Mumzels Bought a Troglodyte

Troglodyte Society had an event last weekend in which they made the community in Sierra Leone happy with lots of stuff for school so that the students also get a fair chance. the mumzels had promised to watch the livestream only unfortunately something had come up. that’s why the Mumzels have minted a Troglodyte fromMeer lezen over “Mumzels Bought a Troglodyte”

Mumzels mint a Doge cloud Genesis

DOGE CLOUD community free mint The mumzels didA free mint doge cloud  with 5000 on eth and 5000 on matic March 25th A NFT community to tokenize positivity join there discord We are a Non-Fungible Token community looking to tokenize positivity. There are three pillars Doge Cloud is found upon: expression, education and empowerment. WeMeer lezen over “Mumzels mint a Doge cloud Genesis”

The Mumzels Won a Primate Republic NFT

the Mumzels have a very cool Primate nft on Twitter yesterday from Primate Republic NFT to celebrate their going to mint 31/3 , you can buy a primate and join the Discord Primate Republic is an ERC721A NFT Project, consisting of 10,000 unique Primates. Primates are divided into five factions of 2,000 Primates each, theseMeer lezen over “The Mumzels Won a Primate Republic NFT”

First Mumzels sold today thanks to

Today 3 Mumzels have been sold and the mumzels have 3 new owners that I introduce to you below they are now members of the Mumzel Family in the world of the Mumzels, hopefully they will soon share something about their own project on our website. Thanks For Buying A Mumzel Sine BySine Bought aMeer lezen over “First Mumzels sold today thanks to”