Mumzels in May: A Vibrant Month of Adventures and Collaborations

Dear Mumzel community, It’s time for an update on the adventures of the Mumzels! May was a month filled with excitement, new milestones, and thrilling collaborations. Let’s take a look at everything that happened. Mumzelhunt: Mumzels in the Dark Sold Out and 4 New Hunters Welcomed The second collection of the Mumzelhunt (Mumzels in theMeer lezen over “Mumzels in May: A Vibrant Month of Adventures and Collaborations”

“The Mysterious Strange noises on the Roof: The Story of the Adventures of the Mumzels, Told by AI Generator Elevenlabs.”

When I was a kid, I used to hear strange noises on the roof at night. It was almost like someone was walking around up there. I remember lying in bed, feeling scared and alone, trying to ignore the sounds and drift off to sleep. But no matter how hard I tried, the noises alwaysMeer lezen over ““The Mysterious Strange noises on the Roof: The Story of the Adventures of the Mumzels, Told by AI Generator Elevenlabs.””

The Mumzel and the Urban Dragon

A Tale of Friendship in the Dark Depths of a Cave Foezel was a bright yellow mumzel who lived in the bustling city. She spent most of her days scurrying around the alleys and streets, collecting trinkets and knick-knacks to bring back to her nest under the roof of a tall building. One night, asMeer lezen over “The Mumzel and the Urban Dragon”

Winners Christmas Mumzel Lottery & Happy new Year

The Christmas Mumzel Lottery and Winners Today we did the lottery between all minted Christmas mumzels. the mint has now stopped. There were 67 mumzels and 25 people who took part in the lottery. There were 5 prizes to be given away including 2 NFTs and 3 Goodies.some prizes have already been awarded and sent.Meer lezen over “Winners Christmas Mumzel Lottery & Happy new Year”

Mumzel Webshop 20% Discount.

You get a 20% discount on all clothing in the Mumzel webshop until 23 November use the code : CYBERWEEK22 🚀 🌏 ⏬️⏬️ 🌏 🚀 The Mumzels currently have 4 different designs online. we are busy uploading several desgins. The Mumzels clothes can be found on the Spreadshirt website. This company can ship all overMeer lezen over “Mumzel Webshop 20% Discount.”

The Mumzels Adventures

The Mumzels Adventures were released last month and currently 50 mumzel NFTs have been minted. The collection includes various utilities, but something was still missing. because there are 6 different tiers Tier 0 to Tier 5At Tier 1 to 5 you got a free NFT. From today that will change.Anyone who mints 1x Mumzel AdventureMeer lezen over “The Mumzels Adventures”


The Mumzels have created a environment. where you can watch a few movies by a campfire and discover the Mumzels hiding around the campfire in the middle of the night in the future we want to expand these environments and also show art logos of our holders (World of the Mumzels) and of courseMeer lezen over “Spatial”

The Mumzels Adventures Story for Jason

Tell ghost stories at slumber party Night arrived in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania. The streets are dead quiet. Almost all people are asleep, except for a few children. They had a party at home for Asher’s birthday. Jackson Asher’s friend is staying over and Asher and Brother Shylo’s parents are already sleeping. It wasMeer lezen over “The Mumzels Adventures Story for Jason”