Mumzel Community Holders

Welcome To the Mumzel Community

Glad you discovered Mumzels near you. Hopefully the Mumzels won’t be too much of a nuisance? Once the Mumzels get to know you better, They will become more confident and who knows, you might even have a pet. Make sure you store your belongings properly because before you know it you will have lost everything.

This is the Community page where the Holders can also login to the Utility Pages.

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Do you have a Mumzel from the Special Edition without a specific utility on it or have you minted 1 NFT in the Mumzels Adventures Collection (Tier 0) ?

Then you are a member of the Mumzel Community!

Then you have a chance that the Mumzels will buy an NFT of your collection in the future.

you don’t have to do anything, no guarantee but maybe luck.

You can join the world of the Mumzels on Twitter

this group is public.

The Budget of the coming minting period is Total 1000 Matic when the collection sells out.

1000 matic will go back into the Mumzel community the moment the collection is sold out for a certain part. that means you have a chance of the Mumzels buying NFTs from their holders.

at 20% sold out total 100 matic
at 40% sold out total 300 matic
at 60% sold out Total 500 matic
at 80% sold out total 750 matic
at 100% sold out Total 1000 matic

The artworks the Mumzels buy will be featured in the World of the Mumzels page on the website

Access to the following pages

is only possible with a password!

The first Mumzel 2D collection

If you bought a Mumzel from the Mumzels or from the Secondaire Market from the first 2D collection, you can request a password via Twitter DM or via the contact form on the website to login to the Holders page to claim the Utility.

Utility :

  • Blog About your project
  • Info – links – Picture in World of the Mumzels .
Never share your passwords with others for security reasons.

The Mumzels Adventures Tier 1 – 5

if you have minted 5 NFTs or more from the Mumzels Adventures you can contact the Mumzels via Twitter or via the contact form on the website.
Then you get a free NFT Tier 1 (Mumzel Playhouse) – it contains the password for this Page to go to the Google forms.

You get with Tier 1-5 the NFT Free you see on picture

only with Tier 1 is a password so that you can log in for subsequent Free NFTs and utility.

  • Tier 1 – 5x minted : Photoshop – Picture with all your Mumzels
  • Tier 2 – 10 x minted: Story about you Mumzels – part Friend of the mumzels
  • Tier 3 – 15x minted: see if you log in .
  • Tier 4 – 20x minted : Sticker and part of Mumzel Family.
  • Tier 5 – 25x Minted: T-Shirt.
Never share your passwords with others for security reasons.