Mumzel Notification

We are updating the website so things may change on the website.Don’t be afraid the mumzels do it themselves. This week they also made new investments in better hardware. we think it is important to keep innovating and we keep building the Mumzels so that everyone can discover the Mumzels. We want to make theMeer lezen over “Mumzel Notification”

The Mumzels

Mumzels are sweet little creatures that live around us at night. They are very shy so the chances of seeing them are very small. although they are shy of people, they find many things very interesting and they are very curious by nature. They prefer to borrow everything from you and therefore there is aMeer lezen over “The Mumzels”

Aywen the Forest Mumzel

It is middle of the night and very dark in the forest, most of the animals are sleeping but for Aywen the day is just beginning. he has just woken up and is getting ready to leave the nest.He is very proud of his nest, he built it himself in the forest and enjoys livingMeer lezen over “Aywen the Forest Mumzel”

What did the Mumzels do in May

The Mumzels are creatures that live around us mainly at night.💤 they keep an eye on us and sometimes make strange noises on the roof or borrow things from you that you suddenly lose.🤔 but Mumzels also like to help people what did the Mumzels do last month? The Mumzels bought this Art Astro GoonzMeer lezen over “What did the Mumzels do in May”

The DrugMusic Space Free NFT Collab DrugMusic Mumzel

DrugMusic and The Mumzels hold a silent Music space every Monday through Friday at 7 PM CEST DrugMusic plays different kinds of music from all over the world or where you hear music from artists . Everyone who enters the space will have the opportunity to share their own works of art in the spaceMeer lezen over “The DrugMusic Space Free NFT Collab DrugMusic Mumzel”

Mumzel Community support: Chalk Monsters & Fink’s NFT Show

The mumzels are in the Finkerz NFT show on Youtube .. have you seen the broadcast..? we want to thank Finkerz and his Chalk Monsters for the broadcast on Youtube. Chalk Monsters 500 Monsters are living in Chalktopia in fear of being erased by Master Eraser! Adopt them into the safety of your wallet andMeer lezen over “Mumzel Community support: Chalk Monsters & Fink’s NFT Show”

Sneak Preview new collection

The Mumzels are busy making a new collection. this time it will be Mumzels without background (Stickers) and texts on the NFT . How many different mumzels and how many copies (rarity) will there be? is still a secret. maybe the mumzels have a nice surprise with this collection.

Mumzel Drup was tired

Mumzel Drup was walking. Walking made Mumzel Drup very tired and he looked for a place to sleep. Mumzel Drup saw a nice spot to snuggle up against and it was also soft like a pillow. Before you knew it, Mumzel Drup was already asleep against that soft spot and he was deep in dreamland.Meer lezen over “Mumzel Drup was tired”

Mumzels want to introduce to you PROJECT PRODIGY

Last night Project Prodigy saw a shooting star in the sky crashing to the ground near him. he walked to the spot where the star had crashed and found on the ground “Mumzel star” that had fallen from the sky. @PROJECTPRODIGY6 took him home to nurse. Welcome to the Mumzel family Gaming who didn’t growMeer lezen over “Mumzels want to introduce to you PROJECT PRODIGY”

The first Mumzel 2D collection

below you see the first Mumzel 2D collection of 50 different Mumzels. each Mumzel has its own character and story . On the Mumzel website we also write several Blogs in which the Mumzels come back. each Mumzel also has its own Rarity Level (number of different copies). There are a few advantages to thisMeer lezen over “The first Mumzel 2D collection”