The Mumzels Community Holders Page

The Mumzels have created a community page on the website where holders can find information and claim their Utility.

To claim the utility that belongs to your Mumzel you need a password.

For the First collection & Mumzels Adventures, holders can contact The Mumzels via Twitter or Email.

  • The holders of the first collection will receive a password
  • The holders of the Mumzels Adventures will receive an NFT at Tier 1 (5 Mumzels minted) this NFT contains a password that gives you access

This page also contains the Community groups or such as Telegram and Twitter Community. anyone who has a Mumzel can join these groups.

Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

Twicky stood in front of Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tools window for several hours, staring in. Without moving, Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool thought it was strange at first a mumzel in front of the window she went to get him and noticed that mumzel Twicky lives in his own world.

he is still staring at the same spot and Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool wonders if the mumzel realizes that he is now inside. thanks for discovering Mumzel Twicky welcome to the Mumzel family Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

The Mumzels want to introduce to you Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

Did you know theres an easy way to send large amounts of NFTs (airdrops) to unlimited wallets?  Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool can help save artist so much time, effort and energy when they want to do giveaways and reward their token holders!

Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

is your best friend in Airdrops

Everything you need to do your airdrops

It’s important to do an airdrop right. Let us help you with that.


Create a list of collection holders based on date, quantity, traits, and more.

One-click airdrop

Send your airdrop to unlimited wallets with one click.


Get insight into your airdrop performance, see who buys from your collections.

Airdrop any NFT

Bring your NFTs, it doesn’t matter where it was minted.

Start your airdrop

Try Dropys, and explore all the tools you need to airdrop to your community.

There is no limit you can send as many NFTs as you want to many different Wallets.

If you need support you can ask questions via the website in the chat, they are also always active on twitter and discord. the speed at which the NFTs are airdropped depends on the traffic on the network on average within 10 seconds.

Dropys currently supports ETH network and polygon network. The cost of a drop to an X number of wallets depends on the costs of the network and the number of wallets to which you want to send an NFT.

On the website they have a handy tool that lets you see how much it will cost.

Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool is safe to use ,Dropys allows you to connect your self-custody wallet, so you are in complete control of your funds throughout the process. you can use the software at all Marketplaces ETH – Polygon like opensea you can use

Dropys the most common wallets, the support: Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Rainbow Wallet, WalletConnect, Ledger Live

If you want to know more about

Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

follow them on social media or join their discord for the latest news.

The Mumzels Adventures Give Away

To celebrate “The Mumzels Adventures” mint on September 1.

The Mumzels asked multiple Artists to give away Mumzels to their community in a Giveaway.

The various artists are giving away a Mumzel NFT on their own profile this week.
The Mumzel NFT is its own unique NFT of which a total of 100 copies are to celebrate the new collection.

The following artists are participating in the Giveaway and on their profile you can win the Mumzel.


and keep an eye on their profile

The Mumzels would like to thank these Artists for helping us with the Giveaway.

Give all these Artists a follow and check out their fantastic projects.

By helping each other we reach more people together and can we build the NFT community bigger and stronger.

Below is an overview of all Giveaway Tweets that are currently active .

disclaimer: There is no utility with this Mumzel, it is a collectible Mumzel to celebrate the new collection.

The other Tweets will be added later when they are active !

Thanks for reading this blog, Good luck in the Give Away and maybe you’ll win a mumzel.

shouldn’t that be the case?

On September 1st you can mint the new Mumzels “The Mumzels Adventures”.

for 5 Matic

Meet RocksofAjs

Rockofajs_art came across a spider infestation in his garden, the spiders crawled in great numbers between his rocks, he called at night Buster to get rid of all the spiders. The Mumzels now have enough spiders for the BBQ all summer thanks to Rockofajs_art

The Mumzels would like to introduce you to Rockofajs_art

Growing up in Beaumont, Texas. Losing his mother at an early age and his father always working, Rockofajs_art (AJ Rojas) had to grow up early and quickly and his childhood looked different from other children in his area. At 21, AJ went to live on his own with his best friend and now his wife Dana. After Dana graduated from university, they moved together to Dalas where his wife became a banker.

Aj had several jobs installing machines at different companies. in 2008 they got married and moved back to Austin. AJ has resumed school there which he had not finished in his younger years and in 2012 his first daughter was born. in 2017 he and his wife were also allowed to welcome a Gemini to this world, which both became 2 boys.

They had bought a nice plot of land and after maternity leave, AJ had stayed home with the children and his wife went to work. During the period at home, AJ learned a lot about himself and discovered wonderful things on his Ground. many different beautiful limestones. with which he now makes various works of art.

it took him a while to comb the Idea to turn it into works of art, after holding each stone several times in his hand to turn it into a driveway and put the rest out of sight.

One day somewhere in April 2018 when he was collecting stones for his mother-in-law, he saw that the stones all had their own character and appearance and he got the idea to make art out of them,

The rocks already had beautiful shapes and I didn’t want to affect them because the rocks had been given these beautiful shapes by nature. he started painting them with abstract art and colours. that’s how the story about Rockofajs in short began. do you want to read his whole detailed story..?

Click on the button below to go to the interview of Rockofajs_art

The NFT collections

In addition to his tangible Rocks art, Rockofajs_art also has several other artworks such as his NFT collections.
AJ has put several NFTs online for sale on

Below are 3 of his NFT Artworks from his different collections

RockofAJs “SpaceInvader” #003-15 by AJ Rojas
RockofAJs “FeverTiger” #002-14 by AJ Rojas
RockfofAJs “DragQueen” #001-18 by AJ Rojas

Canvas Art

Rockofajs_art also has artworks for sale so you can hang them on the Wall or other beautiful place.

Rockofajs_art also has a Metavers gallery on spatial , where you can quietly view all of his art works.

Do you like the art of RockofAjs and do you want to see more you can also go to his linktree. follow him on social media for more information and the latest artwork.

Under construction

The Mumzels are busy putting their new collection online.

So the website is also being adjusted. it is possible that there are now texts that are adjusted on pages.

Not all information is correct at this time . our apologies

Also fewer blogs will be written in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your understanding

Blog 100: The Mumzels Adventures

Blog number 100 and we mumzels are proud to introduce you to the New Mumzel collection

“The Mumzels Adventures”

1000 NFT with different Mumzels on it.

Some are rare and others are more common.

The price is 5 matic for an NFT

The Mumzels in this collection experience their own adventures and stories.

this collection comes with a different utility than my first collection.

1000 matic will go back into the Mumzel community the moment the collection is sold out for a certain part. that means you have a chance of the Mumzels buying NFTs from their holders.

at 20% sold out total 100 matic
at 40% sold out total 300 matic
at 60% sold out Total 500 matic
at 80% sold out total 750 matic
at 100% sold out Total 1000 matic

among the 1000 Mumzel NFTs are 3 NFTs with a different color background. 2x purple and 1x gold.

1x gold:

“found jar of candy”.

Price for holder 50 Matic

(Price given when 50% sold out)

2x purple:

“Delicious cookie found”.

price for holders 25 matic

(Price given when 50% sold out)

And there is much more!!

What do you get as a holder?

  • Tier 0 “Minting 1x The Mumzels Adventures NFT” Part of the Mumzel community
    • you now have a chance that the Mumzels will buy 1 of your NFTs in the future.

  • Tier 1 “Minting 5x The Mumzels Adventures NFT” The Mumzels will create an image with all your Mumzels in it.
    • You will receive this image via email and can be used on social media.
    • Acces community holders page Tier 1-5
    • Free The Mumzels Adventures Playhouse nft Tier 1
  • Tier 2 “Minting 10x The Mumzels Adventures NFT” The Mumzels will write a story about your mumzels with the help of you.
    • Your own story with pictures of your Mumzels in it on our website. and you as a holder determine who reads the story because you have the password.
    • listing on our Website in the world of the Mumzels at “the Mumzel friends”
    • Free The Mumzels Adventures Shed and light nft Tier 2
  • Tier 3 “Minting 15x The Mumzels Adventures NFT” See Community holders page
  • Free The Mumzels Adventures Helicopters nft Tier 3
  • Tier 4 “Minting 20x The Mumzels Adventures NFT” You will get a Mumzel NFT’s Collection Sticker
    • (Send them with mailpost to your adress)
    • listing on our Website in the world of the Mumzels at “the Mumzel family”
    • Free The Mumzels Adventures Cars nft Tier 4
  • Tier 5 “Minting 25x The Mumzels Adventures NFT” Youw will get a Mumzel NFT’s Collection T-shirt”
    • (Send them with mailpost to your adress)
    • listing on our Website in the world of the Mumzels at “the Mumzel family”
    • Free The Mumzels Adventures Dragon nft Tier 5

The amount of mumzels do not have to be purchased in one go. the number of NFTs you own from this collection will ultimately provide the Utility it stands for.

each utility can only be claimed once.

The new collection will be available on September 1.

5 Matic

The price of the old collection goes up and the utility is adjusted. so if you want a blog about your own project. Be quick before the new prices apply. this to support the holders of the first collection and because it is a lot of work to write blogs for the current price.

Support RitaNFT_Art

Just like the Mumzels, Rita can be found on Twitter in the NFT spaces and on the blockchain with her artworks for six months.

She has many qualities such as working with AI, but she prefers drawing and coloring. At home she has a sweet little girl of almost a year walking around who also spends a lot of time and energy, but as soon as Rita has an hour to spare she is busy making art.

Many people know Rita from spaces that she is always faithfully present or through conversations in private messages.

Very few people have ever heard her speak. That’s because the language barrier from Serbia to English is too great to master in such a short time.

Rita is also someone who supports many artists by buying their art or helping to design new art. Rita is also a Mumzel collector and has already collected several Mumzels.

This month Rita is on Vacation and away all month. If you talk to someone every day for months and then don’t, then suddenly it’s very quiet.

that’s why the Mumzels are now writing their 99th Blog about Rita.
because Rita herself is not there to promote her own projects and was always there for others.

Rita has Multiple collections on 2 different Opensea accounts.

You have seen most of the collections and can be found at the link below.

Only recently has Rita also created a Charity account and she sells the works of art there to help orphans and orphanages in her own country. she made beautiful sea creatures and a little boy who fishes. all proceeds from this project go directly to charity.

Does Rita always support you? or do you want to help support Rita? then you can do that by sharing her artwork on Twitter, purchasing her charity NFTs, or any of the other beautiful NFTs she has created. Since she is on vacation this month, the Mumzels thought she could get some extra attention. because Rita always gives a lot of attention to the Mumzels and has become a good friend in recent months.

Blame the Mumzels

Today a little story, we all have those days when things are not going well.

You are very unlucky that day or you accidentally do something that afterwards you should not have done. especially if you have the feeling that you will be punished or whined about it.

It is sometimes difficult to be honest about it right away. Honesty is the best policy.

So it’s easier to blame something or someone for it.

for example I sometimes get hungry in the evening and then eat the candy jar of the children. the next day when the children want a piece of candy they are no longer there and they ask why. I usually blame the Mumzels for eating the candy jar.

When they were younger they still believed me after it happened several times. When the kids got older they stopped believing my story and they found out the truth on their own .

Now my wife doesn’t allow me to touch their sweets and I have to buy my own sweets. If I had been honest, my children and wife would have said that I could still grab a sweet every now and then.

As long as I don’t eat it all at once.

Only because I was afraid of a wrong reaction I chose to blame the mumzels only the kids found out it wasn’t the mumzels. All I’ve accomplished is that they don’t believe me in that anymore. for some candies?

What shall i do next time?
Blame the Mumzels again, of course. (just kidding)
No matter how hard it is, you better be honest. the damage sometimes seems great at the time, but it only gets worse if you’re not honest.

Winner Giveaway First AMA – Emotional Ladies

Emotional ladies won the Giveaway I gave away during my First AMA. because he doesn’t have the opportunity to do an hour-long interview with Subzero. the Mumzels write a Blog about his project.

The Mumzels want to introduce to you

Emotional ladies

Emotional ladies is a collection of 1000 unique themed digital collectibles , the art is created by artificial intelligence generative art making the collection unique

The idea is to bring the Anime community to Web 3 through its collection and hope one day a movie or Serie can be developed from its Collection

in the future he has a plan to create a continuation of the collection of very interesting also in anime style

25% of the proceeds of the project will go to the army in ukraine where Emotional ladies come from to support them in the war. the rest of the proceeds go into the project and community building.

at this stage of the project Emotional ladies are still alone, he is a creative person who loves to finish things whether it’s a party or a work of art, he also likes a beer. he likes to practice extreme sports and likes adrenaline , vegetarian and a big Anime lover that’s why this collection

the collection can be viewed on opensea and contains very beautiful ladies in anime style the floor price is 0.01 ETH on the Eth Blockchain

Mumzels are going to bake pizza!

The Mumzels are hungry and in the mood for Pizza, the People who live here are on vacation. so the Mumzels are going to bake Pizza.

They find flour in the cellar cupboard along with various vegetables. they get water from the tap and the rest of the vegetables and meat they found in the fridge.

rolling off the dough you get tired the blue mumzel falls asleep on the dough

They have already cut everything very nicely into pieces and collected them in different trays and dishes so that they can all invest a piece of pizza later.

Good choice, the Mumzels like that too. first put the tomato sauce on it if that goes well. The Blue Mumzel who was sleeping on the dough has turned completely red.

The Mumzels have chosen different pizzas, this crawling Mumzel has put cheese, olives, onions and Mushrooms on it. looks like he doesn’t like meat and only eats vegetables.

The Pizza’s all in the oven, 10 minutes and then great food. while baking, the Mumzels stay away because the oven is much hot before they immediately burn their fur.

but patience is rewarded after 20 minutes the pizza in the oven has cooled down well and the Mumzels can take the Pizza.

Enjoy your dinner.

Mumzels from the New Collection have been added to this story.
do you also want your own Mumzel pictures or your own Mumzel story? soon with the new collection that is possible