Mumzel Collections

Last year, The Mumzels did not sit still and put several Collections with NFTs on Opensea. of course a lot of Mumzels but also other collections and NFTs such as monsters or made by my son Finn or daughter robin. In this Blog we list everything and tell you something about the collections with links.Meer lezen over “Mumzel Collections”

Monster Creations

Monster Creations Made by The Mumzels The Mumzels appear at night and when they are roaming around, They sometimes come across the strangest creatures. Some have arisen from children’s dreams, others have been roaming the earth for years. Some creatures and monsters are scary and dangerous, others cute and sweet. Like Fievee The Mumzels pet,Meer lezen over “Monster Creations”

Mumzel Update & RouteMap Picture

The Mumzels made a Route Map picture. In February we started the first Mumzel collection with blog utility for other projects. Last September, we opened the Mumzels Adventures Mint, which allows you to have your own adventures with the Mumzels and get different utilities as you discover multiple Mumzels. We want to make 3D MumzelsMeer lezen over “Mumzel Update & RouteMap Picture”

The Mumzels make Bami for dinner.

Mumzels love to eat They prefer to eat whatever food they can find. When people are not at home or sleeping, Mumzels enter the houses looking for food. Today the Mumzels have found a house where the Humans are not at home and all found tasty vegetables and other ingredients to make a nice mealMeer lezen over “The Mumzels make Bami for dinner.”

MumzelFamily: Storm Virtual Labs

Thank you @StormVLabs for Buying Mumzel Captain Yellow Beard. He is an Old Mumzel with a lot of Strange Pirate Stories.. So don’t “believe” everything this old Mumzel says. Welcome to the MumzelFamily The Mumzels want to introduce to you An NFT project Storm Virtual Labs LLC that originated during a sushi Dinner Founded inMeer lezen over “MumzelFamily: Storm Virtual Labs”

Mumzel Community support: Chalk Monsters & Fink’s NFT Show

The mumzels are in the Finkerz NFT show on Youtube .. have you seen the broadcast..? we want to thank Finkerz and his Chalk Monsters for the broadcast on Youtube. Chalk Monsters 500 Monsters are living in Chalktopia in fear of being erased by Master Eraser! Adopt them into the safety of your wallet andMeer lezen over “Mumzel Community support: Chalk Monsters & Fink’s NFT Show”

Mumzel Family HornyBoots

Last night @HornyDevilsclub was lost in the dark and didn’t know how to get home. suddenly he saw a luminous creature .. it was Mumzel Neo who can give light through his Mumzel power. allowing Fin to find his way home in the dark. Mumzel Neo has stayed with @HornyDevilsclub to help him out whenMeer lezen over “Mumzel Family HornyBoots”

Mumzels want to introduce to you PROJECT PRODIGY

Last night Project Prodigy saw a shooting star in the sky crashing to the ground near him. he walked to the spot where the star had crashed and found on the ground “Mumzel star” that had fallen from the sky. @PROJECTPRODIGY6 took him home to nurse. Welcome to the Mumzel family Gaming who didn’t growMeer lezen over “Mumzels want to introduce to you PROJECT PRODIGY”