“Advatar Inferno: The Ultimate Metaverse Racing Game Show – January 28th at 4 PM EST”

The Host The host of the show is LeDrop WithCheese, a celebrity NFT personality and host of “Meet With Cheese Metaverse Interviews & Live NFT Auctions On Junkie” The commentators The commentators for the show include Dave Swinbanks, a web 3 community leader and the host of “This is Not A Shill” Co Founder ofMeer lezen over ““Advatar Inferno: The Ultimate Metaverse Racing Game Show – January 28th at 4 PM EST””

“A Boy and His Mumzels: An Adventure Story”

Once upon a time, In a small town, there lived a group of creatures known as Mumzels. They were small and furry, with big eyes and a mouth, but no nose or ears. They had feelers on their head and were active at night, scurrying around searching for food and other things to explore. OneMeer lezen over ““A Boy and His Mumzels: An Adventure Story””

Christmas Mumzel mint Live

Public Mint Live for 1,5 Matic In winter it is often very cold outside and then The Mumzels are usually warm inside in their nests under the roof or in the shed. They sleep longer and need less food, but around Christmas they always wake up because the Mumzels love christmas. Outside there is oftenMeer lezen over “Christmas Mumzel mint Live”

30th Dec Christmas Mumzel Lottery

On December 30 The Mumzels will hold a lottery among all the minted Christmas Mumzels. you can then win 5 different prizes Prizes Everyone who already owns a Mumzel can mint 3 free Christmas Mumzels.for those who don’t own a mumzel, Public Mint on 24th Dec for 1,5 Matic At the moment there are 19Meer lezen over “30th Dec Christmas Mumzel Lottery”

The Christmas Tree

It has been a beautiful day and the sun beginning to set. While The Mumzels are still dreaming, their bellies start to rumble. Their hunger begins to stir them from their sleep and The Mumzels slowly awaken in their nest. One by one the Mumzels wake up and start to wash themselves, if you haveMeer lezen over “The Christmas Tree”

Mumzel Webshop 20% Discount.

You get a 20% discount on all clothing in the Mumzel webshop until 23 November use the code : CYBERWEEK22 🚀 🌏 ⏬️⏬️ 🌏 🚀 The Mumzels currently have 4 different designs online. we are busy uploading several desgins. The Mumzels clothes can be found on the Spreadshirt website. This company can ship all overMeer lezen over “Mumzel Webshop 20% Discount.”

Cleaning the Garage

Yesterday when I went to clean our garage I came across all old stuff that I had lost for months or years. I couldn’t remember putting them in the Garage. While removing a cupboard from the garage, while I was emptying the cupboard I saw what looked very much like a Mumzel nest. There wereMeer lezen over “Cleaning the Garage”

Troglodyte Mint Party Celebrate NFT Londen & 3rd Wave

Troglodyte Mint Party Celebrate NFT Londen & 3rd Wave

Friday 30 September 12pm EST


Mumzel Webshop

The Mumzels have opened a webshop on spreadshirt. currently we have 4 different designs for T-shirts, caps, accessories, stickers and much more. The webshop will soon be available in multiple languages and there are safe ways to pay. The transport and printing are also all arranged via spreadshirt so that it is also safe andMeer lezen over “Mumzel Webshop”