Join the mumzel Hunt or the Mumzel Discord ! to claim Free NFTs !

In March, The second Mumzelhunt dimension (collection) was released, and now the Mumzels in the dark can be caught for 6 matic. If you catch one of these Mumzels, you get early access to the April Dimension: 3D grounded mumzels. These will be sold for 12 matic in April, but if you buy them as a hunter in March, you get a discount and pay only 9 matic for the 3D grounded Mumzel.

Join the Hunt for the Mysterious Mumzels in the Dark!

Catch a Mumzel in the Dark for Exclusive Benefits and Discounts! Once upon a time, in the magical world of NFTs, there lived a group of elusive and mysterious creatures called Mumzels. They were known for their shy but curious nature, always looking for new things to discover in the dark. But catching a MumzelMeer lezen over “Join the Hunt for the Mysterious Mumzels in the Dark!”

Mumzels February Update: The Successful Start of the Mumzelhunt

Mumzelhunt: A Successful Start The Mumzels have been busy during the month of February. While we have made fewer blog posts and the free NFT drops on Showtime have decreased, we have had a successful start to the Mumzelhunt, in which all 10 Mumzels from the first dimension, “Early Portraits”, have been caught. Additionally, aMeer lezen over “Mumzels February Update: The Successful Start of the Mumzelhunt”

Join the Discord and Hunt for Mumzels and NFT’S

Hello Mumzel discoverers, Do you also hear strange noises on the roof at night? Then you have a good chance that there are mumzels in your area .. Now join the hunt and search for the mumzels and discover the world of the mumzels in our new discord . Here you will find information aboutMeer lezen over “Join the Discord and Hunt for Mumzels and NFT’S”