Robin AI Art – Mumzelmarket

My 12 year old daughter Robin started creating AI art. Her collection can be found in the Mumzelmarket. They are all 1/1 art and she likes cats so the first designs are all cats. she asks 0.003 Weth / 5 Matic for the artworks. For each work of art she gets 2 dollars from daddyMeer lezen over “Robin AI Art – Mumzelmarket”

The Mumzels at the Petting zoo

The Mumzels have discovered a petting zoo in the woods near their nest. because the Mumzels are curious about what a petting zoo is, they go and take a look. Do you know what a petting zoo is? Good guess, a petting zoo is a place where farm animals live and children can play andMeer lezen over “The Mumzels at the Petting zoo”

The Mumzels Meet The Squibbles®

In a while, kids will be able to enjoy the The Squibbles® on YoutubeTV. Fun kid-friendly characters created by Jay Stansfield who all have adventures in the tv show aimed at young kids. The Squibbles® started out as a children’s book and are now also available as NFT. if you purchase one of the NFTs,Meer lezen over “The Mumzels Meet The Squibbles®”