Mumzels mint a Doge cloud Genesis

DOGE CLOUD community free mint

The mumzels did
A free mint doge cloud  with 5000 on eth and 5000 on matic March 25th A NFT community to tokenize positivity join there discord

We are a Non-Fungible Token community looking to tokenize positivity.

There are three pillars Doge Cloud is found upon: expression, education and empowerment. We will incentivize community members to earn money by following these three pillars.

if you also want a free mint take a quick look at their website and join their community

The Mumzels Won a Primate Republic NFT

the Mumzels have a very cool Primate nft on Twitter yesterday from Primate Republic NFT to celebrate their going to mint 31/3 , you can buy a primate and join the Discord

Primate Republic is an ERC721A NFT Project, consisting of 10,000 unique Primates. Primates are divided into five factions of 2,000 Primates each, these factions are Arctic, Flame, Earth, Wind, and Shadow. Each Primate Republic holder will gain points from holding their NFT, these points can then be exchanged for merchandise, experiences, and events. Learn more at

Primate Republic NFT

First Mumzels sold today thanks to

Today 3 Mumzels have been sold and the mumzels have 3 new owners that I introduce to you below they are now members of the Mumzel Family in the world of the Mumzels, hopefully they will soon share something about their own project on our website.

Thanks For Buying A Mumzel

Sine BySine

Bought a Mumzel Buster No.19 ( 1 of 1 piece, Sold out!)

she makes beautiful art of her black cat and donates to a dog and cat shelter in the region ,she also likes to help other artists with sharing and translating and is often co host in spaces, give her some appreciation

click on her name to go to her Twitter profile to discover her art. hopefully we’ll hear more from you soon in the Mumzel Family


Bought a Mumzel Redi no.2 ( 1 of 50 pieces, for sale this week)

he makes wonderful psychedelic Trip Music where you can relax and philosophize deeply about spiritual things in the world. he is also a Great Host in Early morning spaces on twitter and my buddie .

click on his name to go to his Twitter Profile and the mumzels hope to hear more from him soon in the world of the mumzels

Mullet Babies

Bought a Mumzel Champi no.18 (1 of 3 pieces, for sale this week)

Mumzels have to be honest, they hadn’t really discovered the Mullet Babies yet. heard of it. in opensea they have a nice collection and see a linktree . they are funny NFT of baby different costumes and variants. in if i don’t lie 8 bit ? take a look for yourself in his collection: Mullet Babies, is now also a member of the Mumzel Family and hope that he will soon share information about his project in the world of the Mumzel.

First Sale Round Promo Video

Tomorrow more Info

Info For Sale 5 Different Mumzels 7 Days – 22 March to 29 March

if you buy a mumzel you are a member of the Mumzel Family and you can show your project in the World of the Mumzels on our website. the mumzels have the information as unlockable as purchase.