monthly update on the latest activities of the Mumzels (April)

What did the Mumzels get up to in April?

Welcome to our monthly update on the latest activities of the Mumzels! Over the past month, we’ve been busy creating new content and collaborating with other artists to bring you exciting new NFTs. We’ve released seven blog posts that explore different aspects of the Mumzels’ world, from their origins to their adventures.

In addition, we’ve created two collab NFTs that showcase the creativity and talent of our community. We’ve also sold some of our 3D Grounded Mumzels and are excited to unveil the Beautiful Backgrounds Mumzels collection on May 8th. But that’s not all! We’re proud to have donated some of our NFTs to a charity cause and received some NFTs as well. We can’t wait to share more with you, so keep following us on our journey

April’s Hunt: 4 Hunters Capture 5, 3D Grounded Mumzels!

In the past month, 4 brave Mumzelhunters have successfully caught total 5, 3D Grounded Mumzels, which means that there are still 20 more out there waiting to be caught. Even with the release of our newest collection on May 8th, you can still catch these 3D Mumzels, as well as the 4 Mumzels in the Dark from our February collection.

If you catch one of these Mumzels from any of the collections, you’ll receive a discount on the price of the next collection. Additionally, if you own a Mumzelhunt Mumzel from any of the 5 collections (Early Portraits, Mumzels in the Dark, 3D Grounded Mumzels, Beautiful Backgrounds, Rainbow Edges), you can participate in all the free drops and challenges in all months, which means you can collect a lot of Mumzels.

Thanks for buying a 3D grounded and trusting the Mumzels, hopefully you’ll catch even more Mumzels in free drops or quests in the Mumzelhunt

The release schedule for the Mumzels is as follows:

  • on February 8th, there were Early Portraits, with 10 Different Mumzels for 3 Matic each. (sold out)
  • On March 8th, there were Mumzels in the Dark, with 20 for 6 Matic (or 5 Matic with an Early Portraits Mumzel) (still 5 available for 6 matic)
  • On April 8th, there will be 3D Grounded Mumzels, with 25 mumzels for 12 Matic (or 9 Matic with a Mumzel in the Dark) (still 20 available for 12 matic)
  • On May 8th, the Mumzels will come with beautiful backgrounds, with 40 Mumzels for 15 Matic (or 12 Matic with a 3D Grounded Mumzel). (36 available for 15 matic)
  • on June 8th, the Rainbow Edges Mumzels will be released, which will cost 20 Matic (or 15 Matic with a beautiful background). (uploading)

Every month between the collections, Mumzelhunters have the opportunity to hunt for more free Mumzels by participating in tasks, buying multiple Mumzels, or just by getting free drops.

July end game summer break

Beautiful Backgrounds

On May 8th, the beautiful backgrounds Mumzels will be released, and you can hunt them down for just 15 Matic. If you catch one, you can catch many more Mumzels this month. The earlier you join the Mumzelhunt, the more Mumzels you can collect. The beautiful backgrounds are the penultimate collection before the summer break, and the final collection is the Rainbow Edges in June. In July, there will be more free drops and tasks to collect even more Mumzels.

These Mumzels will all be part of the Mumzelhunt Special Editions, which is the biggest 6th collection of special Mumzels that hunters can catch during the hunt. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your Mumzel collection and join the hunt for these elusive creatures. Happy hunting!

Catched A Mumzel from the Hunt collections?

Once you have caught a Mumzel from one of the Mumzelhunt collections, you can participate in all the free drops and tasks until July. Additionally, buying multiple Mumzels from different or the same collections is also rewarded with more Mumzels, which we will give away in July. In June, the last paid collection will be released, and until July, you can still catch free Mumzels. After that, there will be a summer break, and the plans for the summer will be announced.

Mumzel Drop for all holders and 5000 followers on twitter

Last month, we continued our tradition of surprise drops, following the free Christmas Mumzel mint in December and the free Showtime drops in January and February. We dropped a special Mumzel with Mumzel eggs for everyone who owns a Mumzel from any of our collections (excluding Mumzelmarket and Showtime). This Mumzel comes with a thrilling backstory and was a hidden Easter egg for the most devoted Mumzel hunters out there. So keep your eyes peeled for future drops and hidden surprises – you never know what exciting Mumzel goodies might be in store for you!

Last month the Mumzels also reached 5000 followers on Twitter and we raffled off a Mumzel cap in our discord Dustydude42079.eth won this cap 🎊🎊

Collabs in April

Last month, we embarked on two thrilling collaborations with the talented artists RockofAJs and Metaland Wolfpack. For both projects, we created a captivating Mumzel story and shared it on our blog. The first collaboration resulted in a one-of-a-kind NFT, which is now available for purchase in RockofAJs’ Dragqueen collection. As for the Metaland Wolfpack collaboration, there are a total of five NFTs up for grabs, with three already won in exciting giveaways. Stay tuned for more opportunities to win these unique and exclusive Mumzel NFTs.

In the Heart of Canine City: A Heist for the Metaland Wolfpack

The Mumzels and the Metaland Wolf Pack have joined forces to create a unique collaboration NFT, which we are excited to offer as a giveaway. This special NFT features the story of Moonclaw and Nightshade, two wolves on a mission to steal the playing cards that would reveal the locations of the imprisoned members of the Metaland Wolfpack. Along the way, they encounter a rare and reclusive species known as the Mumzels, who offer them a golden whitelist device to gain access to Shadowfang’s club.

The Magical Collaboration

Rockofajs and the Mumzels Dragqueen NFT Story

Rockofajs is creating a collection of 100 1/1 different Dragqueen NFTs, with few of them being a collaboration with other artists, including the Mumzels. Together, they have created a voice story NFT that is available for purchase in Rockofajs’ Dragqueen collection. So, who knows, maybe this collaborative Dragqueen Stone NFT will be the one that you soon own.

The Mumzels Bought some NFT’s in April

Last month was filled with exciting NFT mints from various projects, including the Cryptocrew of The Matic Man and the NFT project Daturians. The Mumzels were present at both mints, purchasing NFTs for their own collection and to support these projects. The Cryptocrew of The Matic Man is a unique project that held its own mint event, while Daturians had a successful mint party at the beginning of the month. had The Matic Man last weekend a big sunday space with a successful mint party. It was a great opportunity for the Mumzels to show their support and invest in promising projects within the NFT space.

Dave Swinbank first AI NFT and Secret project collab

Last month, the Mumzels minted an exclusive NFT that was only available to those who read Dave Swinbank‘s weekly blogs on important topics in Web 3. By getting to know him as a person, readers could learn a lot from his thoughts and insights. This NFT was created using AI, making it even more special.

But that’s not all – Dave also collaborated with Secret Proyect, an incredible NFT artist in Web3 known for creating stunning works of art. Together, they created a unique PFP of Dave in Secret Proyect‘s style. We are incredibly grateful to both artists for their amazing NFTs.

And there’s more! Dave’s first Blogcast was also released, which is now available on Spotify. Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more exciting developments from Dave and the Mumzels!

Kongokingz mint for Troglodyte Society

50 prizes from other artist during the charity floor sweep raffle from other artists

370 Sales for Charity

Last month, the Mumzels participated in an exciting event organized by the Kongokingz, where the proceeds of the mint were donated to the Troglodyte Society . To show our support, the Mumzels donated three NFTs, which were raffled off to all participants of the Kongokingz mint. The winners were announced, and two lucky individuals walked away with a Mumzel NFT each.

The Mumzels were rewarded with five free Kongo Kingz as a gesture of gratitude for their donation to the raffle. But they weren’t the only ones showing support – many other artists also donated NFTs to the raffle, helping both the Kongokingz, and the Troglodyte Society.

The Kongokingz mint was a massive success, with a whopping 370 sales generated for the Troglodyte Society. The Mumzels are proud to have been a part of this initiative and grateful to have contributed to a worthy cause.

The Troglodyte Society is an NFT project and charity to give communities and children in sierra leone a better life by supporting them with school materials, clothing, food and money. in the future they want to expand this project by being able to offer more to the children there for more information go to their website.

Last month, the Mumzels also introduced a thrilling addition to their Discord server. In addition to the different channels for chatting and gaming, they now have a “Mumzel Family” channel where you can catch up on tweets and other important information from their talented artists. But that’s not all – by simply being active on the server and playing games or completing tasks, you can earn cookies.

These cookies can then be used to purchase exclusive NFTs, including the recently added “Cookie Mumzel,” of which only 50 copies were made available. If you want to claim one of these rare NFTs, you’ll need to earn 10,000 cookies and be one of the first 50 to do so!

We currently have three different NFTs available that you can trade for cookies on the Mumzel Discord. We also still have our webshop where we sell mumzel Merch and another opensea account where we sell NFTs from other artists on our Mumzelmarket. There’s just too much to list, but if you want to stay updated, join our Mumzel Discord or follow our blogs.

Below, you can also subscribe to our blog, and we want to thank everyone for reading and supporting us.

We also want to thank all theMumzelhunters and other Mumzel community for their trust in our project, and we hope you’ll catch many more Mumzels in the coming months!