Achievements 2022

✅️ 160 unique Mumzelholders

✅️ Organic 4600 twitter followers

✅️ 160 blogs

✅️ 1400 unique holders from NFT’s the Mumzels created

✅️ more then 5000 nft’s created by The Mumzels have a owner

✅️ more then 700 Mumzels have a owner

✅️ 6 Different Mumzel Collections

✅️ building webshop

Achievements 2023

✅️ 215 unique Mumzelholders

✅️ Organic 5800 twitter followers

✅️ 230 blogs

✅️ 1400 unique holders from NFT’s the Mumzels created

✅️ more then 7000 nft’s created by The Mumzels have a owner

✅️ more then 2000 Mumzels have a owner

✅️ 10 Different Mumzel Collections

Redbubble & Spreadshirt webshop

Future Long Term

✅️ Mumzel Book

✅️ Making more Mumzelhunt Stories

✅️ Sell out First collection The Mumzels
✅️ Sell out the Mumzel Aventures
✅️ Sell out MumzelHunt & Stories
✅️Create 3D mumzels
✅️Looking for more investors
✅️ Looking at possibilities for film or game.
✅️ Supporting and Buying From other NFT artists
✅️toys for kids

Mumzel discovers a toaster

mumzel discovers a toaster In the stillness of the night, a daring little mumzel embarked on a fearless adventure, driven by a gnawing hunger. His sanctuary was a forgotten shed amidst a labyrinth of houses in a bustling residential neighborhood. Guided by the call of an unknown desire, he slipped through the cat flap of…

Lost in the Terrarium

Lost in the Terrarium In the silent night, the mumzel awoke and, as usual, embarked on a quest for food within the house. The familiar kitchen often offered delicacies left behind by human residents. However, this night, the mumzel discovered a conspicuous object on the dresser, a mysterious glass artifact with a glowing red lamp.…

Dive into the Magical World of Mumzels on

Dive into the Magical World of Mumzels on Welcome to the enchanting realm of, where creativity comes to life, and digital art flourishes. Recently, The adorable Mumzels have joined this exciting platform, now found amidst a lively community of artists, creators, and enthusiastic collectors. Let’s delve into how operates and how Mumzels,…

Chilly night

Chilly night On a chilly night, Gloomy, the “mumzel”, is abruptly awakened by a cold draft seeping into its nest beneath the roof tiles. Curious and determined, Gloomy embarks on an exploration. Upon leaving its nest, it encounters an unexpected layer of cold, wet white substance. Intrigued, Gloomy starts digging, and soon the white material…

Mumzel Discovers a Magical Device

Mumzel Discovers a Magical Device The “little mumzel” stealthily crept through the house, navigating between the insulation of the walls in search of adventure. Hunger led him to the ground floor, where lights still illuminated and sounds echoed. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, he discovered a captivating world on a large screen. Hidden…