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The Mumzels are busy putting their new collection online. So the website is also being adjusted. it is possible that there are now texts that are adjusted on pages. Not all information is correct at this time . our apologies Also fewer blogs will be written in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding

Support RitaNFT_Art

Just like the Mumzels, Rita can be found on Twitter in the NFT spaces and on the blockchain with her artworks for six months. She has many qualities such as working with AI, but she prefers drawing and coloring. At home she has a sweet little girl of almost a year walking around who alsoMeer lezen over “Support RitaNFT_Art”

Winner Giveaway First AMA – Emotional Ladies

Emotional ladies won the Giveaway I gave away during my First AMA. because he doesn’t have the opportunity to do an hour-long interview with Subzero. the Mumzels write a Blog about his project. The Mumzels want to introduce to you Emotional ladies Emotional ladies is a collection of 1000 unique themed digital collectibles , theMeer lezen over “Winner Giveaway First AMA – Emotional Ladies”

Find the Mumzels!

The Mumzels are everywhere! I hear them, I smell them and I see tracks but can’t find them. since I discovered the Mumzels, more and more Mumzels are added to my garden and shed. food disappears from the cellar every day and a lot of my stuff is moved at night. in the beginning IMeer lezen over “Find the Mumzels!”

Crypto Goonz ⚡️🤖 Cyborgz: The Bionicz – 29th July, 4pm EST, 25 Matic ⚡️🤖

A new Crypto Goonz collection is out ⚡️🤖 Cyborgz: The Bionicz – 29th July, 4pm EST, 25 Matic ⚡️🤖 Several artists are giving away the crypto goonz Cyborz stan and Stacey this week to celebrate the new cyborgz collection. All artists participating in the Give away @Shy_Zoltan @daniiibabieee @tshea1978 @Vans_Cmkro Blunt1977 Sophiahaley25 @NFTProject76 @opeiratis @finkerzNFTMeer lezen over “Crypto Goonz ⚡️🤖 Cyborgz: The Bionicz – 29th July, 4pm EST, 25 Matic ⚡️🤖”

Info New Collection

New collection After the summer I want to release a new collection with new Mumzel. in this collection are also 2 styles Mumzels, half way through the collection I found out that I could add something in the style for an even better effect. in this collection the Mumzels without background will be offered asMeer lezen over “Info New Collection”

Making of the first Mumzel Collection

The first Mumzel NFT collection has been online for a while now. there are 50 different Mumzels in this collection, each with its own little short story and name. the Mumzels are also made in different styles. you can actually see in this collection how the Mumzels are evolving in design Tristi is the FirstMeer lezen over “Making of the first Mumzel Collection”

Mumzel Family: AutismHoodMedia

Jason & Sheamus #AutismAwareness Jason and his Son Sheamus are now for a while in the NFT world , the both sell 1/1 NFT to get More Awareness for Autism. Jason’s son is now 13 years old and has autism and loves to make art , Riding his bike and listening to Music. About AutismMeer lezen over “Mumzel Family: AutismHoodMedia”

Mumzel Bibber

We are all afraid of something, just like Mumzels. They are especially afraid of large animals and people because they can be dangerous for Mumzels. therefore Mumzels mainly live around us at night so that we do not see them. Mumzel Bibber is also afraid of something else and that’s why the existence of MumzelMeer lezen over “Mumzel Bibber”

Mumzel Family: NFTeve

Pete is a fair dinkum Mumzel from Down Under rides Kangaroos likes to have a nice cold beer at the back yard barbie Mumzel Pete loves to travel with you and lives normally in Australia thank you for buying Mumzel Pete @NFTLadyEve NFT Artist and Performer Eve NFTeve who doesn’t know her? most know herMeer lezen over “Mumzel Family: NFTeve”