all, they are special Editions one is only available if you are a holder and others you can buy as a 1/1. NFT’s that we make as Give away will also be included in this collection.

There is a remark: if you buy an NFT from this NFT collection of the Mumzels 1/1 for example, you will receive a free NFT every month, Just like the holders of The mumzels Adventures or The Mumzels First collection.

The Mumzel collab Collection

click on the image to go to collection

The Collab collection are NFTs of Mumzels that the Mumzels have made together with other Artists.

But also Mumzels that we have given to other Artists who make an NFT in their own collection with a Mumzel on it. such as the Stickystamp mumzel.
With the NFT in the collab collection, we have confirmed our collaboration and are implementing the agreements.

The NFTs that we make with other artists, we determine in consultation with the other project how the NFTs are distributed. sold, given away or for any other purpose.

Christmas Mumzels (2022)

click on the image to go to collection

Especially for the Mumzel holders we made a free Mumzel Christmas Mint this month. with 500 unique Mumzels of which each holder can mint 3 free Mumzels.

from December 24,
people without another Mumzel can also buy a Christmas Mumzel
for 1.5 matic.

at the end of this month (around December 30) we will raffle prizes among all minted Mumzels (numbers). we want to give away a Cap, T-shirt and sticker and who knows maybe even more.

So to win these prizes you have to mint 1 or more Christmas Mumzels.

there are 140 different individuals who own a Mumzel and have access to the mint.

Please note that the mint does cost Gasfee !!


click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzels have created a Marketplace on another account to sell NFTs that the Mumzels get or buy from other Artists. any NFTs we sell on this account we reinvest in other artists.

So all the money goes back into the community also we made 2 collections on this account which are other topics than Mumzels. like other Mumzels or AI artworks by my daughter or the Mumzel made by my son.

We also reinvest the proceeds in other NFTs to help support the community and artists.

So the more NFTs are sold, the more the Mumzels can buy on this account.

Below you can see the other collections on opensea. the monsters originated from making AI mumzels and thought they were too beautiful not to do anything with. and the Ai collection made by my daughter Robin , I try to involve her in the Web 3 she made and uploaded them herself.

click on the image to go to collection
click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzel Webshop

We also have a webshop with Mumzel goodies. we’ve opened the Shop on Spreadshirt’s Marketplace for now, so with designs depending on what they think is “good Designs” to sell.

(so you can’t just promote your own company) So there will also be other designs than just mumzels. In the future we would like to publish our own webshop so that we can decide for ourselves which designs we upload.

click on the image to go to collection

and then we must not forget that the Mumzels also write Blogs in addition to NFT collections.

We write about Mumzels , other projects that buy a Mumzel or Blogs of interest to the NFT community.

So if you have an Event and you want the Mumzels to write a Blog, you can always contact us via Twitter

we are also negotiating to write blogs for other websites.

that will be continued soon!

Gepubliceerd door The Mumzels

"Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Don't be afraid, it's probably the Mumzels! The Mumzels are creatures that live around us at night, searching for food and items they like to take back to their nest. They can be recognized by their big eyes and feelers on their heads, but they are not easily seen by humans as they consider us dangerous. We have all experienced waking up to an empty cookie jar or misplacing something, only to find it later. This is likely the work of Mumzels in your home. The Mumzels started as a children's book in 2012 and made their way into the NFT, crypto, and Web3 world in February 2022. In addition to their own English blog website, they are also active on social media like Twitter and various NFT communities."

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