Winner Giveaway First AMA – Emotional Ladies

Emotional ladies won the Giveaway I gave away during my First AMA. because he doesn’t have the opportunity to do an hour-long interview with Subzero. the Mumzels write a Blog about his project. The Mumzels want to introduce to you Emotional ladies Emotional ladies is a collection of 1000 unique themed digital collectibles , theMeer lezen over “Winner Giveaway First AMA – Emotional Ladies”

Find the Mumzels!

The Mumzels are everywhere! I hear them, I smell them and I see tracks but can’t find them. since I discovered the Mumzels, more and more Mumzels are added to my garden and shed. food disappears from the cellar every day and a lot of my stuff is moved at night. in the beginning IMeer lezen over “Find the Mumzels!”

Troglodyte Society Poker Tournament

Saturday 30 July 8pm BST / 3pm EST There will be a poker tournament “limit Texas Hold’em” With prices from 27 artists ” 76 NFT’s to win” Top 5 wins Prices Support the Troglodyte society and join them on Google Meet 30 july 5PM BST / 12 AM EST Troglodyte Society helps poor community’s inMeer lezen over “Troglodyte Society Poker Tournament”

27 Juli 10 PM CEST Subzero AMA with the Mumzels!

Join the Space on 27 Juli 10pm CEST And maybe you win the AMA or a Mumzel on July 27, 10pm Cest, Subzero will hold an AMA with The Mumzels. The mumzels will tell about their background story, who are the creators behind the Mumzels, father Bram and Daughter Robin will speak. What are theMeer lezen over “27 Juli 10 PM CEST Subzero AMA with the Mumzels!”

Info New Collection

New collection After the summer I want to release a new collection with new Mumzel. in this collection are also 2 styles Mumzels, half way through the collection I found out that I could add something in the style for an even better effect. in this collection the Mumzels without background will be offered asMeer lezen over “Info New Collection”

Mumzel Bibber

We are all afraid of something, just like Mumzels. They are especially afraid of large animals and people because they can be dangerous for Mumzels. therefore Mumzels mainly live around us at night so that we do not see them. Mumzel Bibber is also afraid of something else and that’s why the existence of MumzelMeer lezen over “Mumzel Bibber”

Mumzel Buster

Afraid of spiders? Buster likes to catch them and take them to Spidy’s spider farm. so you never have to be afraid of spiders in the house again. Summer is in full swing and that means Spiders are busy multiplying again.   now it is still nice and warm and they catch flies outside.  butMeer lezen over “Mumzel Buster”

LOVE FM – from Monday to Friday 7pm CEST

Every weekday Drugmusic , Erika Psykick and The Mumzels hold an hour long a Music space at 7pm cest. Where artists can come in and listen to the music we play for you. artists and listeners will have the opportunity to share their artworks as a pintweet for everyone to see, retweet and like. ItMeer lezen over “LOVE FM – from Monday to Friday 7pm CEST”

Aywen the Forest Mumzel

It is middle of the night and very dark in the forest, most of the animals are sleeping but for Aywen the day is just beginning. he has just woken up and is getting ready to leave the nest.He is very proud of his nest, he built it himself in the forest and enjoys livingMeer lezen over “Aywen the Forest Mumzel”

The DrugMusic Space Free NFT Collab DrugMusic Mumzel

DrugMusic and The Mumzels hold a silent Music space every Monday through Friday at 7 PM CEST DrugMusic plays different kinds of music from all over the world or where you hear music from artists . Everyone who enters the space will have the opportunity to share their own works of art in the spaceMeer lezen over “The DrugMusic Space Free NFT Collab DrugMusic Mumzel”