The Mumzels Year 2022 – Blog 150

The Year 2022 A year in which the Mumzels started with NFT’s. A year in which we have learned and discovered a lot but also realize that they still have a lot to learn about web3. How can they spread and how can they eventually come to life? In the past year, The Mumzels experimentedMeer lezen over “The Mumzels Year 2022 – Blog 150”

What did The Mumzels do in December?

what did the mumzels do in December? The Mumzels have also been very busy in the month of December. They have shown themselves in different places and left their mark. In this blog we tell what the mumzels were involved in. Christmas Mumzels & Lottery In winter it is often very cold outside and thenMeer lezen over “What did The Mumzels do in December?”

Christmas Mumzel mint Live

Public Mint Live for 1,5 Matic In winter it is often very cold outside and then The Mumzels are usually warm inside in their nests under the roof or in the shed. They sleep longer and need less food, but around Christmas they always wake up because the Mumzels love christmas. Outside there is oftenMeer lezen over “Christmas Mumzel mint Live”

30th Dec Christmas Mumzel Lottery

On December 30 The Mumzels will hold a lottery among all the minted Christmas Mumzels. you can then win 5 different prizes Prizes Everyone who already owns a Mumzel can mint 3 free Christmas Mumzels.for those who don’t own a mumzel, Public Mint on 24th Dec for 1,5 Matic At the moment there are 19Meer lezen over “30th Dec Christmas Mumzel Lottery”

Mumzels Give Away’s in December

The Mumzels will be giving away prizes this Month on Twitter and tiktok because it’s almost Christmas. So keep an eye on our Twitter and Tiktok!! The first give away was last week and there were 2 Christmas Mumzels to be won with access to the Freemint for the Christmas Mumzels This was won by:Meer lezen over “Mumzels Give Away’s in December”

What did the mumzels do in november ?

what did the mumzels do in november ? The Mumzels have also been very busy in the month of november. they have shown themselves in different places and left their mark. in this blog we tell what the mumzels were involved in. Sticky stamp Mumzel The Mumzels have created a Sticky Stamp Mumzel in collaborationMeer lezen over “What did the mumzels do in november ?”

Welcome to the MumzelFamily – Meet Artistic Alliances

Artistic Alliances Who is Artistic Alliances ? In addition to building digital galleries and bringing artists together in the Web3 environment, Artistic Alliances is also an Abstract artist who can also take beautiful photographs and write poetry. Artistic Alliances is part of Mongoose Club, a collaborative club that will bring 300+ projects and Web3 EnthusiastsMeer lezen over “Welcome to the MumzelFamily – Meet Artistic Alliances”

Polygon Game Night

PGN Polygon Game Night Most Polygon NFT Community members on discord and Twitter have heard of it. What is it and what do they do? Gaming with NFTs? In this blog The Mumzels let you know what the Polygon Game Night is. The Mumzels have also sponsored NFTs at the Polygon Game night. In theMeer lezen over “Polygon Game Night”

Monster Creations

Monster Creations Made by The Mumzels The Mumzels appear at night and when they are roaming around, They sometimes come across the strangest creatures. Some have arisen from children’s dreams, others have been roaming the earth for years. Some creatures and monsters are scary and dangerous, others cute and sweet. Like Fievee The Mumzels pet,Meer lezen over “Monster Creations”

The Mumzels Adventures

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Have you ever lost things when you are sure where you put them? In the morning when you wake up, has the cellar or refrigerator ever been looted? You experience inexplicable things or often see things moving but do not understand how it is possible?Meer lezen over “The Mumzels Adventures”