Rescue Mission for Willem the Orange Mumzel

A Koningsdag Adventure Once upon a time, in a little- flat land, there lived a brave little creature called Willem, an orange Mumzel. Tomorrow was going to be his birthday, just like the King of the Netherlands. And just like the King’s birthday, everyone in the land was going to be dressed in orange, justMeer lezen over “Rescue Mission for Willem the Orange Mumzel”

Join the Discord and Hunt for Mumzels and NFT’S

Hello Mumzel discoverers, Do you also hear strange noises on the roof at night? Then you have a good chance that there are mumzels in your area .. Now join the hunt and search for the mumzels and discover the world of the mumzels in our new discord . Here you will find information aboutMeer lezen over “Join the Discord and Hunt for Mumzels and NFT’S”

Monster Creations

Monster Creations Made by The Mumzels The Mumzels appear at night and when they are roaming around, They sometimes come across the strangest creatures. Some have arisen from children’s dreams, others have been roaming the earth for years. Some creatures and monsters are scary and dangerous, others cute and sweet. Like Fievee The Mumzels pet,Meer lezen over “Monster Creations”