Drippy BullZ Mint on June 2nd: Collaborations with Mumzels and Many More Artists

The Mumzels & Drippy BullZ collab The Mumzels are part of the Freemint collection for the Drippy BullZ. They have collaborated with 28 artists to create a free mint for their holders. On June 2nd, there will be an early release of the Drippy Bullz for 15 Matic to acquire these bullz and get oneMeer lezen over “Drippy BullZ Mint on June 2nd: Collaborations with Mumzels and Many More Artists”

📊 Mumzelhunt Stats 📈 🔦🪣

📊 Mumzelhunt Stats 📈 🔦🪣 🎊 288 Free Mumzel NFT’s Given Away in the Mumzelhunt from February until May between 21 Hunters in mumzelhunt special editons 🎊 ✅️ 42 Mumzelhunt Mumzels are sold ! 🎊✅️ 103 Mumzels left in the Mumzelhunt between 5 payed 💰 collections (with Collection June) ✅️ All payed Mumzelhunt collections areMeer lezen over “📊 Mumzelhunt Stats 📈 🔦🪣”

“Night has fallen and the 3D Grounded Mumzels are released: Join the Mumzelhunt for 12 matic! “

Exciting news! Starting tonight April 8th at 0:01 am Cest, the highly anticipated 3D grounded Mumzels will finally be released. For just 12 Matic, you can catch one of these rare creatures and become a part of the exclusive Mumzel community. But that’s not all – your purchase grants you access to the Mumzelhunt, whereMeer lezen over ““Night has fallen and the 3D Grounded Mumzels are released: Join the Mumzelhunt for 12 matic! “”

The Mumzels on Showtime.xyz

The Mumzels on Showtime.xyz The Mumzels made an account on showtime.xyz where they collect NFT’s from other artists but also drop free NFT’s these can be mumzels but also other NFT’S made by the Mumzels The first NFT the Mumzels made is a Christmas card and there are 200 copies. you can claim it forMeer lezen over “The Mumzels on Showtime.xyz”

Mumzel Collections

Last year, The Mumzels did not sit still and put several Collections with NFTs on Opensea. of course a lot of Mumzels but also other collections and NFTs such as monsters or made by my son Finn or daughter robin. In this Blog we list everything and tell you something about the collections with links.Meer lezen over “Mumzel Collections”

Polygon Alliance

Polygon Alliance “Working together to help all succeed” Who is Polygon Alliance ? Many different Artists on Twitter and Polygon Blockchain have started together to build the Polygon Community. Polygon Alliance was founded on 28th Dec 2021. There are more than 120 projects affiliated to the Polygon Alliance and can be seen as one ofMeer lezen over “Polygon Alliance”

Christmas Mumzels

The Mumzels made a Christmas collection of 500 mumzels in different layers with Autominter.com In winter it is often very cold outside and then The Mumzels are usually warm inside in their nests under the roof or in the shed. They sleep longer and need less food, but around Christmas they always wake up becauseMeer lezen over “Christmas Mumzels”

Polygon Game Night

PGN Polygon Game Night Most Polygon NFT Community members on discord and Twitter have heard of it. What is it and what do they do? Gaming with NFTs? In this blog The Mumzels let you know what the Polygon Game Night is. The Mumzels have also sponsored NFTs at the Polygon Game night. In theMeer lezen over “Polygon Game Night”

COLLAB With The Stamp Man – NFT Kunst galerie

The Mumzels did a Collab with Dutch artist The Stamp Man With the Sticky stamp collection. Owner ot het NFT Kunst Galerie in Holland (Netherlands) A platform for Dutch NFT artists to promote and sell there #NFT art. We offer unique , colorfull, catchy and beautifull NFT’s. We created a Sticky Stamp Animation with aMeer lezen over “COLLAB With The Stamp Man – NFT Kunst galerie”

1st Ever Polygon FortNFTnite Tournament Saturday October 22

@CartridgePunkz & @Crypto__Goonz are proud to present the 1st ever Polygon #FortNFTnite Tournament on Saturday, October 22! Take your best shot & battle for the ultimate Victory Crown in this EPIC 16 player showdown! Saturday, October 221:00pm EST #FortNFTnite Hosted by Sponsored by @CartridgePunkz & @Crypto__Goonz, BriThatCryptoGuy, Bots of Cog, Headballz (JoJo Hombreave), PGN, VDKMeer lezen over “1st Ever Polygon FortNFTnite Tournament Saturday October 22”