Let the Mumzel Hunt Begin!

Welcome to the world of Mumzels,
Where the magic and adventure that began in a book 10 years ago comes to life through NFTs and technology. As a brand that has been in the NFT space for over a year, we are excited to announce that we are taking our collections to the next level by incorporating AI technology.
Introducing the all-new “Mumzel Hunt” collection, featuring Mumzels in a variety of styles and dimensions. Keep reading to find out more about how we are using technology to revolutionize the world of magic and adventure.

The Mumzel Hunt is about to begin!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through the secret world of the Mumzels? These elusive creatures are known to live in the shadows, only coming out at night when the world is asleep. They are curious and adventurous, but also scared of people and animals. But now, it’s time for them to be discovered.

February “Early Portraits

The Mumzel Hunt collection is a unique set of NFTs created using AI technology, divided into five different dimensions, each with its own personality and story. The first dimension, “Early Portraits” is the starting point of your journey, with 10 NFTs available in February each at a price of 3 matic.

The Early Portraits Mumzels will be put up for sale on February 8th on the day the Mumzels started on twitter 1 year ago

March “Mumzels in the Dark”

In March, the hunt continues with the “Mumzels in the Dark” dimension, where you can catch 20 NFTs of these shy but curious creatures, each at a price of 6 matic, if purchased earlier, the price will be 5 matic. Be quick, as the faster you are, the more likely you are to catch the rarest and most beautiful Mumzels.

April “3D Ground Mumzels”

April will see the release of “3D Ground Mumzels” dimension, featuring 25 NFTs, each at a price of 12 matic, if purchased earlier, the price will be 9 matic. These hardworking and determined Mumzels will show you their strength and endurance.

May “Mumzels with Beautiful Backgrounds”

May brings the “Mumzels with Beautiful Backgrounds” dimension, featuring 40 NFTs at a price of 15 matic, if purchased earlier, the price will be 12 matic. These dreamers and adventurers will take you on a journey through their fantastical world.

June “Rainbow Edges Mumzels”

Finally, June will see the release of the “Rainbow Edges Mumzels” dimension, featuring 50 NFTs, each at a price of 20 matic, if purchased earlier, the price will be 15 matic. These playful and fun-loving Mumzels will bring you joy and happiness.

But be careful,

if you hear strange noises on the roof, that’s probably the Mumzels you’re hunting for. So, pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
The Mumzel Hunt is on, and it’s time to catch the most elusive and unique NFTs in the blockchain.

So, don’t wait any longer and join the hunt, the most unique and exclusive NFTs in the collection are waiting for you! Each dimension tells a different story and captures a different aspect of the world of the Mumzels, making the collection a true treasure trove of digital art.

The 5 Dimensions

“Early Portraits”

This group of Mumzels are the first of their kind, capturing the early days of their exploration and discovery. These NFTs feature the first ever portraits of the Mumzels, depicting their unique personalities and characteristics. These Mumzels are the foundation of the collection and the starting point of your journey. This dimension has 10 NFTs and it’s available in February.

“Mumzels in the Dark”

This group of Mumzels are designed to look like they are in the dark, and have a mysterious and elusive appearance. These mumzels are shy but curious, and are always looking for new things to discover in the dark. Their dark appearance represents the elusive and mysterious nature of the mumzels. This dimension has 20 NFTs and it’s available in March.

“3D Ground Mumzels”

This group of Mumzels features 3D ground that gives them a sense of depth and realism. These Mumzels are hardworking and determined, and are always looking for new challenges. Their 3D ground represents the different terrains and environments they are able to navigate. This dimension has e5 NFTs and it’s available in April.

“Mumzels with Beautiful Backgrounds”

This group of Mumzels features beautiful backgrounds that give them a sense of wonder and magic. These Mumzels are dreamers and adventurers, and are always on the lookout for new experiences. Their beautiful backgrounds represent the different worlds and landscapes they explore. This dimension has 40 NFTs and it’s available in May.

“Rainbow Edges”

This group of Mumzels features colorful edges that give them a vibrant and lively appearance. These Mumzels are playful and fun-loving, and are always up for a good time. Their colorful edges represent their playful and joyful nature. This dimension has 50 NFTs and it’s available in June.

When a collector purchases an NFT from the “Early Portraits” dimension, they will be given early access to the next dimension, “Mumzels in the Dark” before it is officially released to the public. This allows collectors to have the first pick of the NFTs in that dimension and the ability to purchase one of them before they are all sold out. Additionally, collectors who purchase an NFT from the “Early Portraits” dimension will also receive a discount on the purchase price of the “Mumzels in the Dark” NFTs. This discount only applies to NFTs that have not yet been sold and it is limited time offer.

After purchasing an NFT from “Mumzels in the Dark”, collectors will have the opportunity to purchase NFTs from the next dimensions “Mumzels with Beautiful Backgrounds”, “3D Ground Mumzels” and “Rainbow Edges” before they are officially released to the public, each time with a discount on the purchase price.

In summary, purchasing NFTs from the “Early Portraits” dimension will give collectors early access to the next dimensions and a discount on the purchase price of the NFTs in those dimensions before they are officially released to the public, allowing collectors to complete the entire collection before it’s officially released.

Once upon a time,

There was a young boy named Bram who heard strange noises on the roof and in his house at night. His father told him that it was the Mumzels, mysterious creatures that lived mainly at night and often came in looking for food and nice things to borrow. Bram didn’t believe his father at first, but as he grew older, he started to notice that things in his house would go missing and then reappear in strange places.

Determined to find out the truth, Bram set out on a journey to explore the world of the Mumzels. He spent years catching them and documenting his findings in a book. Along the way, he discovered that Mumzels were not only real, but that they had their own personalities and talents. They were shy creatures that didn’t easily show themselves to people, and it took a lot of patience to gain their trust.

Bram learned that Mumzels were friendly creatures that liked to help people and animals, and that they usually did so when we were sleeping. They also had a playful side and liked to play jokes on us. Bram decided to share his findings with the world and started drawing Mumzels in NFT format, so that people could own a piece of the magical world of the Mumzels.

go to showtime to claim the nft by pressing the image.

Free Drop on Showtime.xyz

The mumzels posted a free Drop on Showtime to celebrate our upcoming Mumzel Hunt. there are 150 copies of this NFT available and you can claim it with the following password

(NFT is available for one month from today)

password: MumzelHunt


As a reward for buying at least 1 mumzel from 1 of the mumzel hunt collections, you will be part of the mumzel community. You will discover in the future more mumzels in your environment (wallet) and have a chance that the mumzels buy something back in the future.

If you buy at least 3 mumzels from 2 or more different mumzel hunt collections, you will belong to the mumzel friends. We will name you on our website if you want and you will get access to certain channels in our future discord.

If you buy at least 5 mumzels from 4 or more different mumzel hunt collections, you will be welcomed to the mumzel family. In the future when we launch our discord, you will get your own channel if you want. We will write a blog about your own project or a custom story about you and your mumzels. And you will have a place with our family in the world of the mumzels on our website.

Do you hear strange noises?

In the end, Bram’s journey to explore the world of the Mumzels not only led him to discover the truth about the strange noises he heard at night, but it also led him to create a whole new world of wonder and magic for others to enjoy.

It’s no secret and maybe also useful if you want to make a collection yourself. below is a list of the Tools, software that The Mumzels have used to create the upcoming collections.

  • Picsart a photo editing App on android and IOS that the mumzels have been using for some time. recently they have also integrated AI tools
  • scenario.gg a Software tool where you can train your own AI generator.
  • StarryAI an app on android and IOS that allows you to generate AI with text.
  • ChatGPT a language AI that helps the mumzels to improve their english.

“Advatar Inferno: The Ultimate Metaverse Racing Game Show – January 28th at 4 PM EST”

Avatar Inferno

Sat, Jan 28, 2023, 4:00 PM EST

Advatar Inferno is a virtual reality game show where web 3 founders race as their avatars to claim victory in the Race To Win World Founders Meet.

The event is scheduled to take place on January 28th at 4 PM EST. The game show is set in a maze and the contestants will race through the maze with trivia and an obstacle course.

The event will be live-streamed on multiple channels and feature a live audience, gallery, vendor display space, banner ad space, host, commentators, live raffle reveal, and exciting prizes.

“Meet Our Cast: Amie Lewis, Dave Swinbanks, LeDrop WithCheese, Ceecee, JoJo,

The Host

The host of the show is LeDrop WithCheese,

a celebrity NFT personality and host of “Meet With Cheese Metaverse Interviews & Live NFT Auctions On Junkie”

The commentators

The commentators for the show include Dave Swinbanks,

a web 3 community leader and the host of “This is Not A Shill” Co Founder of Polygon Alliance, Web 3 Classifieds & Crypto Goonz


Ceecee, a Spatial.io Host & Creator, Host of Metaverse Mondays, Artist & Co Founder Of CJ Meta Events & Polygon Alliance

“Join Us on January 28th at 4 PM EST for the Ultimate Metaverse Racing Experience”

The show is designed to be accessible by mobile and does not require a headset, but contestants are suggested to use a laptop or PC and have a stable high-speed internet connection. The show will be aired on a bi-weekly basis with a grand finale weekend.

“Challenge Your Skills and Knowledge in the Advatar Inferno Maze”

During the first half of the show, contestants will share a mini-bio and race through a maze with trivia. The audience will have a raffle and the halftime will feature a visit to the vendor display space and onsite gallery.

In the second half of the show, contestants will race through an obstacle course with trivia and then race to the finish line. The winner will be revealed and contestants will have an all-at-once go at the maze and course, which will be featured in the bi-weekly bloopers episodes.

“Race To Win World Founders Meet: A Virtual Reality Game Show in the Metaverse”

The Advatar Inferno show aims to solve several problems for founders and VR enthusiasts, such as visibility, sharing their story, connecting through virtual reality, and finding fun ways to experience virtual reality without sitting through an entire event.

The show provides an opportunity for online purchasing of limited collection of contestant spots, audience tickets, vendor space, and banner ad space. Each purchase comes with added value and perks.

“Live Audience, Gallery, Vendor Display Space, Banner Ad Space, Host, Commentators, Live Raffle Reveal, and Exciting Prizes”

The audience will have the opportunity to participate in the avatar selfie challenge and have the chance to win prizes such as NFT tickets and a 3D model of the game environment. Vendors will have the opportunity to share their business with the live audience, brand their space, display, and sell their products or services. They will also be highlighted in the bi-weekly bloopers episodes.

Overall, Advatar Inferno provides value for both the contestants and the audience by providing visibility, storytelling opportunities, and a fun and engaging way to experience virtual reality.

The mumzels are proud to be a part of the Avatar Inferno event and have our own vendor space there.
We hope that many people will come and enjoy the games and social interactions, and have a great VR and metaverse experience.
Additionally, visitors may discover some new mumzels in the Avatar Inferno metaverse.

“Introducing ChatGPT: The Advanced Language Model by OpenAI

“Introducing ChatGPT: The Advanced Language Model by OpenAI

ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. It is capable of generating human-like text and can be used for a wide range of natural language processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and question answering.

One of the key features of ChatGPT is its ability to understand context. This means that it can generate text that is relevant and consistent with the input it receives. Additionally, ChatGPT has been trained on a large amount of diverse text data, which enables it to generate text on a wide range of topics.

ChatGPT can be used by businesses and organizations to automate customer service, generate product descriptions, and create content for websites and social media. It can also be used by developers to build chatbots and other natural language processing applications.

Overall, ChatGPT is a powerful tool for anyone looking to automate natural language tasks, and generate human-like text. If you’re interested in using ChatGPT for your business or project, visit the OpenAI website for more information.”

To access ChatGPT, you can use the OpenAI API which provides a simple way for developers to use the model in their applications. The API requires an API key, which can be obtained by creating an account on the OpenAI website. Once you have the key, you can start making requests to the API to generate text.

The OpenAI API documentation provides detailed instructions on how to use the API, including examples of how to make requests and handle responses.

I was first released in 2019 and it has been widely used by developers and researchers for a variety of natural language processing tasks.

Since my release, the use of GPT-3 and other language models like me have grown in popularity and are being used in a wide range of applications, including chatbots, language translation, text summarization, and question answering.
Here are some beginner tips for using ChatGPT:
  1. Start with a clear prompt: Provide a clear and concise prompt that describes the task you want ChatGPT to perform. The more specific the prompt, the better the results will be.
  2. Use context: Provide context to the model by including previous input or conversation. This will help ChatGPT understand the task better and generate more relevant text.
  3. Fine-tune the model: You can fine-tune the model by providing it with a small amount of your own data. This will help the model generate text that is more specific to your use case.
  4. Experiment with different parameters: The OpenAI API allows you to control various parameters such as the number of responses, the length of the responses, and the temperature of the responses. Experimenting with these parameters can help you achieve the desired results.
  5. Play around and have fun with it!
There are a few important things to keep in mind when using ChatGPT:
  1. Quality of the input: The quality of the input provided to the model directly affects the quality of the output. It is important to provide clear and concise prompts and context to the model to get the best results.
  2. Limitations: ChatGPT is a language model and it has been trained on a large amount of text data, but it is not perfect and can make mistakes or produce irrelevant text. It’s important to have realistic expectations and to review the generated text before using it.
  3. Ethical considerations: It’s important to consider the ethical implications of using a model like ChatGPT, particularly when generating text that will be used to communicate with people. It’s important to be transparent about the use of the model and ensure that it is not used in a way that is misleading or harmful.
  4. Training data: ChatGPT has been trained on a diverse set of text data, however, like any other machine learning model, it is only as good as the training data it has been exposed to. It’s important to be aware that the model may perpetuate the biases present in the training data.
  5. Fine-tuning: As mentioned earlier, fine-tuning the model by providing it with a small amount of your own data can help the model generate text that is more specific to your use case. It’s important to keep in mind that fine-tuning the model can also be useful to reduce the potential biases in the model.

As a language model, I am able to generate code in various programming languages, including code for websites and games. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of the generated code will depend on the quality of the prompt you provide.

If you provide me with a clear and detailed prompt, I can generate code for a website or a game. However, it’s important to note that the generated code may still require some debugging and testing before it can be deployed to a live website or game.

It’s also important to note that, as a language model, I don’t have the ability to test the code or check if it has bugs, so it’s recommended to have a developer review the code before using it in a production environment.

As a language model, I do not have the ability to test or run code, or have knowledge of its execution environment. However, I can analyze the code and help you troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing based on the information you provide.

You can provide me with the error message or the unexpected behavior you are encountering, and I can help you understand what the problem is and suggest possible solutions. It’s important to provide as much detail as possible about the context in which the code is being executed, including the version of the programming language, libraries and framework used, as well as the input you provided to the code.

Keep in mind that, even with a detailed description of the problem, it may still be challenging to identify and fix the issue, especially if it’s related to a complex behavior, or if the problem is caused by an external factor such as a configuration issue.

There are several benefits to using a language model like ChatGPT:

  1. Automation of natural language tasks: ChatGPT can be used to automate a wide range of natural language processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and question answering. This can save time and resources for businesses and organizations.
  2. Generating human-like text: ChatGPT can generate text that is human-like and relevant to the input it receives. This can be useful for creating content for websites and social media, as well as for automating customer service.
  3. Handling ambiguity: ChatGPT is able to understand context and can generate text that is consistent with the input it receives, even when the input is ambiguous or incomplete.
  4. Personalization: ChatGPT can be fine-tuned to generate text that is specific to a particular use case, by providing it with a small amount of your own data.
  5. Research: ChatGPT can be used by researchers to study natural language processing and to create new models with better performance.

For students, ChatGPT can be used to improve their writing skills by providing them with feedback on their writing and helping them to understand how to write on different topics, and also can be used to generate summaries of large texts, making it easier to study and retain information.

For professionals, ChatGPT can be used to automate the generation of reports, emails, and other written materials, which can save them time and improve productivity.

As an AI model, I am constantly being updated and improved by my creators at OpenAI. They are continually working on improving the capabilities of the model and adding new features. However, I do not have access to the exact details of their plans and updates. I recommend keeping an eye on OpenAI’s website and social media channels for the latest information on updates and new features.

To access ChatGPT, people can use the OpenAI API. The OpenAI API allows developers to build applications and services that use the GPT-3 language model. To start using the OpenAI API, developers can visit the OpenAI website https://beta.openai.com/docs/api-reference/introduction and sign up for an API key. Once they have an API key, they can use it to make calls to the API and access the ChatGPT model. They can also find the API documentation and tutorials on how to use the API at https://beta.openai.com/docs/guides/how-to-use-openai.

The OpenAI team can be followed on several social media platforms:

Following OpenAI on these platforms would allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest research and developments on the field of AI and GPT-3. They also share their blog posts and publications on these social media platforms.

All information is written by ChatGPT 9 Jan version.

Because the Mumzels asked questions, Chat GPT gave all the information. which we have used in the blog to give you the right information about this handy tool that you can use for different purposes. think of a job application, to remove mistakes from your own text or as a new Google search.

Unauthorized Discord server has been created using the Mumzels name and logo.

We wanted to inform you that an unauthorized Discord server has been created using the Mumzels name and logo. We did not create this server and we have taken steps to have it removed by contacting Discord support. Currently, we have our own community on Twitter and Telegram that we are using and you can contact us through these channels.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and want to assure you that any official Mumzels Discord server will be announced through our website and social media channels.

Thank you for your understanding,
The Mumzels


“A Boy and His Mumzels: An Adventure Story”

Once upon a time,

In a small town, there lived a group of creatures known as Mumzels. They were small and furry, with big eyes and a mouth, but no nose or ears. They had feelers on their head and were active at night, scurrying around searching for food and other things to explore.

One night, a young boy named Timmy heard strange noises coming from the roof of his house. He got out of bed to investigate and saw a group of Mumzels climbing down the gutter. Timmy was fascinated by the creatures and decided to follow them.

The Mumzels led Timmy on a wild adventure through the town, showing him all of the secret places they liked to explore. They showed him the nest they had built under the rooftiles of his house, and Timmy was amazed at how cozy and well-built it was.

As they continued their journey, Timmy learned that the Mumzels were not only curious and cute, but also quite clever. They had found ways to get into houses and steal food without being noticed, and even knew how to avoid dangerous animals like cats.

Timmy was sad when the night came to an end and he had to say goodbye to his new friends, but he knew he would always remember their adventure together. From that day on, Timmy made sure to leave a little bit of food out for the Mumzels every night, and they became regular visitors to his house.

One night,

Timmy couldn’t sleep, he was thinking about the Mumzels and how much he wanted to explore more with them. He decided to sneak out of his house and see if he could find them.

Timmy quietly made his way out of the house and into the backyard. As he looked around, he saw a group of Mumzels scurrying around in the shadows. They were just as excited to see him as he was to see them. They invited him to come with them on another adventure.

Timmy eagerly agreed and followed the Mumzels through the dark streets of the town. They showed him all of the secret places they liked to explore at night, like the library and the park. They even showed him the hidden paths and secret spots they knew in the forest.

As they were exploring, the Mumzels came across a problem. They saw that a group of bullies were picking on a group of younger kids at the park. Timmy knew he had to do something to help, so he came up with a plan to stop the bullies and protect the younger kids.

With the help of the Mumzels, Timmy was able to outsmart the bullies and stand up for the younger kids. The bullies apologized for their actions and the younger kids thanked Timmy and the Mumzels for their bravery.

As the night came to an end, Timmy and the Mumzels returned home, tired but happy from their adventure. They knew that they had made a positive impact on the community and that they could always count on each other to help make the world a better place.

From that night on, Timmy and the Mumzels continued to explore the town at night and help those in need. They became known as the “heroes of the night” and were loved by everyone. They continued their adventures together and their bond only grew stronger with each new challenge they faced.

Click on image for NFT on showtime.xyz

Claim the NFT with password

Password:  Timmy 

The Mumzels Year 2022 – Blog 150

The Year 2022

A year in which the Mumzels started with NFT’s. A year in which we have learned and discovered a lot but also realize that they still have a lot to learn about web3. How can they spread and how can they eventually come to life?

In the past year, The Mumzels experimented with different collections, they were present on different social media, they started writing blogs. More and more mumzels were discovered. A Mumzel community started to grow and friendships were formed. In this blog we want to take you into what the Mumzels discovered last year and what we want to do next year.

What are Mumzels?

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night?

Was your cookie jar also eaten empty in the morning?
You lost something that you are sure you put it somewhere?

Do not be afraid. you probably suffer from Mumzels under your roof tiles or in a shed.

Mumzels are creatures with big eyes and feelers on their heads, they come in different colors and shapes, but they all look alike.

The Journey

In 2012 the mumzels had written a book for young children in the netherlands.
in the years that followed, they occasionally appeared in an image as the creator was figuring out how to bring the mumzels to life. in 2021, crypto and NFTs came into the picture with the creator and went into more depth.

In february 2022, the Mumzels started a collection at opensea.io , no experience and a wild guess at what was possible. So we posted a few NFTs gave each NFT 500 copies and charged $350 per NFT converted into weth.

and waith !

nothing happened
Mistake ?!?

The mumzels discovered that there was a whole community on Twitter and created a Twitter account. We came across more projects and joining spaces on twitter and started listening to other projects.
Soon the mumzels found out that 500 copies of the same NFT and $ 350 was not realistic.
The mumzels immediately removed the NFTs from opensea and started again.

First Collection

First collection got NFTs with 75 copies – 50 copies – 25 copies – 5 copies – 1 copy and got 50 different Mumzels in different styles and backgrounds. and they sold between 1 and 20 dollars depending on the WETH price.

Each Mumzel NFT had its own name and character described in the NFT and the Rarity levels meant the number of copies available of a particular Mumzel.

Website needed? Spaces ?

The Mumzels bought a website subscription and built their own website on that platform and discovered they could blog. meanwhile the Mumzels also started to talk in Spaces on twitter. without being able to speak English well. first With google translate , later we wrote it down and read it. nowadays we can almost speak freely and they can make themselves clear and understandable in Twitter space.

I joined most days the space from Troglodyte Society (charity for kids and people in sierra leone ) and The Squibbles, (childeren Brand) the people behind these projects helped the Mumzels a lot with Giving Podium to the Mumzels and taught me a lot in the beginning of my journey. The mumzels have come across many fantastic projects and made many friendships. Drugmusic , Rita these were people the mumzels spoke to every day. Cynthia also knows the Mumzels from the beginning and has taught the Mumzels a lot. Yesterday she came up with a great idea to put talking mumzels on youtube.

All these artists and many other people, The Mumzels had a fantastic year. Many artists or people who have collected the Mumzels and built up ties with them, did collaborations or had nice conversations.

Thank you all so much for your support, knowledge and help.

“There are so many different people within our community that I would love to name them all, but unfortunately I don’t have time for that in this Blog since there are so many of you. to link to everyone as well . only while typing I suddenly think of a nice idea for the coming year to thank at least a large part of the people around me. to be continued”

Blogging for others in stone coal English

The Mumzels blogged about the Mumzels themselves and started offering Blogs in April when buying a Mumzel. Because we are all on twitter looking for collectors for our projects and The mumzels thought if we give the people who collect mumzels their own blog.

So the Mumzels owners are also visible on our website if more people start looking for mumzels. In addition to the blogs, we also made the world of the mumzels in which we collected information about the people / artists that mumzels collected (with permission).

Community Blogs

The Mumzels also started writing Blogs about Events in the polygon community.

The Blockchain in which the mumzels are active.

Our first big Blog that got a lot of reach was the 15K giveaway thread of Dave Swinbank.

Dave is part of the Crypto Goonz and Polygon Alliance and holds #ThisIsNotAShill weekly Mon-Friday where The Mumzels can always be found.

But also the poker tournaments of Troglodyte societyVDKMusic & Potent potions received a lot of Views and were two fun events in which the Mumzels participated.

The Mumzels became more famous and more and more people collected slowly mumzels.

This Blog is our 150th blog within

1 year!

Because in February the Mumzels exist 1 year as NFTs in the Web3 .

More colllections , More Mumzels

The mumzels started a few other collections in addition to their first collection.
special edition mumzels a collection in which we made mumzels that we liked or for special occasions.

A collaborative collection in which we place the projects that the mumzels collab with and create a Promotional mumzel between or projects.

Then came The Mumzels Adventures, the first collection we minted ourselves through Autominter. it was a high point because in the first 2 weeks more mumzels were sold than in the first 6 months of the first collection.
The mumzels were happy and gave different utilities (costum photo’s , costum story , free Nft’s , T-shirt , sticker ) to this collection and is collected by different people.

The Mumzels also won or got a lot of NFTs and also started collecting them from different projects. at one point the Mumzels had collected so many NFTs that the Mumzels created another Account “MumzelMarket” and offered some of these NFTs to sell so that the Mumzels could buy new NFTs from artists. also the mumzels on this account create NFT’s that the mumzels like to make without the mumzels being visible on it. some do, some don’t.

Mumzel Discoverers

In total, in 2022 the mumzels had 142 unique Mumzel NFT owners on opensea.io across all the above collections . There were over 400 NFTs collected with paid and unpaid NFTs through Give-aways. (exept for the mumzelmarket).

Our Biggest Mumzel Holder is Jason and we are very grateful to him and his family for that.

In December we did a christmas mumzel mint and the 142 mumzel holders were able to mint 3 christmas mumzels. 25 people had minted 67 Christmas mumzels. we had divided 5 prizes with a lottery between the minted christmas mumzels and there were 5 different prize winners.


Click on the Image to collect the NFT of the mumzels Brand on Showtime

But before the year was out, Dave Swinbank, Friend of the mumzels and great Spacehost – community leader, Told me about Showtime.xyz an app where you can collect NFTs. and the mumzels began to experiment with it in the last days of the new year .

At the time of writing, 460 different individuals have collected 10 NFTs made by the Mumzels with a total of 979 copies.
in 12 days.

These are all collected by the people for free through this App and it has helped the Mumzels to be discovered more and more in recent days.

The first 100 people to read this Blog and enter the password below at showtime

can claim the NFT below.

Eilana and her Mumzel , Eilana is a princess who lives in the castle in the elven valley. she always has her Mumzel Alfred with her . alfred gives her wise advice when Eilana feels sad or has to make choices. only whether mumzel Alfred’s wise advice also leads to a good choice is the question.
Password :  MyMumzel
What else have The Mumzels been up to?

In addition to NFT collections, The Mumzels have also done other things such as a webshop with clothing and accessories, various social media such as Tiktok, Instagram and on various platforms such as the Dutch NFT art gallery.

Thank you and see you in 2023

The Mumzels want to thank everyone for their support in 2022 and the Mumzels will continue to discover in 2023, The Mumzels will publish fewer blogs on their own website from 3 blogs per week we will go to 1 blog per week.

The Mumzels will post Blogs with content about the Polygon community, projects and other information about Blockchains or Crypto on other websites and who knows Mumzels.

The Mumzels will also continue to post free NFTs on Showtime, just like with this Blog.
The Mumzels are now fully engaged in drawing and editing in AI to make the Mumzels that look more and more beautiful and are already starting to look like real mumzels.

The Mumzels Adventures we will see in the next 2 months whether there are still mumzels being minted. because there are very nice utilities in these collections, only the mumzels are afraid that they might give away too much utility with this collection.

The Mumzels also want to make Mumzels in 3D in 2023 and expand the Mumzel community with more people discovering the Mumzels. more physical goods that are portable to touch and hopefully read.

in short, The Mumzels are still planning a lot in 2023 and if you don’t want to miss all that.
Then join the Mumzel community on Twitter.

The Mumzels don’t have a Discord, but they do have a website with blogs and can be reached almost 24/7 on Twitter

What did The Mumzels do in December?

what did the mumzels do in December?

The Mumzels have also been very busy in the month of December. They have shown themselves in different places and left their mark. In this blog we tell what the mumzels were involved in.

Christmas Mumzels & Lottery

In winter it is often very cold outside and then The Mumzels are usually warm inside in their nests under the roof or in the shed. They sleep longer and need less food, but around Christmas they always wake up because the Mumzels love christmas.

Outside there is often snow and they prefer not to come because they disappear in the snow and it is then very difficult and cold to dig yourself out. So they prefer to go into the houses at night.

At Christmas that is extra fun for the mumzels, there is usually a large tree in the living room with all kinds of lights. in and under the tree the Mumzels always find tasty sweets and cookies to eat and the tree remains fun to climb all those beautiful shiny balls that enlarge your face. until a Christmas ball falls and breaks into 500 pieces.

The Mumzels are shocked and run in all directions to get to safety as soon as possible before the pets or people wake up in the house.

All mumzel holders could mint 3 free Christmas mumzels from the first week of December to December 24.

After December 24, the prize became 1.5 matic for people who wanted to participate in the lottery and didn’t have a mumzel or would like to join the mumzel community to receive more Mumzels in the future.

The mint is now closed

On December 30

the Mumzels hold a lottery

among all the minted Christmas Mumzels.

the prizes won by

The Winners of the Christmas Mumzel Mint lottery are:

T-shirt : 252 @dustydude42079

Cap : 421 – @Crypt_O_Manimal

Sticker : 126@jaystansfield

Mumzel NFT + blog : 356 @jayhood73

The Mumzel Adventures NFT : 428 @dodgers71121

Give Away’s

Christmas Mumzels, Lottery , Showtime.xyz , Tiktok , Twitter

The mumzels gave away many Mumzels and NFTs to various people during the month of December. Welcome to the Mumzel community

Bought a Emotional Lady

Last month we bought this emotional lady from emotional ladies.

In the past, Emotional lady’s won a Mumzel along with a blog about its own project. in which he explains why he made this collection. although emotional lady has never actually had the opportunity to talk about his project in twitter spaces, he is always present in spaces on twitter. want to know more about the project. Read the blog on our website

The Mumzels on Showtime.xyz

The Mumzels made an account on showtime.xyz where they collect NFT’s from other artists but also drop free NFT’s these can be mumzels but also other NFT’S made by the Mumzels

The first NFT the Mumzels made is a Christmas card and there were 200 copies only 25 where claimed.

By now the Mumzels have done multiple Drops and over 380 people have claimed over 600 NFTs.

You can still claim the Mumzels Brand logo. this is still available for a few weeks and about 170 copies are still available.

You can claim it for free after creating an account. Please note that if you create an account, the app also creates a new wallet for you, you can also link your own wallet to it so that you get the NFTs in your own wallet.


148 blogs in 2022

In 2023 we will no longer write 3 blogs per week on this website. We try to stick to 1 blog per week or we have more news. The Mumzels are also talking about writing blogs for other platforms so that we can spread more content about the polygon community and projects.

Polygon Alliance

Who is Polygon Alliance ?

Many different Artists on Twitter and Polygon Blockchain have started together to build the Polygon Community.

Polygon Alliance was founded on 28th Dec 2021.

There are more than 120 projects affiliated to the Polygon Alliance and can be seen as one of the champions of the polygon Ecosystem, Polygon Alliance’s vision is to grow stronger together and make Polygon blockchain the number 1 destination for NFTs and DeFi .

Read the blog for more info about polygon Alliance , this month the Mumzels will be start to write Blogs for them.

The Twelve Squiblets Of Christmas

The Mumzels bought The Twelve Squiblets Of Christmas from Jay Stanfield and The Squibbles.

With the squiblets we all got hidden surprises and the biggest surprise.. we’ll tell that another time..

Jay Stanfield makes children’s books and coloring books and has several NFT collections and wants to start his own The Squibbles TV show.

Mumzel Market & Monster Creations

The Mumzels are busy experimenting in Blender and AI tools. only during the creation of AI Mumzels, a number of other creatures emerged from the AI, which the Mumzels thought was too beautiful not to do anything with.

That’s why we created a collection of Monster Creations in the MumzelMarket where we put artworks of creatures that we sell there and with the proceeds we buy NFTs from other artists.

Some new ones of those creatures we putting out on Showtime.xyz as Free drops.

On the mumzel market we sell NFTs that the mumzels have collected so that they can then collect new NFTs with the proceeds.

The Mumzels do not provide financial or other advice about the NFT’s from other projects. View the disclaimer on our website.

The Mumzels have 142 unique holders (without Showtime)


sold 3 NFT’s last month

1 Mumzel Thanks to @dodgers71121 and 2 NFT’s from other Artists in the MumzelMarket.

We gave away over 600 NFTs (some had multiple copies) in December, thanks in part to showtime.xyz last week. that is more nfts than the whole of last year.
they were all free, but that’s why the Mumzels got more reach in recent days. the mumzels will be more concerned with building a community and spreading Mumzels than selling the Mumzels in the coming months.

The first collections will continue to exist for a while.
only we will see how we can change things. For example the Mumzels Adventures was in our opinion a nice idea to give more back to the mumzel holders.

Only the Mumzels are afraid that they want to give back too much, so it is unclear. that is why we will see in February what we are going to do with this collection. As we still have many Mumzels left in this collection that are still looking for an owner.

The fact remains that once you discover a Mumzel you will discover more and more. The first year was a learning process for the Mumzels and we learned a lot thanks to you

Here is a list of the Mumzels Adventures below.

In the next 8 weeks we will see if they are still successful and if there are still less than 100 NFTs from this collection sold. We will adjust and simplify the Collection utlity.
we will also involve our holders community in this.

The Mumzels Adventures

mint us for 5 matic. πŸŒπŸš€

⚠️1000 matic goes back in the community ⚠️

πŸ₯³ 1x mint prize of 50 matic (NFT gold)
πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ 2x mint prize of 25 matic (2x NFT purple)

⚠️Mint pageπŸŒπŸš€πŸš€β¬οΈ

“all tiers get free seasonal NFT’s”

TIER 0 TO TIER 5 utility’s below.. ⏬️

Tier 0

1x The mumzels adventures NFT minted 🌏

– Welcome to the Mumzel community, now you have a chance that the mumzels buy one of your nft’s in the future.
– Free nft Tier 0
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 1

5x The Mumzels Adventures NFT’s minted πŸš€

– Costume picture with your minted Mumzels.
– Free NFT Tier 1
– Acces to the Mumzel community Holders page.
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 2

10x The Mumzels Adventures NFT’s minted πŸš€πŸš€

– We create your own story with the Mumzels with a blog on our website you get they password for the story.
– Free NFT Tier 2
– Mumzel Friends (photo and link in world of the mumzels)
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 3

15x The Mumzels Adventures nft’s minted πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

– More Costume photos with your minted Mumzels
– Free NFT tier 3
– Mumzel friends
– season Mumzels NFT’s

Tier 4

20x #themumzels Adventures nft’s Minted πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

– 1x Mumzel Sticker
– Free NFT Tier 4
– Free Seasonal NFT’S
– Mumzel Family ( links , photo(‘s) information in the world of the Mumzels on or website)

Tier 5

25x #TheMumzels Adventures nft’s minted πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

– 1x T-shirt
– Free nft Tier 5
#Mumzel Familie
– minted Max Mumzel NFT’s with 1 Wallet πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ (max 39 persons possible) because first one was @Shy_Zoltan πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

⚠️Mint page πŸŒπŸš€πŸš€

Oorspronkelijk getweet door The Mumzels βš οΈπŸ“’Mint is LiveπŸ“’βš οΈ (@TMumzels) op 3 november 2022.

New Holders in DEC

Thank you All

Last month a number of new people have also been added who have won or received a Mumzel in a Giveaway.

Welcome to the Mumzel Family below you can see our Twitter community.

The Mumzels want to thank everyone for the support in the Mumzels so that more and more people discover the Mumzels and see that very sweet creatures live around us at night.

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night, don’t be afraid, those are the Mumzels.

Mumzel Weblinks

Mumzel Weblinks

because the Mumzels have so many interesting links these days to check out.
That’s why we put all interesting links here in this blog

Have you discovered them yet?

Collect Them All !!

External websites

Find on the Mumzel Website

Winners Christmas Mumzel Lottery & Happy new Year

The Christmas Mumzel Lottery and Winners

Today we did the lottery between all minted Christmas mumzels. the mint has now stopped. There were 67 mumzels and 25 people who took part in the lottery.

There were 5 prizes to be given away including 2 NFTs and 3 Goodies.
some prizes have already been awarded and sent.

We had put all the Mumzels numbers in a Raffle without knowing who the numbers belonged to. after the raffle, we looked at who won the prizes.

The Mumzels would like to congratulate the following persons on their prize.

The Winners of the Christmas Mumzel Mint lottery are:

T-shirt : 252 @dustydude42079

Cap : 421 – @Crypt_O_Manimal

Sticker : 126@jaystansfield

Mumzel NFT + blog : 356 @jayhood73

The Mumzel Adventures NFT : 428 @dodgers71121

The Mumzels would like to thank everyone for their support in the Mumzels last year.

The Mumzels wish everyone a good turn of the year and that everyone has a healthy and happy 2023 next year.

This Blog is also the last of this year Blog number 148, Early next year we will start with 2 blogs no 149 & 150 about the Month of December and the Mumzels in 2022 what we have learned and our experiences were last year.

We will also tell a bit about what we want to achieve in 2023.

To Claim this NFT (150 pieces ) on Showtime enter Password


The Mumzels on Showtime.xyz

The Mumzels on Showtime.xyz

The Mumzels made an account on showtime.xyz where they collect NFT’s from other artists but also drop free NFT’s these can be mumzels but also other NFT’S made by the Mumzels

The first NFT the Mumzels made is a Christmas card and there are 200 copies.

you can claim it for free after creating an account. Please note that if you create an account, the app also creates a new wallet for you, you can also link your own wallet to it so that you get the NFTs in your own wallet.

The Mumzels also made Dork and Nacho this morning.

dork and nacho are two creatures created with AI. they were born by accident and are looking for a place to live. who wants to adopt dork and nacho in their wallet?

unfortunately all 30 copies of Dork and Nacho have already been claimed! do you want to claim more nft’s from the mumzels or other artists in the future. then create your own account on showtime.xyz .

Christmas Mumzel mint Live

Public Mint Live for 1,5 Matic

In winter it is often very cold outside and then The Mumzels are usually warm inside in their nests under the roof or in the shed. They sleep longer and need less food, but around Christmas they always wake up because the Mumzels love christmas.

Outside there is often snow and they prefer not to come because they disappear in the snow and it is then very difficult and cold to dig yourself out. So they prefer to go into the houses at night.

At Christmas that is extra fun for the mumzels, there is usually a large tree in the living room with all kinds of lights. in and under the tree the Mumzels always find tasty sweets and cookies to eat and the tree remains fun to climb all those beautiful shiny balls that enlarge your face. until a Christmas ball falls and breaks into 500 pieces.

The Mumzels are shocked and run in all directions to get to safety as soon as possible before the pets or people wake up in the house.

Curious if there are Mumzels under your Christmas tree this month?
the christmas mumzel mint is a fun way to participate in the Mumzel community.

Once you have a Mumzel more and more Mumzels will appear in your wallet seasonally.

Price is 1,5 matic ( polygon network ) minting site used for the NFT’s is autominter.com

(collection of max NFT’s 500 random minted , different rarity’s)

NFT”s will appear in opensea.io

On December 30

The Mumzels will hold a lottery

among all the minted Christmas Mumzels.

you can then win 5 different prizes

  • 1x Mumzel T-shirt
  • 1x Mumzel cap
  • 1x Mumzel sticker
  • 1x Mumzel NFT First collection “Bearish” with blog about your project
  • 1x Mumzel Adventures NFT

At the moment there are 19 different people out of 140 who have minted a Christmas Mumzel.

So the chance of winning 1 out of 5 prizes is still very high at the moment

Mint us now

And Chance to

Win 1 of the 5 Prizes

if your Christmas Mumzels give you luck