Mumzel Market

Mumzelmarket The Mumzels have created a new opensea account where they sell nft’s from other artists. the nft’s who got, won or bought the mumzels from other artists. The Mumzels find it important that secondary market sales also become active and that projects become more valuable when the NFTs are traded. The mumzels will useMeer lezen over “Mumzel Market”

What The Mumzels did in August!

The Mumzels Have been active again in August and have mainly worked on the new collection. ” The Mumzels Adventures” to get it finished in time for September 1.Next month we will tell you more about the Mumzels Adventures in the Monthly Update. For now you can find everything in the following Blog below. LastMeer lezen over “What The Mumzels did in August!”

Mumzel Adventures Mint is LIVE!

THE TIME HAS COME AND IT IS MIDNIGHT The Mumzels I’ve caught in the past months I’ll release Tonight! They will quickly spread and multiply. Before you know it you will hear strange noises on the roof at night. you don’t dare to sleep anymore because you know that in the morning your cookie jarMeer lezen over “Mumzel Adventures Mint is LIVE!”

What did the Mumzels do in July?

what did the Mumzels do in the month of July? the Mumzels went on vacation and in between they stayed active in the NFT community on twitter we’ve written Blogs, participated in various community activities and been busy with the new collection of Mumzels we are making. Mumzels Wrote 17 Blogs in July 4 communityMeer lezen over “What did the Mumzels do in July?”

Mumzel Goodies Webshop

The Mumzels have created an online Webshop via redbubble. After doing some research and having some T-shirts printed at different printers. We came to the decision that for the Mumzels as we are worldwide, it’s easier to offer the Mumzel Desgins with Redbubble. Because when you have your own webshop, Where you have to sendMeer lezen over “Mumzel Goodies Webshop”

Making of the first Mumzel Collection

The first Mumzel NFT collection has been online for a while now. there are 50 different Mumzels in this collection, each with its own little short story and name. the Mumzels are also made in different styles. you can actually see in this collection how the Mumzels are evolving in design Tristi is the FirstMeer lezen over “Making of the first Mumzel Collection”

Mumzel NFT Market

The Mumzels are going to sell some of there NFT’s from other artist. so the valua of there collections goes up . Welcome in The Mumzel Market During their discovery in the NFT world and on Twitter, the Mumzels also collected NFT”s from other artists overnight. Do you want to support multiple Artists? If youMeer lezen over “Mumzel NFT Market”

What did the Mumzels do in May

The Mumzels are creatures that live around us mainly at night.💤 they keep an eye on us and sometimes make strange noises on the roof or borrow things from you that you suddenly lose.🤔 but Mumzels also like to help people what did the Mumzels do last month? The Mumzels bought this Art Astro GoonzMeer lezen over “What did the Mumzels do in May”

What the Mumzels  did in April

The mumzels bought 3 NFT from other artists in the past weeks . Astro Goonz –  Troglodyte -mastermind on april 23 the Troglodyte society had a live event for the children in Sierra leone to help the children there with school supplies and food in the afternoon a whole feast was cooked and the wholeMeer lezen over “What the Mumzels  did in April”

MumzelFamily:  Pollywhallet Troglodyte Society

Pollywhallet Troglodyte SocietyKazushiki Crypt_o_manimalshayKdrugmusic Mysfit Ryders of Umbryalopaka los banos bought!! 2 Mumzels Marley after my daughter pitched about the mumzel project in the Twitter Space Polygon community Share Projects #Allwelcome #Trogstrong . on behalf of me, my daughter Robin and the Mumzels and want to say a big thank you to all these wonderfulMeer lezen over “MumzelFamily:  Pollywhallet Troglodyte Society”