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About us

What are the Mumzels?

I spent years catching them, no one knew they existed, the Strange noises you hear at night were blamed on other animals or things. I didn’t believe that, my father used to say when I was little that it was the Mumzels who make strange noises at night and who took my toys that I sometimes lost for months. I always found the toys in a different place and I thought that was very strange which made me believe my father that they are the Mumzels. I went exploring and ended up in the world of the Mumzels and discovered more and more Mumzels on my journey in the beginning I wanted to catch them and wrote the story in a book (2012) now I draw them in NFT and let them in their natural environment.

The Mumzels

lost something?

has the biscuit tin been emptied in the morning when you wake up, have you lost toys or keys? then there is a good chance that there is a Mumzel in your house

Do you hear strange noises?

Are you afraid of strange noises on the roof or in the house that you hear at night? these are the Mumzels they live mainly at night and when we sleep they often come in looking for food and nice things that they often want to borrow.


The Mumzels mainly live around us at night and experience all kinds of adventures. The Mumzels all have their own personality and talents.

They don’t easily show themselves to people.
They have to trust you first and that takes a lot of patience. Mumzels like to help people and animals and usually do so when we are sleeping. Only some actually like to play jokes on us.

Little Man

When I was young my father told me about the Mumzels. He said in the morning, Bram, did you hear those strange noises on the roof last night? Those were the Mumzels. Or if I had lost something, my father would say that the Mumzels had done it. Because of that, I had become obsessed with the Mumzels.

In 2012 I wrote a book about the Mumzels, this book was intended for young children.  The Mumzels were incorporated into real photos and told something about the picture with some questions to the children.  How many Mumzels do you count?  what fruit do you see in the picture? 

  • Target group Mumzels: all ages
  • Target group Mumzel NFT 12+ (due to NFT environment)

Mumzels NFT

The mumzels First collection is available as NFT on the market place,  there you can buy them with crypto on The polygonblockchain with WETH

You can mint The Mumzels adventures from our website, it is linked to Autominter and if you have bought your NFT there you will receive it in your Opensea account.

NFT what is that?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token: a non-exchangeable and irreplaceable digital certificate of ownership. This certificate contains a link to a digital object, such as a meme, digital artwork, or tweet. However, as the owner of an NFT, you do not own the object or the copyrights thereof

What you need?


A cryptocurrency wallet is a piece of software that you store your cryptocurrency in. Technically, you don’t store your coins in the wallet itself. You do link the proof of ownership of your coins to your wallet. This proof of ownership is called a private key and with this you have access to the associated cryptocurrency.

  • MetaMask browser or coinbase wallet
  • Opensea account.

There are many tutorials on Youtube that explain how you can create a Metamask Wallet, Coinbase wallet or other wallet and activate your account on open sea. keep in mind it is new technology so do a little research. if you want to move money between wallets there can be high GasFee. For example, with the Umbria network you can move your crypto more cheaply