Feb-Sept 2022

✅️ Create 50 mumzels

Building social media.

✅️ Building a website.

Help other PRojects

Building relationships.


Year (begins Sept 2022)

Sell first mumzel 2D collection

creating World of the Mumzels

*(this moment online on the website)
spatial is coming

Invest in equipment

✅️Start a new collection : “The Mumzels Aventures”

Buy NFT from other Artists (see world of Mumzels)

looking for team or people to work together.

1100 Matic From “the Mumzels Adventures”goes back in the Mumzel community (holders)



Sell out the Mumzel Aventures

Create 3D mumzels with team and sell as NFT

Write a new book about the Mumzels

Looking for more investors

Looking at possibilities for film or game.

Supporting and Buying From other NFT artists

✅️Physical Mumzel products – Merch shop is online

Mumzel Webshop

The Mumzels have opened a webshop on spreadshirt. currently we have 4 different designs for T-shirts, caps, accessories, stickers and much more. The webshop will soon be available in multiple languages and there are safe ways to pay. The transport and printing are also all arranged via spreadshirt so that it is also safe andMeer lezen over “Mumzel Webshop”

Mumzel Market

Mumzelmarket The Mumzels have created a new opensea account where they sell nft’s from other artists. the nft’s who got, won or bought the mumzels from other artists. The Mumzels find it important that secondary market sales also become active and that projects become more valuable when the NFTs are traded. The mumzels will useMeer lezen over “Mumzel Market”