Mumzelhunt: Discover the Enchanting World of Mumzels with Beautiful Backgrounds

World of Mumzels with Beautiful Backgrounds

Each Mumzel in this collection comes with a stunning background that showcases the different worlds and landscapes they explore. The backgrounds add a sense of wonder and magic to these already captivating creatures. If you manage to catch one, you can catch many more throughout the month. Join the Mumzelhunt early to increase your chances of collecting them all!

This beautiful backgrounds collection is the second-to-last before the summer break, with the Rainbow Edges collection releasing in June. However, there will still be free drops and tasks in July to help you expand your Mumzel collection even further. All Mumzels caught during the hunt will be part of the Mumzelhunt Special Editions – the biggest 6th collection of special Mumzels to date.

Don’t miss out on the chance to add these elusive creatures to your collection. Once you catch a Mumzel from any of the Mumzelhunt collections, you can participate in all the free drops and tasks until July. And if you buy multiple Mumzels from different or the same collections, you will receive even more Mumzels as a reward, to be given away in July.

The last paid collection will be released in June, after which you can still catch free Mumzels until the summer break. Stay tuned for more plans to be announced during the break. Happy hunting!

The release schedule for the Mumzels is as follows:

  • on February 8th, there were Early Portraits, with 10 Different Mumzels for 3 Matic each. (sold out)
  • On March 8th, there were Mumzels in the Dark, with 20 for 6 Matic (or 5 Matic with an Early Portraits Mumzel) (still 5 available for 6 matic)
  • On April 8th, there will be 3D Grounded Mumzels, with 25 mumzels for 12 Matic (or 9 Matic with a Mumzel in the Dark) (still 20 available for 12 matic)
  • On May 8th, the Mumzels will come with beautiful backgrounds, with 40 Mumzels for 15 Matic (or 12 Matic with a 3D Grounded Mumzel). (36 available for 15 matic)
  • on June 8th, the Rainbow Edges Mumzels will be released, which will cost 20 Matic (or 15 Matic with a beautiful background). (uploading)

Every month between the collections, Mumzelhunters have the opportunity to hunt for more free Mumzels by participating in tasks, buying multiple Mumzels, or just by getting free drops.

July end game summer break

Last month, the Mumzels also introduced a thrilling addition to their Discord server. In addition to the different channels for chatting and gaming, they now have a “Mumzel Family” channel where you can catch up on tweets and other important information from their talented artists. But that’s not all – by simply being active on the server and playing games or completing tasks, you can earn cookies.

These cookies can then be used to purchase exclusive NFTs, including the recently added “Cookie Mumzel,” of which only 50 copies were made available. If you want to claim one of these rare NFTs, you’ll need to earn 10,000 cookies and be one of the first 50 to do so!

We currently have three different NFTs available that you can trade for cookies on the Mumzel Discord. We also still have our webshop where we sell mumzel Merch and another opensea account where we sell NFTs from other artists on our Mumzelmarket. There’s just too much to list, but if you want to stay