Few Months

✅️ Create 50 mumzels
Building social media.
✅️ Building a website.
Help other PRojects
Building relationships.



Sell first mumzel 2D collection
creating World of the Mumzels
Invest in equipment
Start a new collection
Buy NFT from other Artists
looking for team or people to work together.

33% – 49% Tax
15%-20% back to The Mumzel communitySupport
36% – 47% investment in the mumzels



sell Second Collection
Create 3D mumzels with team and sell as NFT
Write a new book about the Mumzels
Looking for more investors
Looking at possibilities for film or game.
Supporting and Buying From other NFT artists
Physical Mumzel products

Under construction

The Mumzels are busy putting their new collection online. So the website is also being adjusted. it is possible that there are now texts that are adjusted on pages. Not all information is correct at this time . our apologies Also fewer blogs will be written in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding

Support RitaNFT_Art

Just like the Mumzels, Rita can be found on Twitter in the NFT spaces and on the blockchain with her artworks for six months. She has many qualities such as working with AI, but she prefers drawing and coloring. At home she has a sweet little girl of almost a year walking around who alsoMeer lezen over “Support RitaNFT_Art”

Blame the Mumzels

Today a little story, we all have those days when things are not going well. You are very unlucky that day or you accidentally do something that afterwards you should not have done. especially if you have the feeling that you will be punished or whined about it. It is sometimes difficult to be honestMeer lezen over “Blame the Mumzels”