“The Mysterious Strange noises on the Roof: The Story of the Adventures of the Mumzels, Told by AI Generator Elevenlabs.”

When I was a kid, I used to hear strange noises on the roof at night. It was almost like someone was walking around up there. I remember lying in bed, feeling scared and alone, trying to ignore the sounds and drift off to sleep. But no matter how hard I tried, the noises always seemed to get louder and more persistent.

One night, I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to investigate. I got out of bed and made my way over to the window, peeking out into the darkness. That’s when I saw them – the mumzels. They were small, furry creatures with big eyes and long antennae on their heads. They scurried around on the roof, then climbed down the side of the house and disappeared into the garden.

I was terrified, but also curious. I wanted to know more about these strange creatures that roamed around my house at night. So the next day, I asked my dad about them. To my surprise, he knew exactly what I was talking about.

He told me that the strange noises I had been hearing were actually made by the mumzels. He explained that they were mischievous creatures who liked to explore and sometimes took food or objects from people’s homes to play with them during the night. These items would often be found later in unexpected places around the house, a sign that the mumzels had been there.

Despite my dad’s warning that the mumzels could become agitated if they felt threatened, I couldn’t resist the allure of these mysterious creatures. I began leaving out little treats for them, hoping to entice them to show themselves to me. It wasn’t long before my efforts paid off, and I caught a glimpse of them in my room one night.

Over time, I learned more about the mumzels’ behavior and habits. They were shy and reclusive, rarely showing themselves to humans. But with patience and gentle coaxing, I was able to gain their trust and learn more about them. I discovered that they had a fondness for shiny objects and often left little trinkets and gifts in return for the treats I left out for them.

One night, I woke up to find a group of mumzels in my room, playing with my toys and eating my snacks. I watched in awe as they scurried around, their long antennae twitching with excitement. I could hardly believe that I was actually seeing these creatures that had once only been the source of my fear.

But just as suddenly as they had appeared, the mumzels were gone. They disappeared into the shadows, leaving behind a sense of wonder and mystery that would stay with me for years to come. And since that day, I became obsessed with the mumzels, continuing to investigate and spot them more and more frequently. I even began collecting stories and legends about the mischievous creatures, eager to learn all I could about their world. The mumzels had become a part of my life, a source of fascination and wonder that I would never forget. Who knows what other stories and adventures with the mumzels await me in the future.

I will continue to share all of my mumzel stories with you and I hope that you will discover these lovable creatures for yourselves. Who knows, if you hear strange noises on your roof or can’t find something, it’s possible that you have mumzels in your vicinity. I encourage you to be curious and patient with these mysterious creatures, and who knows what other amazing adventures and stories await you.” and maybe one day, you’ll even catch one

Join the mumzel Hunt or the Mumzel Discord ! to claim Free NFTs !

Join the Mumzel Hunt or the Mumzel Discord ! to claim Free NFT’s !

There are two different things where you can get free NFTs made by the Mumzels.

Join before March 18 the Mumzelhunt and claim this NFT “Mumzel with landing net”

In March, The second Mumzelhunt dimension (collection) was released, and now the Mumzels in the dark can be caught for 6 matic. If you catch one of these Mumzels, you get early access to the April Dimension: 3D grounded mumzels. These will be sold for 12 matic in April, but if you buy them as a hunter in March, you get a discount and pay only 9 matic for the 3D grounded Mumzel.

For the Hunters

This month, hunters can also catch other Mumzels that are placed in the Special Editions Collection. They can get these NFTs for free by participating in games or tasks or by purchasing multiple paid Mumzels from the different Mumzelhunt dimensions (collections). In March, there are 5 Mumzels to collect, and there is an additional 6th Mumzel for one person with a drawing competition starting next week. All hunters will have a week to draw a Mumzel, and in our next blog, people can vote for the most beautiful Mumzel. The creator of that Mumzel gets a special 1/1 NFT. All hunters who participate in “draw a Mumzel” also get an NFT.

Until July

Once you participate as a Hunter, you can participate in games and claim free Mumzels every month until July. However, we encourage hunters to collect multiple Mumzels from different collections because hunters can also get special free Mumzels if they have collected certain amounts of Mumzels during the Mumzelhunt in all months.

Be quick to hunt a Mumzel

Be quick because there are only a few places available every month to participate in the Mumzel hunt. If you participate before March 18, you still have a chance to win the Mumzel with a landing net. We will give this NFT to our holders on Friday, March 18. If you want to get this NFT, buy a Mumzel in the dark for 6 matic before March 18.

There are currently 10 of the 20 mumzels caught!!

Chillroom – discord – DM group twitter

We have several means to keep the hunters involved in the mumzel hunt .

We have a DM group on Twitter in which we tell all the details and we also share them in Discord in the hunterchannels that the hunters have access to. there the hunters can also talk to each other or share where the mumzels can be hidden and we have created a chill room in spatial.io for the hunters where they can relax during the hunt and watch or try to catch the mumzels.

Join Discord and earn free NFT’S with Cookies for daily work and games in the discord server

Since this year the Mumzels also have Discord with an economic system in which you can earn cookies by working (!work) (!daily) or playing games in the Mumzel discord. We already had a few cosmetic items for fun. But as of this week we also have 2 NFTs you can claim for your cookies.

The Walking Mushroom

Sunset Jetty

If you buy one of these two NFTs in my discord with cookies you’ve earned you’ll be assigned a role and can create a ticket at #create-a-ticket to claim the NFT you bought. you will then provide your wallet address in the created ticket and state which NFT you purchased. we will then send it to you quickly with a confirmation.

There is much more to experience in our discord that we have already shared in previous blogs.

So come check it out soon , help build the Mumzels discord and we hope you will claim a lot of nfts that the Mumzels make.

Join the Hunt for the Mysterious Mumzels in the Dark!

Catch a Mumzel in the Dark for Exclusive Benefits and Discounts!

Once upon a time, in the magical world of NFTs, there lived a group of elusive and mysterious creatures called Mumzels. They were known for their shy but curious nature, always looking for new things to discover in the dark. But catching a Mumzel was no easy feat. You had to be quick, clever, and have a bit of luck on your side.

The Mumzels in the Dark dimension had only 20 NFTs available for purchase, and already some had been caught by the Early Portret Hunters. But there were still some left, waiting to be caught by the next lucky hunter.

As word of the Mumzels spread, hunters from all over the world began to flock to the dark dimension, eager to catch a glimpse of these unique and wonderful creatures. Each Mumzel had its own personality and characteristics, making them all the more fascinating to hunt.

There were Rustle and Scurry, known as The Speedy Squad, with lightning-fast speed and a helpful nature. Snuggles and Cuddles were known as The Snuggle Squad, always ready to comfort anyone who needed it. The Mischievous Twins loved to sneak into supermarkets and search for treats, while Brave Rescuers Leo and Stellan were always the first to volunteer when they heard of an animal in distress.

The Curious Collectors were always on the lookout for new and interesting items to add to their nest. Blaze and Doodle were The Nighttime Navigators, expert navigators who loved to help travelers who were lost in the dark. The Playful Pranksters were always playing pranks on their enemies, especially the big bad cat who prowled around the neighborhood. Bouncy and Boogie were The Toy Testers, who loved to visit the toy store and try out all the latest gadgets and games.

The Helping Hands were always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Yum and Dipper were The Food Fanatics, always on the hunt for the best food around. And Sleuth and Sherlo were The Secret Squad, the best detectives in town, always on the lookout for a new mystery to solve.

Last but not least, there were The Drowsy Mumzels, who loved to snooze and cuddle. Despite their slow pace, they were always ready to sense any danger and protect their friends.

Join the Hunt and Discover the Joy of Mumzel Catching!

The hunters who caught the Mumzels in the dark would not only gain access to these unique and wonderful creatures, but also earn multiple benefits. They would have the chance to catch more Mumzels in March, receive discounts, and have early access to the 3D grounded Mumzels.

And so, the call went out to all hunters, inviting them to join the hunt and catch the Mumzels in the dark. With their quick wits and cunning strategies, the hunters set out on a quest to capture these elusive creatures and claim their place in NFT history. Who will be the next lucky hunter to catch a Mumzel?

Join the hunt and find out!

This month hunters can catch more than just Mumzels in the Dark. In addition to the 13 Mumzels available for purchase, all hunters will receive one Mumzel NFT in their wallet. They can also participate in “Draw Your Own Mumzel” contest, with every hunter who participates receiving a Mumzel NFT and one winner getting a 1/1 Mumzel as a prize.

Moreover, if a hunter possesses an Early Portrait Mumzel, a Mumzel in the Dark, and a 3D Grounded Mumzel in March, they will receive an additional Mumzel as a gift. And if they buy a 3D Grounded Mumzel at a discounted price in March, they will get another Mumzel for free. In total, hunters can catch four Mumzels this month.

Join the discord and discover more

As a Mumzel hunter, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a whole community of Mumzel enthusiasts waiting to welcome you with open arms! The Mumzels have their own Discord server and DM group, where you can connect with other hunters and share your experiences. You’ll get access to all the latest Mumzel news, including upcoming releases, special offers, and exclusive events. Plus, you’ll be added to the DM group automatically when you purchase a Mumzel in the dark, so you can start chatting with other hunters right away. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to connect with like-minded people and share your love of Mumzels!

click on image to go to the mumzeldiscord

Mumzels February Update: The Successful Start of the Mumzelhunt

Mumzelhunt: A Successful Start

The Mumzels have been busy during the month of February. While we have made fewer blog posts and the free NFT drops on Showtime have decreased, we have had a successful start to the Mumzelhunt, in which all 10 Mumzels from the first dimension, “Early Portraits”, have been caught. Additionally, a number of hunters have also caught Mumzels from the next collection, “Mumzels in the Dark”, which will be released on March 8th. As a result, there are currently only 14 spots available to participate in the Mumzelhunt on March 8th.

February Mumzelhunt Drops and Catching Mumzels

In February, Mumzelhunters were able to catch various other Mumzels, including 2 costume Mumzels for Carnival, a Valentine’s Mumzel, and if you also caught a Mumzel from the “Mumzels in the Dark” dimension in March, you received a Shadow Night Watch Mumzel as a gift.

March Mumzel Hunt: New Opportunities

In March, Mumzel hunters will have the opportunity to catch new Mumzels, including one that all hunters will receive in their wallet, one that can be earned through early access and a discount to purchase a 3D Grounded Mumzel in March, and if you own a Mumzel from all 3 collections, you can also catch a free Mumzel.

There will also be a drawing competition for hunters to draw their own Mumzel, with everyone who participates receiving a Mumzel NFT, and the winner receiving a 1/1 Mumzel NFT specially created for the competition.

In short, there are many Mumzels to be caught in the coming months for those who are interested. We want to keep hunters involved in the hunt, which is why we only offer a limited number of new spots each time, so we can guide and train all hunters to catch Mumzels.

Watch the video to see what’s coming up in March with the mumzelhunt.

Support Papa10lb’s Recovery – Fundraiser Launched by co-workers & Friends in the NFT Community

During the past week, one of the esteemed members of the NFT community, Papa10lb, who is a Mumzelhunter, suffered a severe accident during work in his personal life. As a result, his friends have launched a fundraising campaign to help support his recovery. If you would like to contribute, please refer to the tweet below.

Additionally, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to Papa10lb and his family during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with them, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Mumzels Supporting the Troglodyte Society

Last month, the Mumzels also sponsored the Troglodyte Society by purchasing 32 new Troglodytes during their event on February 25th. The Mumzels now own 50 Troglodyte NFTs, and the mint is still open, so you can purchase them for 1 Matic. Their next collection will be on ETH, and to get on the whitelist, you must own a Polygon OG Troglodyte, which you can currently purchase for a very low price. By doing so, you are helping a foundation that is committed to providing education materials, food, and clothing to underprivileged children in Sierra Leone, and ultimately wants to set up an entire education center to help the local communities.

Donations and Collaborations with NFTurbandragons

NFTurbandragons has also set up a donation campaign with one of her dragon collections to support the Troglodytes. In February, the Mumzels purchased one of her NFTs as well. We also wrote a story together about her Mumzel Foezel and the dragons, which you can read below.

Changes in Showtime NFT Drops

In January, the Mumzels gave away many free NFTs with Showtime, but unfortunately, in February, it was no longer possible. Our drops were limited to 50 copies per drop. Unfortunately, on March 1st, Showtime became paid, and it costs $4 for one drop of 50 copies, so it is too expensive to release a new free NFT every day. We hope that you understand.

However, if you are part of the Mumzel community and own a Mumzel, we will still drop a seasonal Mumzel into your wallet. If you own a Mumzel but have never received one in your wallet, you can always contact us, and we will investigate why the Mumzels did not end up in your wallet.

The Mumzels have had their own Discord since February. You can see all our collections and activities, as well as those of the Mumzel family, in their own channel.

People who own a Mumzel from the first Mumzel collection or more than 20 Mumzels from the Mumzels Adventures will receive their own blog on our website and a place in the World of the Mumzels on our website, but recently also their own channel in our Discord. You can still buy Mumzels from the Adventures collection or the first Mumzels collection and make use of these and other utilities.

In our Discord, you can also play games to collect cookies that you can use to buy cosmetic and funny things in Discord (without value). Soon, we want to see if we can create roles that allow you to claim a certain Mumzel NFT that you can buy for cookies. This is still to be continued. We also have various channels, such as for hunters, where we can discuss strategies for catching Mumzels. I would say if you are completely new and don’t know what Mumzels are, come and take a look at our Discord. It’s still quiet now, but we hope to eventually build a friendly community.

On March 8th, the Mumzels in the Dark hunt will take place.

Soon, the second dimension of the Mumzel hunt will be made public for 6 matic, and new hunters can participate again. There will be several Mumzels to catch next month, sometimes for a small consideration, and sometimes they just walk into your hands. In short, we want to give hunters a fun experience and keep them engaged in the hunt so that we can train good hunters and catch many Mumzels.

“When you buy a Mumzel in the dark, you get early access and a discount on a 3D grounded Mumzel from the dimension of April.”

The Mumzels also put a lot of NFTs from other artists up for sale in the Mumzel market last week. If these NFTs are sold, the Mumzels will use the proceeds to buy new NFTs. So if you see one you like, you’re not only supporting the Mumzels but also the creator of the NFT and the artist from whom the Mumzels will eventually buy a new NFT

Mumzel Giveaways

We ran a Valentine’s Day giveaway in February, along with the celebration of Davc_s reaching 30K followers on Twitter and the upcoming Mumzelhunt event.

Currently (as of March 2nd), we are also hosting a giveaway with unplugged_NZ and slotheezNFT where you can win one of four copies of the Mumzel NFT.

Price already given away

Road to 30k Mumzel

Price already given away

Valentine mumzel

The Mumzels 1 year in NFT’s and web 3 on Twitter

The Mumzels would like to express their gratitude to all of you for reading this blog and supporting them over the past year. Although the Mumzels wrote a book 10 years ago, they only entered the NFT-web3 world and Twitter last February.

The Mumzels have learned a lot and developed themselves further since then. They have learned to create their Mumzels in various ways and with the help of AI, they have their own Mumzel generator that they trained themselves. With this, they can now create many unique Mumzels in different environments.

February 2022 vs february 2023

They hope to continue making many more Mumzels for you in the coming years and take the next step towards 3D Blender or animation after AI. Thank you for your support and

good luck with the Mumzel hunt on March 8th.

Be quick because there are only a limited number of Mumzels to catch.

Join the Discord and Hunt for Mumzels and NFT’S

Hello Mumzel discoverers,

Do you also hear strange noises on the roof at night?

Then you have a good chance that there are mumzels in your area ..

Now join the hunt and search for the mumzels and discover the world of the mumzels in our new discord .

Here you will find information about all our collections , the Mumzelhunt , games and the projects of our Mumzel family . you can earn cookies by working . now you can spend the cookies on cosmetics, but in the future also free nfts.

Also we do almost daily free NFT Drops on Showtime.xyz which can be found in our discord and more importantly mus no news about the mutts where they are and how to catch them.

Claim the follow NFT’S in our discord

Passwords you find in #free-drops-showtime

The Mumzel and the Urban Dragon

A Tale of Friendship in the Dark Depths of a Cave

Foezel was a bright yellow mumzel who lived in the bustling city. She spent most of her days scurrying around the alleys and streets, collecting trinkets and knick-knacks to bring back to her nest under the roof of a tall building.

One night, as Foezel was on her usual scavenging run, she stumbled upon a dark, foreboding cave hidden behind a pile of rubble. Being the curious creature that she was, Foezel could not resist exploring the cave.

As she crept deeper into the darkness, she heard a faint moan. Following the sound, she came upon a wounded dragon, his wing badly injured and useless. The dragon, who had been alone and stranded in the cave for days, was relieved to see Foezel and begged her for help.

Foezel was frightened, as she had never encountered a dragon before, let alone one in such a state. But her kind heart urged her to help the creature, and she cautiously approached the dragon.

She examined the dragon’s wing and realized that it was broken. Without hesitation, Foezel started gathering sticks and twine to make a makeshift splint for the dragon’s wing. It was a difficult and painful process, but with Foezel’s gentle touch, the dragon began to relax and trust her.

After a few hours of hard work, the dragon’s wing was successfully splinted. Foezel helped the dragon to his feet, and he took a few hesitant steps before joyfully launching himself into the air. It was a shaky takeoff, but once the dragon was in the sky, he soared, reveling in his newfound freedom.

As the dragon took to the skies, Foezel could see the look of gratitude on his face. She watched as he soared higher and higher, until he was nothing more than a tiny speck in the distance.

Foezel realized that even the most terrifying creatures could be gentle and in need of help, just like herself. And with that, she returned to the city, her heart filled with newfound compassion and bravery.

Flight of the Urban Dragon: A Tale of Courage and Compassion, Inspired by NFT_UrbanDragons

In collaboration with nft_urbandragons, a talented NFT artist who creates beautiful urban dragons on the Polygon network, we present a story of a yellow mumzel and an injured urban dragon. Foezel, the mumzel, discovered the wounded dragon in a dark cave and selflessly helped him by providing shelter, food, and medical care until he could fly again.

The dragon, who was initially wary and alone, was grateful for the mumzel’s kindness and companionship. With the help of Foezel, the dragon eventually regained his strength and was able to fly away. This story was inspired by nft_urbandragon, latest collection, which is dedicated to raising funds for the Troglodyte Society’s charity project to support underprivileged children in Sierra Leone.

Translate with the help of GPT chat & and mumzels edited with picsart and starryAI

Join the Discord server and discover the world of unique collections and fun activities.

Once upon a time,

There was a group of Mumzel hunters who loved adventure and collecting unique items. Some already had a large collection of Mumzels, but they wanted to share more with other enthusiasts. So they decided to join a new Discord server, where they could expand their collection and meet other Mumzel enthusiasts.

In this new world, the Mumzels could not only expand their collection, but also participate in fun games and activities to earn cookies. These cookies could then be used to buy fun items. But that was not all, as in the future they would also add (Mumzel or other) NFTs to this economy.

The Mumzels were extremely enthusiastic about this new world, and the Mumzel Family members, who receive their own channel, are expected to join the Discord server to manage their channel if they want it to be active. In consultation, these family members can choose to automate their channel, so that they can focus completely on exploring and playing.

The Mumzels had already discovered many fun features, but they wanted to know if there was interest before adding more valuable items. But one thing was for sure, the Mumzels were always looking for new adventures and they wanted to expand their community.

So, put on your hiking shoes and come along on an adventure in the new world of the Mumzels!

And who knows, you might discover more new Mumzels at night. Do you hear strange noises at night on the roof? Join our Discord server now and discover what creatures make those strange noises and what they do on your roof or in your home at night.

the Mumzels are also still discovering Discord itself so some things will need to be upgraded even further.

The first 50 people who want to claim this NFT can find the password in our discord server.

be quick because before you know it he will be gone

The Mumzelhunt is On: Early Portraits and Dark Mumzels Captured by Lucky Hunters

The Great Mumzel Hunt has begun and the elusive creatures are hiding everywhere, trying to avoid being caught.

But for 10 daring hunters, the challenge was too irresistible to resist. Davc_s , Papa10lb, Small & Cutie, Unplugged, nft_urbandragons, Daniii, Jason, Artistic Alliances and ZiniWuslon, Dustydude42079.eth have all managed to capture several Mumzels from the Early Portraits collection and bring them home.

The Race to Catch the Darkest Mumzels

However, these hunters are not content with just one or two Mumzels. Papa10lb, Small & Cutie ,Unplugged and ZiniWuslon have also found a “Mumzel in the Dark” from the March collection. This has set them apart from the rest and elevated their status as top Mumzel hunters.

Join the Hunt for the Ultimate Companion

But the hunt doesn’t end there. The Mumzels have a Mumzelhunt Dimension called the “Special Editions, filled with unique and rare creatures such as the “Shadow the Night Watch” Mumzel and the “Dave 30K Celebration” Mumzel. These creatures are not easily obtained and can only be claimed through giveaways, buying Mumzelhunt Mumzels, or participating in events.

The Hunt is On: Who Will Catch the 10 Shadow Mumzels?

The Shadow Mumzel is a highly coveted prize, with only 10 lucky hunters able to claim it by purchasing a “Mumzel in the Dark” in February. The Giveaway Mumzel, Davc_S, is a one-of-a-kind prize that will be awarded to the winner of tonight’s Twitter giveaway.

Uncovering the Secrets of the Night with the Mumzels

The hunt continues, with only four more Mumzels available from the Early Portraits collection. If all 10 Mumzel hunters are successful in catching their “Mumzel in the Dark” in February, there will only be 10 NFTs available for the Mumzelhunt in March. But fear not, as the collections for April and May will soon be uploaded, allowing hunters who have captured a “Mumzel in the Dark” to catch the 3D Ground Mumzels in March.

As the hunt progresses, even more Mumzels will be added to the special edition, some specifically for hunters and others for anyone who can complete the challenges and get their hands on one. The journey has only just begun.

The Great Mumzel Hunt is not for the faint of heart, but for those who are brave enough to rise to the challenge, the reward is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a loyal companion for life.
You can find more information about the Mumzelhunt on our official website, or by following us on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Don’t Miss Out on the Giveaway: Win a Unique 1/1 Dave_S Mumzel

A Month of Thrilling Adventures with the Mumzels

Greetings everyone! It’s the Mumzels here, and we’ve got some exciting news to share with you about our adventures in January!

Home Renovation Surprise

As you may have heard, there were some strange noises on the roof last month. Well, we can finally explain what was going on. Our creator was renovating their home, where many of us Mumzels live under the roof tiles. Unfortunately, this meant that the roof had to be removed, and some of our nests were destroyed. We were all a little startled and decided to explore instead of sleeping during the day.

We hope we haven’t been too traumatized by the experience and that we’ll come back soon. But just in case, our creator is on the lookout for new Mumzels to add to our colony. They want to capture our images and preserve them as NFTs so that everyone can discover us. You see, we’re not ones to show ourselves easily. You may only catch a glimpse of us when we leave our mark, like when we raid the fridge or when you find something unexpected in your shoe! That’s just our way of playing a little joke on you.

The Launch of “Mumzelhunt” Collection

To start, we launched a brand new collection, “Mumzelhunt”. The first set of 10 NFTs, titled “Early Portraits”, will go live on February 8th. Our goal is to release 5 collections in total, with the next one, “Mumzels in the Dark”, coming in March and featuring 20 NFTs.

Continued Success on showtime.xyz

Though we didn’t sell any Mumzels last month, we still managed to post a total of 35 NFTs on showtime.xyz, with 26 of them being posted in January. So far, our creations have caught the attention of nearly 900 individuals who have collected over 3000 NFTs from the Mumzels, which can all be found on our mumzelmarket account on opensea.io.

click here for Showtime.xyz

Let the Mumzel Hunt Begin

The Mumzelhunt will start on February 8th. 5 months – 5 collections. in the blog below the information about our new collection and in it the password hidden to claim this NFT.

Password:  MumzelHunt 

A Boy and His Mumzels: An Adventure Story”

Once upon a time, In a small town, there lived a group of creatures known as Mumzels…. Read story with this NFT and claim password:

Password:  Timmy

Luna and her Mumzels

if you collect Luna give her a ❀️ “Luna, a fairy, and her Mumzels friends go on thrilling adventures in the nighttime world. Discover the magic of the night with them.” https://themumzels.com/

Building the Mumzel Community: Launching Discord & New Articles

In January, we also wrote and published articles on Blockster (https://blockster.com/) and NFT Crypto Kunst (https://nftcryptokunst.nl/). Additionally, we’re in the process of setting up a discord for our Mumzel community, which we aim to launch this February. This discord will give our Mumzel owners their own dedicated channel and provide a platform for those who have multiple Mumzels or own NFTs from our first collection.

Revamping the Mumzel Webshop: New Designs & Merchandise Available

Our Mumzel webshop has also been updated with new designs, featuring Mumzels and other artworks. Many of the NFTs we posted on showtime.xyz have also been used as product designs and t-shirt prints.

click here for the webshop

Celebrating One Year in the NFT/Web3 World

We’re proud to have celebrated our 1-year anniversary in the NFT/web3 world last February and are grateful for all the support from our followers. To date, we’ve written a total of 160 blogs.

We also took part in the Qvir media event by donating 25 euros to the Troglodyte Society and had our own booth at the Avatar Inferno event on January 28th.

Exploring AI Tools for Product Improvement

we’ve been exploring AI tools like StarryAI, Scenario.gg, and GPT Chat, and have been blown away by the possibilities these tools present. We look forward to utilizing them to improve our products and embark on the next phase of our journey.

We hope you enjoyed this update and can’t wait to share more thrilling adventures with you soon!

“If you don’t want to miss Mumzels’ blogs, stay informed about events, other projects, and especially stories about Mumzels, you can sign up here for the blogs.”