Achievements 2022

✅️ 160 unique Mumzelholders

✅️ Organic 4600 twitter followers

✅️ 160 blogs

✅️ 1400 unique holders from NFT’s the Mumzels created

✅️ more then 5000 nft’s created by The Mumzels have a owner

✅️ more then 700 Mumzels have a owner

✅️ 6 Different Mumzel Collections

✅️ building webshop

2023 Jan – July

✅️ MumzelHunt (5 diffent collections)

✅️ building Discord

✅️ Building community

✅️ Add more designs in webshop

✅️ Free drops – Earn nft’s in Discord

2023 Aug – Dec

✅️ Mumzel Book

✅️ More Mumzels


✅️ Sell out First collection The Mumzels
✅️ Sell out / stop the Mumzel Aventures
✅️ Sell out MumzelHunt
✅️Create 3D mumzels
✅️Looking for more investors
✅️ Looking at possibilities for film or game.
✅️ Supporting and Buying From other NFT artists
✅️toys for kids

📊 Mumzelhunt Stats 📈 🔦🪣

📊 Mumzelhunt Stats 📈 🔦🪣 🎊 288 Free Mumzel NFT’s Given Away in the Mumzelhunt from February until May between 21 Hunters in mumzelhunt special editons 🎊✅️ 42 Mumzelhunt Mumzels are sold ! 🎊✅️ 103 Mumzels left in the Mumzelhunt between 5 payed 💰 collections (with Collection June) ✅️ All payed Mumzelhunt collections are 1/1…

Mumzel Jip telling about his mom

MUMZELHUNT Free Drop for the Hunters Yesterday the mumzels sent a new free drop to the Mumzelhunters. we still have 2 copies available of this mumzel that you can get for free with the purchase of a beautiful background mumzel for 15 matic. In addition to Mumzel jip you can receive even more free mumzel…

The Tale of Mumzels and OctoPeeps in the Depths of the Ocean

When Mumzels Met OctoPeeps The Mumzels and OctoPeeps have joined forces in an exciting collaboration that brings together two unique worlds. These adorable small hairy creatures and powerful octopus leaders have formed an unlikely alliance, and the result is a fascinating journey into the OctoPeeps Universe. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting Story of…