Troglodyte Society Live Event April 23

Join Live on April 23 Bomeh Community at 1:30pm GMT/8:30am EST. on April 23rd Troglodyte Society will have another live event from Sierra Leone and donate the money they earned from their project in the community there come watch the live event at 1:30pm GMT/8:30am EST. 300 KIDS  –  JOIN US LIVE (link to thereMeer lezen over “Troglodyte Society Live Event April 23”

Win 300 Dollar ! Chill Faces Drop 23th April

Saturday April 23 , Kazushiki will drop his new Collection of chill faces .anyone who buys a chill Faces will automatically enter the raffle to win $300!anyone who did not win automatically re-enters the next Round. Story behind the Chill Faces collection : This collection is about how Kazu were bullied because he had aMeer lezen over “Win 300 Dollar ! Chill Faces Drop 23th April”

Dave Swinbank 15K followers Giveaway thread

Dave Swinbank @Davc_s has reached the 15K followers on Twitter so he has created a Thread of 60 different projects that all give away NFT! do you want to win an NFT ? follow the creators and @Davc_s retweet, like or comment Twitter thread by Dave 15K follower celebration. I asked for a little helpMeer lezen over “Dave Swinbank 15K followers Giveaway thread”