Mumzel Adventures Mint is LIVE!

THE TIME HAS COME AND IT IS MIDNIGHT The Mumzels I’ve caught in the past months I’ll release Tonight! They will quickly spread and multiply. Before you know it you will hear strange noises on the roof at night. you don’t dare to sleep anymore because you know that in the morning your cookie jarMeer lezen over “Mumzel Adventures Mint is LIVE!”

Blog 100: The Mumzels Adventures

Blog number 100 and we mumzels are proud to introduce you to the New Mumzel collection “The Mumzels Adventures” 1000 NFT with different Mumzels on it. Some are rare and others are more common. The price is 5 matic for an NFT The Mumzels in this collection experience their own adventures and stories. this collectionMeer lezen over “Blog 100: The Mumzels Adventures”

Find the Mumzels!

The Mumzels are everywhere! I hear them, I smell them and I see tracks but can’t find them. since I discovered the Mumzels, more and more Mumzels are added to my garden and shed. food disappears from the cellar every day and a lot of my stuff is moved at night. in the beginning IMeer lezen over “Find the Mumzels!”

Making of the first Mumzel Collection

The first Mumzel NFT collection has been online for a while now. there are 50 different Mumzels in this collection, each with its own little short story and name. the Mumzels are also made in different styles. you can actually see in this collection how the Mumzels are evolving in design Tristi is the FirstMeer lezen over “Making of the first Mumzel Collection”

MumzelFamily: Stacey Mayer – Benjamin

While riding through the woods on @awhitehorse listening to the chirping of the birds Stacey Mayer met Mumzel Qeeun Lucia on her Deer, together they rode for hours together through the beautiful landscape. It was so much fun that they agreed to go for a ride together every morning. Thank you for discovering Mumzel LuciaMeer lezen over “MumzelFamily: Stacey Mayer – Benjamin”

Mumzel Family: NFT

During a business trip @frank_preve Mumzel saw pete scared sitting in a corner of the plane,he had traveled with someone in the suitcase and jumped out of the plane. Frank Preve Mumzel took Pete home so that Mumzel could recover with a cold beer and delicious barbie The Mumzels want to introduce you. NFT arc.NetworkMeer lezen over “Mumzel Family: NFT”

Mumzel Family: IIkesOrbit

Mumzel Buster was out on a spider hunt in @IlkesOrbit‘ yard .. Suddenly the tables were turned when mumzel buster was trapped and surrounded by 100th spiders. Luckily @IlkesOrbit saw it in time and saved mumzelbuster from the spiders.#themumzels The Mumzels want to introduce to you IIkesObit IIkesObit his real name is llia 23 yearsMeer lezen over “Mumzel Family: IIkesOrbit”

MumzelFamily: Storm Virtual Labs

Thank you @StormVLabs for Buying Mumzel Captain Yellow Beard. He is an Old Mumzel with a lot of Strange Pirate Stories.. So don’t “believe” everything this old Mumzel says. Welcome to the MumzelFamily The Mumzels want to introduce to you An NFT project Storm Virtual Labs LLC that originated during a sushi Dinner Founded inMeer lezen over “MumzelFamily: Storm Virtual Labs”

Mumzel Buster

Afraid of spiders? Buster likes to catch them and take them to Spidy’s spider farm. so you never have to be afraid of spiders in the house again. Summer is in full swing and that means Spiders are busy multiplying again.   now it is still nice and warm and they catch flies outside.  butMeer lezen over “Mumzel Buster”

What did the Mumzels do in May

The Mumzels are creatures that live around us mainly at night.💤 they keep an eye on us and sometimes make strange noises on the roof or borrow things from you that you suddenly lose.🤔 but Mumzels also like to help people what did the Mumzels do last month? The Mumzels bought this Art Astro GoonzMeer lezen over “What did the Mumzels do in May”