Origin of the mumzels NFT

When I was young my father told me about the Mumzels. He said in the morning, Bram, did you hear those strange noises on the roof last night? Those were the Mumzels. Or if I had lost something, my father would say that the Mumzels had done it. Because of that, I had become obsessed with the Mumzels.

In 2012 I wrote a book about the Mumzels, this book was intended for young children.  The Mumzels were incorporated into real photos and told something about the picture with some questions to the children.  How many Mumzels do you count?  what fruit do you see in the picture? 

In the years that followed I tried to make a few animations and I was busy with a lot of volunteer work next to my work.

Last December 2021 I discovered the NFT market and after some research I decided to make a 2D collection of the Mumzels on open sea.  The first collection will consist of 50 Mumzels.

  • Target group Mumzels: all ages
  • Target group Mumzel NFT 12+ (due to NFT environment)