30th Dec Christmas Mumzel Lottery

On December 30

The Mumzels will hold a lottery

among all the minted Christmas Mumzels.

you can then win 5 different prizes

  • 1x Mumzel T-shirt
  • 1x Mumzel cap
  • 1x Mumzel sticker
  • 1x Mumzel NFT First collection “Bearish” with blog about your project
  • 1x Mumzel Adventures NFT

Everyone who already owns a Mumzel can mint 3 free Christmas Mumzels.
for those who don’t own a mumzel,

Public Mint on 24th Dec for 1,5 Matic

At the moment there are 19 different people out of 140 who have minted a Christmas Mumzel.

So the chance of winning 1 out of 5 prizes is still very high at the moment

Mint us now

And Chance to

Win 1 of the 5 Prizes

if your Christmas Mumzels give you luck

Mumzel Collections

Last year,

The Mumzels did not sit still and put several Collections with NFTs on Opensea. of course a lot of Mumzels but also other collections and NFTs such as monsters or made by my son Finn or daughter robin.

In this Blog we list everything and tell you something about the collections with links.

The Mumzels

click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzels First 2D collection. this was the very first collection we made when we started in March. without any experience we had uploaded NFTs on opensea.
If you look closely you can see that the Mumzels are still in development during this collection. one NFT is a 1/1 and some had more Copies up to 75 pieces.

There are a total of 50 different Mumzels in this collection and several other NFTs because we didn’t have a Special Edition Collection back then.

The 50 Mumzels all have their own name and character and as a utility we write Blogs about the projects for the people who buy a Mumzel and we place their project on the Website in the World of the mumzels.

We don’t sell all NFTs at the same time and the price doubled 10x last summer after the release of the new collection. this had 2 reasons ,

First reason was because the Mumzels were so cheap 2 – 8 dollars and the time that goes into making a blog. I was not able to continue to offer if I want to continue developing the Mumzels.

Second reason so that my holders can sell there Mumzel below my prizes so in the Future the second market will also be interesting and try to create some value on the Mumzel NFT’s for my holders

The Mumzels are now available
between 0.03 and 0.045 WETH

The Mumzels Adventures

click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzels Adventures is a collection I made of different Mumzels with or in objects. these mumzels don’t have their own story or character yet. The NFTs contain 2 different Mumzels. There are total 1000 NFT’s some mumzels are more common than other Mumzels on the NFT’s .

1000 Matic goes back into the mumzel community

and we buy back NFTs.

There are 3 mint prizes.

1x 50 matic

2x 25 matic

The intention is to give the buyers of the NFTs more and more Utilities with the number of Mumzels they mint (buy) for 5 matic per NFT. We want to involve our holders with the Mumzels and make costum photos and story.

This because we would like to involve the holder in the Mumzels. for example, think of a picture of yourself with all your Mumzels on it. or a story about the Mumzels with you or your kids in it. by entering into conversations, The Mumzels try to find out what your interests are and base the Mumzel story on that and you decide whether you want to make the story public or keep it to yourself. We may create a password on our website that will allow you to access the story and control who you allow to read it.

If they mint even more, they get a spot on our website, sticker or a T-shirt from our webshop.

We give FREE Mumzel NFT’s** for all Mumzel Adventure and The Mumzel holders. We give them every month, These can be Mumzel NFT’s resulting from collaborations with other Artists or other Creations.

**For all other Mumzel owners!! (special edition Mumzels & collab Mumzel owners ) get free Mumzels on occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, or other seasonal Mumzels.

More information about the Mint and utilities at what amount of minted Mumzels can be found in The Mumzel collections of price and Utility on our website

Special Edition Mumzels

click on the image to go to collection
Special Edition Mumzels.

The collection says it all, they are special Editions one is only available if you are a holder and others you can buy as a 1/1. NFT’s that we make as Give away will also be included in this collection.

There is a remark: if you buy an NFT from this NFT collection of the Mumzels 1/1 for example, you will receive a free NFT every month, Just like the holders of The mumzels Adventures or The Mumzels First collection.

The Mumzel collab Collection

click on the image to go to collection

The Collab collection are NFTs of Mumzels that the Mumzels have made together with other Artists.

But also Mumzels that we have given to other Artists who make an NFT in their own collection with a Mumzel on it. such as the Stickystamp mumzel.
With the NFT in the collab collection, we have confirmed our collaboration and are implementing the agreements.

The NFTs that we make with other artists, we determine in consultation with the other project how the NFTs are distributed. sold, given away or for any other purpose.

Christmas Mumzels (2022)

click on the image to go to collection

Especially for the Mumzel holders we made a free Mumzel Christmas Mint this month. with 500 unique Mumzels of which each holder can mint 3 free Mumzels.

from December 24,
people without another Mumzel can also buy a Christmas Mumzel
for 1.5 matic.

at the end of this month (around December 30) we will raffle prizes among all minted Mumzels (numbers). we want to give away a Cap, T-shirt and sticker and who knows maybe even more.

So to win these prizes you have to mint 1 or more Christmas Mumzels.

there are 140 different individuals who own a Mumzel and have access to the mint.

Please note that the mint does cost Gasfee !!


click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzels have created a Marketplace on another account to sell NFTs that the Mumzels get or buy from other Artists. any NFTs we sell on this account we reinvest in other artists.

So all the money goes back into the community also we made 2 collections on this account which are other topics than Mumzels. like other Mumzels or AI artworks by my daughter or the Mumzel made by my son.

We also reinvest the proceeds in other NFTs to help support the community and artists.

So the more NFTs are sold, the more the Mumzels can buy on this account.

Below you can see the other collections on opensea. the monsters originated from making AI mumzels and thought they were too beautiful not to do anything with. and the Ai collection made by my daughter Robin , I try to involve her in the Web 3 she made and uploaded them herself.

click on the image to go to collection
click on the image to go to collection

The Mumzel Webshop

We also have a webshop with Mumzel goodies. we’ve opened the Shop on Spreadshirt’s Marketplace for now, so with designs depending on what they think is “good Designs” to sell.

(so you can’t just promote your own company) So there will also be other designs than just mumzels. In the future we would like to publish our own webshop so that we can decide for ourselves which designs we upload.

click on the image to go to collection

and then we must not forget that the Mumzels also write Blogs in addition to NFT collections.

We write about Mumzels , other projects that buy a Mumzel or Blogs of interest to the NFT community.

So if you have an Event and you want the Mumzels to write a Blog, you can always contact us via Twitter

we are also negotiating to write blogs for other websites.

that will be continued soon!

Mumzels Give Away’s in December

The Mumzels will be giving away prizes this Month

on Twitter and tiktok

because it’s almost Christmas.
So keep an eye on our Twitter and Tiktok!!
The first give away was last week and there were 2 Christmas Mumzels to be won with access to the Freemint for the Christmas Mumzels

This was won by:

Avatar inferno

Ocean Racing League

Second Give Away (Monday 12-12)

This was won by:


Money Rat

This was won by:


Money Rat

This was won by: Dave Swinbank

we will be giving away this month.

Mumzel NFT’s

Via Twitter we will be giving away a number of NFTs in the coming weeks

Mumzel Stickers

on Tiktok we have a Give away for stickers and with the christmas Mumzel mint you can win also a sticker.

Mumzel Cap or T-shirt

The Mumzels will give away 2x a T-shirt or Cap this Month the winner can choose whether he wants a cap or T-shirt and which of the available designs

2x Goodies you can win with the Christmis Mumzel Mint between all minted Mumzels. (Numbers that will be minted , every person can mint 3 Mumzels so everyone has a Good win Chance)

Public mint is available on 24 dec

For 1,5 Matic

Don’t want to miss our Give-away’s?

Then follow us on Tiktok – Twitter or join the Mumzel community of Twitter

Twitter Community
the World of the Mumzels

The Christmas Tree

It has been a beautiful day and the sun beginning to set.

While The Mumzels are still dreaming, their bellies start to rumble. Their hunger begins to stir them from their sleep and The Mumzels slowly awaken in their nest.

One by one the Mumzels wake up and start to wash themselves, if you have been lying in your nest all night stinking and drooling, starting the day with a wash is very refreshing. While most of The Mumzels are still washing, one Mumzel (Mimzy) is already done. He doesn’t feel like waiting for the rest because his tummy is rattling too hard. Mimzy wants to eat. He climbs out of his nest from under the roof tiles and through a hole in the wall. He ends up in the attic room of the house where The Mumzels live.

The room is pitch black, but that is not a problem for any of The Mumzels, because they can see very well in the dark. Mumzel Mimzy looks carefully to see if she sees anything moving in the dark room, she sees nothing moving and quietly walks towards the door leading downstairs. Meanwhile, behind him, the other Mumzels gather and get ready to begin their nightly explorations!

The Mumzel waits at the door for the other Mumzels and secretly looks around the corner to see if he can see anything moving. The coast is clear! Just as he finishes looking, the other Mumzels arrive.

Together they quietly climb down the attic stairs, very carefully, step by step. Arriving on the first floor of the house, the Mumzels see 3 rooms with the doors , “would people sleep here” , Mumzel Mimzy wonders? The other Mumzels are afraid so they don’t dare to look in the rooms. Remembering they are very hungry, they want stay unseen and safe. They decide getting to the food as soon as possible is the best thing to do.

The food is probably downstairs so the Mumzels all decide to go downstairs. For this they have to go down 1 more flight of stairs and again they climb down one step at a time, step by step.

Mimzy loses on one of the steps and rolls down the stairs on top of some other Mumzels, boom, there they are in the living room. That secretly made quite a lot of noise. The Mumzels scramble up and carefully look around and see a cupboard which they quickly run to before they get caught.

Because you never know if pets or people are awake. After being hidden behind the cupboard for a few minutes, they see no movement and hear nothing. The coast is clear, they can continue their search for food. Where can we find it, one of the Mumzels wonders! the other mumzels discuss . “The cellar or the kitchen? “Won’t there be a candy jar somewhere?

Where would you go?

The mumzels go to the kitchen. They think that’s where they have the best chance of succeeding and finding food. By now their bellies are already rumbling so loud that it looks like cat purr. The mumzels look from behind the cupboard to see if the kitchen is safe and they see nothing strange. So everyone run to the kitchen. “Look” says Mumzel Mimzy “a tea towel so we can get on the counter top”.

The mumzels run towards it and the first two mumzels to arrive at the tea towel and all climb up the counter top

After some clambering and bumbling are the mumzels on top of the counter top in the kitchen. From there, the mumzels can see the entire room. “There in the dark corner I see something strange” says Mimzy. What will that be it doesn’t move. but it’s big, black and all glittery things in it. The Mumzels become curious and forget that they are so hungry and want to go and see what the glittering things are in the dark corner.

The Mumzels jump off the counter to the floor and carefully walk towards the dark object with sparkles. They come closer and see more and more things hanging in the big object. once closer they see that it must represent a tree with all kinds of glittering balls.

The Mumzels now walk under the tree and look up at the beautiful things they see. Mumzel Mimzy trips over a wire on the floor. And suddenly the Tree gives a lot of light, which startles the Mumzels and shoots in all directions, except Mimzy lay there who had fallen. Mimzy turns around and is blinded by the bright colored lights.

Mimzy has to close his eyes and open them again very slowly. He sees more and more and sees how beautiful the tree is from below with all the lights. The other mumzels have ducked into dark corners and holes of the room, recovering from the fright. Meanwhile, Mimzy sees under the tree that there are also all kinds of candies hanging in the tree and climbs it.

They are chocolates .. that’s nice .. Mimzy starts eating the chocolate that hangs around one of the branches of the tree. The other Mumzels look a little frightened but hungry and can’t stand the temptation again and emerge from the dark corners.

They walk to the tree and watch how mumzel Mimzy in the tree stuffs herself full of chocolate. Before I could type it, the other mumzels are also in the tree and eating their bellies full of chocolate. They find so much chocolate that it gives them a stomach ache a few hours later. The ground is littered with crumbs and there is almost no chocolate left in the tree.

The Mumzels decide to go back to their nest because it is getting early in the morning and that means there is a greater chance that people will wake up.
They climb out of the tree and walk to the stairs, it is heavy because they have eaten too much. Back up the stairs they can forget that! They struggle to get up the stairs but they are so tired and so full of chocolate that they roll down the stairs faster than they can lift each other up.

Mimzy is fed up and sees a door next to the stairs ajar and looks curious. He sees that it is a dark closet and calls the other Mumzels. “we can try to get to our nest but I’m afraid we won’t get up those stairs before the Humans wake up.” Let’s sleep in the closet today.

The Mumzels are muttering a bit at first and actually do not agree with each other, but decide to look in the closet for a place to sleep because the stairs are indeed too heavy to climb now full of food.

In the closet, the mumzels in the corner see a hole in the Wall through which they fit exactly. The mumzels run over and try to get through the hole. But because they are so full of food, that will not work. Too thick! “What now ?” people are waking up! Then sleep in this closet there in the other corner behind that box .. they probably won’t find us there.!!

The Mumzels go to the corner and all huddle close together, hiding in the corner. To sleep there today because they can no longer come to their nest. As long as it ends well for the Mumzels and they don’t get caught during the day.

For when the Humans wake up they will not be happy that all the chocolates have been eaten from the Christmas tree without the Mumzels having left some to share with the Humans.

good night

for today

How it ends with the Mumzels? you read that next time in the blog.

With the Mumzels Adventures Mint, the Mumzels create a custom story just for you.

The Mumzels thank Dave Swinbank for better translating part of the text into English

Polygon Alliance

Polygon Alliance

“Working together to help all succeed”

​Who is Polygon Alliance ?

Many different Artists on Twitter and Polygon Blockchain have started together to build the Polygon Community.

Polygon Alliance was founded on 28th Dec 2021.

There are more than 120 projects affiliated to the Polygon Alliance and can be seen as one of the champions of the polygon Ecosystem, Polygon Alliance’s vision is to grow stronger together and make Polygon blockchain the number 1 destination for NFTs and DeFi .

want to know which projects started the Polygon Community check out the link below.


Polygon Alliance is a FREE TO JOIN community of supportive project owners. List your project, use our resources and network with other project owners

What Polygon Alliance Do?


We help to get your project out there by providing a place to show it off. List your project here for free!


We help to get your project out there by providing a place to show it off. List your project here for free!


Learn about crypto, NFTs and blockchain from trusted and reliable sources


Get help marketing your project by utilizing the support of the Polygon community

Hosting Events

What achievements have they already achieved?

Polygon Alliance

Hosted Numerous Community Events, Including the Charity Auction in Ukraine, Raising Over $1,400
for the people of Ukraine, through DAO for Ukraine and the NFT mega giveaways.
The organization of the ‘F Cancer Charity Auction’. featuring 60 artists who donated NFTs to a charity auction hosted by us, this event raised over $2,750 and donated to the charity’s foundation.

Polygon Alliance grew to 120+ projects from members and Discord users to 1000+ within 3 months.

100k+ Twitter followers
across official Polygon Alliance account and founder accounts.

Booked to present at numerous conferences in 2022.
Implemented a bridge and taught countless users how to get started on Polygon.

Team Behind Polygon Alliance

Team Leads

Dave – Team or Operations Lead
Nickels – Auditing & Website Lead – including PA verified
CeeCee – Blog & Co-Charity Lead
Coded Carbs – Co-Charity Lead


CreativeOwls – Metaverse Champion/Mentor
JayStansfield – Young People’s Champion
Vans– Mental Health & Wellness Champion/M


  • Q1- 2022
    • Built Discord, Twitter,
    • Website built
    • Start to host events (We hosted a charity event for Ukraine that raised and a huge
      Giveaway with many different creators & projects NFT’s, worth nearly 1Eth)
  • Q2 – 2022
    • Get more people involved in our team to better support the community.
    • Focus on Growing Polygon Alliance
    • FCancer Event
  • Q3/4 2022
    • Define more roles within Polygon Alliance.
    • Create a core team for specific roles that require direct support and mentor roles to continue to enhance knowledge throughout the community.
    • Add more social channels.
    • Dedicated Blog.
    • Build out an Auditing team.
    • Add a listing page to our website for non-polygon projects.
    • More profiles on Website.
    • Dedicated RoadMap & PithDeck created
    • Host 2022 Polygon NFT award with Creative Owls. Pushed to 2023.
    • Have an audit process in place for Verified by PA.
    • Have a dedicated Social team in place.
    • Have more Services and Tools in place.
    • Define detail for 2023 roadmap.

Polygon Alliance Continues to make progress and increase targets

for Q3/4 from 2024

Polygon Alliance starts building a platform where people can network with people reliably. Using a weighted system created by us, with input from our communities.
in 2023 they want to focus more on the resources they currently have and expand them.

The structure we envisage

Polygon Alliance will split there activities into 3 aspects. Team and Mentors & Founders.


were the people who inspired and supported the early growth of Polygon Alliance and we will be forever grateful to them

Founders do not have a decision-making role within Polygon Alliance.

Polygon Alliance
want there team to have defined roles and responsibilities to continue driving growth to
Polygon Alliance through socials and community outreach.

This is broken down into 2 key roles.

Team leaders

guide the mentors and will support the maintenance of the website & community.


pollygon alliance wants mentors to maintain their brand and focus on providing support and building with
knowledge to our greater community.
They will be focused roles to provide dedicated support.

Core values ​​for everyone in our structure

To uphold there core values ​​




Is the Polygon Alliance community built on this core

to uphold and promote there core emotional values

love and trust
Why these values?

Polygon Alliance believes in equal opportunity and helping each other build within the DeFi space we believe crypto and NFTs give us this opportunity to create a safe environment for artists and NFT enthusiasts the emotional core values ​​of polygon alliance support that.

  • To work with people to uplift others.
  • To communicate respectfully at all times.
  • Open and honest communication is key to preservation
  • Building relationships.
  • Mentor/Champion Commitments
  • To add knowledge to the community.
  • Be willing to collaborate with people in your field to increase community knowledge and
  • sources.
  • To encourage the following mentors and teachers in your field to offer their knowledge and support to the community.
  • To support Polygon Alliance on our socials, by RTing events etc. (we don’t expect you to RT every tweet)
  • To be a resource to the community in terms of a point of reference or centers of knowledge.

Do you want to register yourself as a Polygon Project or do you have skills with which you can support the Polygon Alliance? then go to the pages below for more information.

Christmas Mumzels

The Mumzels made a Christmas collection of 500 mumzels

in different layers with Autominter.com

In winter it is often very cold outside and then The Mumzels are usually warm inside in their nests under the roof or in the shed. They sleep longer and need less food, but around Christmas they always wake up because the Mumzels love christmas.

Outside there is often snow and they prefer not to come because they disappear in the snow and it is then very difficult and cold to dig yourself out. So they prefer to go into the houses at night.

At Christmas that is extra fun for the mumzels, there is usually a large tree in the living room with all kinds of lights. in and under the tree the Mumzels always find tasty sweets and cookies to eat and the tree remains fun to climb all those beautiful shiny balls that enlarge your face. until a Christmas ball falls and breaks into 1000 pieces.

The Mumzels are shocked and run in all directions to get to safety as soon as possible before the pets or people wake up in the house.

Curious if there are Mumzels under your Christmas tree this month?
see if you can mint us

Everyone who owns a Mumzel in the Mumzel community (currently 136 people) can each mint 3 Free Christmas Mumzels. The Free Mint for Mumzel owners is on the Autominter website where the Mumzel Adventures collection is also made.

Haven’t you discovered and owned a Mumzel yet?

You can get whitelisted for this mint by buying mumzels on our Mint page for the Mumzels adventures. you can now mint us for 5 matic per Mumzels Adventures NFT .

With this collection you get different utilities such as free seasonal NFTs if you mint more mumzels Adventure NFTs you also get costum photos , story , tshirts and more. On the page below you can see more information and the mint page is also below.

We still have some Halloween Mumzels from October and Sticky Stamp Mumzels from November. so if you consider minting one of us you will get a lot more mumzels in your wallet and whitelist access to the mint.

You don’t want mumzel Adventures or any other mumzel, you just want the christmas mumzel?

public mint is available on december 24th

for 1,5 matic

What did the mumzels do in november ?

what did the mumzels do in november ?

The Mumzels have also been very busy in the month of november. they have shown themselves in different places and left their mark. in this blog we tell what the mumzels were involved in.

Sticky stamp Mumzel

The Mumzels have created a Sticky Stamp Mumzel in collaboration with The Stamp Man  and NFT Kunst Galerie .

The mumzels had received 100 copies of which 66 were sent to the Holders of the Mumzels first 2D collection and The Mumzels Adventures. the Mumzels have 34 left to give away with the purchase of a Mumzel. NFT art gallery also has 50 in their possession to sell.

The Mumzels can also be viewed
in the NFT Kunst Galerie

A website where Dutch NFT artists promote and sell their work. there are several collections to admire.

NFT technology could be viewed from a distance as a revival for the digital arts, but it is more than that. NFT technology is a way of linking ownership to digital objects. Everything you can digitize becomes a kind of irreplaceable digital artwork. The most attractive reason to invest in NFT is the growth in value. These digital products can increase in value exponentially over a number of years. Because they are digital, you can also check exactly who the previous owners are.

curious? for more infomation about the art gallery click on the link below

Mumzel Animations

In addition to AI and Blender, the Mumzels also have an App in which we can draw Mumzels in videos or photos. What we like to do.

We have put the first copy on opensea. There is another one on Tiktok.

let us know what you think about this. the drawn mumzels in videos

Mumzels Minted AMR token

The Mumzels had a surprise this month, we could mint AMR tokens from autominter where we manage our Mumzels adventures collection. it is a nice extra that you get in addition to your collection and holding a propass

AMA with VDK Music 16 nov @TheNFTreeShow Epsisode 31

The Mumzels where invited on Wednesday November 16 at 1 pm EST for in the #TheNFTreeShow.

hosted by VDK Music and @ChanceyNicholas

Every Wednesday they host the space for about an hour and every Wednesday they invite a project to talk about the project. allowing listeners to learn everything about the project being interviewed at the time.

on 16 Nov The Mumzels talked about everything that is currently going on with the Mumzels, we thought it was a very nice conversation and hope that people got to know more about the mumzels

The Mumzels are VDK Music and @ChanceyNicholas very grateful for the nice conversation and thanks everyone for listening.

Donate PGN and bought dust bunnies

The Mumzels wrote a blog about Polygon Game Night last month about what they do within the NFT community. the blog can be read on our website and is also mentioned in this blog. the Mumzels also sponsored NFTs for a game event hosted by PGN. 2 of which were NFT’s from our first collection also the Mumzels had found some Dust Bunnies.

Donate to Dave Swinbank for Movember

The Mumzels did donate 10 matic to Dave Swinbank for his donation campaign in movember in which the money goes to charity against cancer.

although the Mumzels had to get used to Dave without a Beard, a mustache itself is also with you for a while. We will see the beard appear again soon Dave, so that The Mumzels can participate again next year in your donation campaign that shaves off your beard.


last month Art Alliances bought a Mumzel and this Month the Mumzels made a Blog about her. curious about her Abstract art and metaverse qualities? read the blog.

we also had other blogs such as stories or our webshop

The Mumzels Bought Poetry from Metacarpus

Not all poems rhyme but every word counts when you dive deep into the poetic realm”


a man , a mystery and a soft spot for emma watson writes beautiful poetry about real life events about people he meets. the poems that often hit a dark and emotional chord are beautiful to read, let alone when he reads them in spaces. Metacarpus is a well-appreciated NFT artist with a beautiful collection of poetry that is loved to be seen in spaces. view his beautiful NFTs on opensea and choose the poetrie that appeals to you the most

The Squiblets

The Mumzels bought the Squiblets coloring book on Amazon from Jay Stanfield and The Squibbles.

Jay Stanfield makes children’s books and coloring books and has several NFT collections and wants to start his own The Squibbles TV show.

His latest coloring book consists of generated layers on top of each other that ensure that you all have unique characters straight from the world of The Squibbles .

The first 100 people who buy a squiblets book will receive an NFT


I got the Squibbles coloring book 🥳🥳 do you already have it? @Jay Stansfield @Troglodyte Society @CryptoGoonz @Cynthia Steenkamp #thesquibbles #squiblets #voorjou #foryou #england #nederland #netherlands #fypシ #foryourpage #colorbook #nftproject #childerenbook #kids #fun #art #cartoon #tvshow

♬ Bola De Masa – THE SQUISH

Mumzels Won the Safrootics Golden Founders Badge

The Mumzels are happy they have won the Safrootics Golden Founders Badge with which the mumzels have access to the Beta of the super cool game Safrootics that is in development with all creatures (tic’s) and a fantasy land (Safrootica) in which there is a lot to discover.

if you want to know more about the Safrootic Badges and the Game below, go to the Whitepaper

Safrootics is mobile Free to Play to Own game by AlabStudio

where you start in Safrootica, a mysterious land that is full of these mystical creatures called Safrootics (Tics for short) where every Tic feels unique, collect them, battle them against other players, grow them stronger.

Monster Creations

The Mumzels are busy experimenting in Blender and AI tools. only during the creation of AI Mumzels, a number of other creatures emerged from the AI, which the Mumzels thought was too beautiful not to do anything with.

That’s why we created a collection of Monster Creations in the Mumzel Market where we put artworks of creatures that we sell there and with the proceeds we buy NFTs from other artists.

The Mumzels have 134 unique holders


sold 2 NFT’s last month

Thank you for Discovering some Mumzels Adventures

Cynthia Steenkamp en VDK music

The Mumzels Adventures

mint us for 5 matic. 🌏🚀

⚠️1000 matic goes back in the community ⚠️

🥳 1x mint prize of 50 matic (NFT gold)
🥳🥳 2x mint prize of 25 matic (2x NFT purple)

⚠️Mint page🌏🚀🚀⏬️

“all tiers get free seasonal NFT’s”

TIER 0 TO TIER 5 utility’s below.. ⏬️

Tier 0

1x The mumzels adventures NFT minted 🌏

– Welcome to the Mumzel community, now you have a chance that the mumzels buy one of your nft’s in the future.
– Free nft Tier 0
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 1

5x The Mumzels Adventures NFT’s minted 🚀

– Costume picture with your minted Mumzels.
– Free NFT Tier 1
– Acces to the Mumzel community Holders page.
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 2

10x The Mumzels Adventures NFT’s minted 🚀🚀

– We create your own story with the Mumzels with a blog on our website you get they password for the story.
– Free NFT Tier 2
– Mumzel Friends (photo and link in world of the mumzels)
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 3

15x The Mumzels Adventures nft’s minted 🚀🚀🚀

– More Costume photos with your minted Mumzels
– Free NFT tier 3
– Mumzel friends
– season Mumzels NFT’s

Tier 4

20x #themumzels Adventures nft’s Minted 🚀🚀🚀🚀

– 1x Mumzel Sticker
– Free NFT Tier 4
– Free Seasonal NFT’S
– Mumzel Family ( links , photo(‘s) information in the world of the Mumzels on or website)

Tier 5

25x #TheMumzels Adventures nft’s minted 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

– 1x T-shirt
– Free nft Tier 5
#Mumzel Familie
– minted Max Mumzel NFT’s with 1 Wallet 🚀🚀🚀 (max 39 persons possible) because first one was @Shy_Zoltan 🚀🚀🚀

⚠️Mint page 🌏🚀🚀

Oorspronkelijk getweet door The Mumzels ⚠️📢Mint is Live📢⚠️ (@TMumzels) op 3 november 2022.

New Holders in NOV

Thank you All

Last month a number of new people have also been added who have won or received a Mumzel in a Giveaway.

Welcome to the Mumzel Family below you can see our Twitter community.

The Mumzels want to thank everyone for the support in the Mumzels so that more and more people discover the Mumzels and see that very sweet creatures live around us at night.

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night, don’t be afraid, those are the Mumzels.

Mumzel Weblinks

Mumzel Weblinks

because the Mumzels have so many interesting links these days to check out.
That’s why we put all interesting links here in this blog

Have you discovered them yet?

Collect Them All !!

External websites

Find on the Mumzel Website

Welcome to the MumzelFamily – Meet Artistic Alliances

Hierdoor wordt profielfoto geopend

Artistic Alliances

Who is Artistic Alliances ? In addition to building digital galleries and bringing artists together in the Web3 environment, Artistic Alliances is also an Abstract artist who can also take beautiful photographs and write poetry. Artistic Alliances is part of Mongoose Club, a collaborative club that will bring 300+ projects and Web3 Enthusiasts together.

The Mumzels got to know her in the Mastermind Club. Artistic Alliances had created a very nice Art Gallery in which they showcase the artworks of several artists. If you want a Gallery in Spatial – the metaverse, then Artistic Alliances is the person to contact as she can help you and has experience in it.

Artistic Alliances makes Abstract Art. One of her NFTs has been showcased at Stratosphere 2022 at NFT NYC, which is partly due to her connections that she has built up over the past year with networking and helping other artists in the web3 environment.

In March 2022, she started her journey into the NFT space with her genesis collection,
Abstractions. This collection has 77 artworks with 17 abstracts collected and is built on the
Polygon blockchain. Besides this collection she has 2 other collections.

In October 2022, Abstractified Fall is another collection that was launched. This collection
has 10 artworks with 5 abstracts collected and is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

In April Art Alliance also put a Photo NFT collection online about Ramadan, you can see various items on photos that have to do with the Islamic cultural belief and sugar festival. Every year millions of people participate in Ramadan.

“ℜ𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔡𝔞𝔫 𝔦𝔰 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔪𝔬𝔫𝔱𝔥 𝔬𝔣 𝔰𝔢𝔩𝔣 𝔯𝔢𝔣𝔩𝔢𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫, 𝔞 𝔰𝔬𝔲𝔩-𝔰𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔠𝔥𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔦𝔫 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔯𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝔇𝔦𝔯𝔢𝔠𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫”

Artistic Alliances also discovered Mumzels in her neighborhood, she suddenly saw purple lights in the corner of her garden in the evening, When she went to look she saw Mumzel Daims the wizard behind the bushes who was casting a spell that failed.

Artistic Alliances saw that he was not succeeding and asked the mumzel what he was trying to conjure. The Mumzel rubbed his belly and pointed into his mouth because he was hungry. Artistic Alliances thought he was sweet and sad for not being able to conjure food while he was hungry and took Mumzel Daims inside to give him a warm glass of milk and biscuits.

Since then, Daims the wizard lives with Artistic Alliances in the house under the attic roof and Artistic Alliances Welcome to the Mumzel Family , her information can also be found there in the World of the Mumzels on our website.

Polygon Game Night

PGN Polygon Game Night

Most Polygon NFT Community members on discord and Twitter have heard of it. What is it and what do they do? Gaming with NFTs? In this blog The Mumzels let you know what the Polygon Game Night is.

The Mumzels have also sponsored NFTs at the Polygon Game night. In the meantime the Mumzels have also found a few Dustie Bunnies in the Mumzel nests and we are writing this Blog so that you can discover what the Dustie Bunnies are and what the Polygon Game night does within the Polygon Community.

Team behind Polygon Game night

How it started

PGN started back in March when NeuroPandas became a moderator in the Beluga Discord. It wasnt called PGN then, they just called it game night. NeuroPandas was searching for a way to connect polygon communities and thought the best way would be to host a weekly game night that let other projects be a sponsor so that we could show the Beluga community a new, or interesting, project and also show their community the Beluga project. 

We learned that people loved this idea really quickly as projects were booking game days a month or sometimes two months in advance.”

When this happened NeuroPandas looked into expanding PGN into what it is now. They started to accept full partnerships back in August and since then have grown there utility that they offer to partners, our news feed and our marketing. 

Weekly Events

PGN Polygon Game night posts a schedule every week with all the events happening within the community. they also keep daily games and challenges in their discord to make AI art for example. on twitch you can see many of the games they host or participate in and in their discord you can join.

PGN News Feed

With their centralized news feed they broadcast the information about their partners projects and events and updates in different discords with thousands of members. making the reach very wide and helping to grow our communities.

PGNT Token

PGNT is a ERC token created and controlled by PGN. It is a reward that is given out to community members for their participation in events and engagement.

This token is redeemable in the Marketplace that PGN will fill with NFTs from our partners. This will allow the community to select the NFTs they love, simply by being an engaged member of the community!

Sponsoring Games

To sponsor a game night PGN ask that you donate a minimum of 3 NFTs. 1 NFT will be added to there marketplace so that the community can use PGNT, there ERC token, to purchase and allow your project to be advertised on our website that is frequented by tons of community members.

The additional NFTs donated will be given out as prizes to winners of games during the sponsored game night. With the addition of one NFT to the marketplace you will have free advertisement until your NFT is purchased.

NeuroPandas ; Sponsoring games is still free for PGN, we wanted to make an option for projects that are newer or just cant afford a full time partnership. Sponsoring only requires 3 prizes to be donated that we can distribute to our communities”


Do you think it all sounds very interesting and do you want to know what else you can do than sponsoring a few NFTs. Check out the website below to see how you can enter into a full partnership with PGN and what the partnership entails.

Dust Bunnies PGN

The Mumzels were writing this blog for PGN and suddenly discovered a small dusty creature in their nest the mumzels tried to chase him away, but suddenly it became 2 dusty creatures.

The Mumzels no longer dare to chase the dusty creatures away and keep a close eye on them, because before you know it you have dusty cookies or your nest is covered in dust. Meet the Dusty Bunnies.

Meet the Dust Bunnies.

The lovely Dust creatures made by Polygon Game night

“These dusty little balls of hair and dirt have been living among humans for thousands of years.

However, in recent years, the increase in the human’s need to clean has destroyed their natural habitats. “

“So thank you to everyone who refuses to vacuum, dust or clean your house because without you these adorable little balls of filth couldn’t survive”

NeuroPandas ; “Dust Bunnies minting didnt start until last week. I had created the Dust Bunnies months ago but with the success of PGN I had to step away from releasing them. Now that they are released, they are what I consider the PGN mascots and will be what we use for advertising and merchandise growth. 

Monster Creations

Monster Creations

Made by The Mumzels

The Mumzels appear at night and when they are roaming around, They sometimes come across the strangest creatures. Some have arisen from children’s dreams, others have been roaming the earth for years. Some creatures and monsters are scary and dangerous, others cute and sweet.

Like Fievee The Mumzels pet, she is a Fuzley and these little cute creature can be found in every Mumzel nest. But there are also Monsters who prefer to eat Mumzels so they prefer to stay away from them.

Like Crowcreeper a bird creature that is still fed by his mother with Mumzels. in short, The world is often a dangerous place for the Mumzels in which many creatures live that many people have never discovered. but perhaps once heard in the dark.

why did the Mumzels create these Monsters?

These creatures were created while working with AI technology in the attempt to create AI mumzels,

The Mumzels have not yet turned out the way we would like them to. but these beings (monsters) did come to life.

The Mumzels thought these monsters were too cute to throw away, So we put them in a collection at Opensea in our Mumzelmarket.

They are all 1/1 collectibles, how many more will be created during the creation of Mumzels, the Mumzels don’t know yet. we just hope you like them and we gave them a character description.

all proceeds from these monster creations we buy new NFT’s from other Artists.

This also applies to all other NFTs for sale in the Mumzel Market. we use the crypto to purchase new NFTs.

“you can admire them via the link below on opensea”