Mumzel Alpha Joe

it’s another beautiful spring day the mumzels have sown their seeds on the land again in the morning. Alpha Joe is waiting along the field with his foxes. they are all very alert because when a bird lands on the field they quickly run to chase them away before eating all the seeds. the mumzelsMeer lezen over “Mumzel Alpha Joe”

Mumzel Dido no.3

Do you ever wake up in the morning and the food you left on the counter the night before is gone? Mumzel Dido is always hungry and at night when people are sleeping he goes out. he eats all the food he finds until he can no longer walk because of the stomach pain andMeer lezen over “Mumzel Dido no.3”


the winners of the giveaway have become Secretproyect keriskitchen   Mr.TCristi the snail master Fekel  kanakz47  Fuzzy_B thank you all for entering the Dave swinbank Giveaway and participating with the Mumzel NFTs welcome to the Mumzel Friends. Thanks for your support . There are a lot of winners from all the other artists and people who participatedMeer lezen over “WINNERS MUMZEL – DAVE SWINBANK 15 K GIVEAWAY”


in the jungle, Mirlan is busy catching frogs. Mirlan often goes on adventures because he is a Mumzel Witch Doctor and collects all kinds of substances from plants and animals to make potions. because he knows many recipes and spells to make other creatures such as humans, Mumzels and animals better. he wants the frogMeer lezen over “MUMZEL WITCH DOCTOR”

Origin of the Mumzels

As a small child, my father always told me about the Mumzels.if I lost something or I heard strange noises on the roof my father blamed the Mumzels. in 2011 I started drawing Mumzels and in 2012 I published a simple children’s book in my own way. The book is still for sale and isMeer lezen over “Origin of the Mumzels”

MumzelFamily:  Pollywhallet Troglodyte Society

Pollywhallet Troglodyte SocietyKazushiki Crypt_o_manimalshayKdrugmusic Mysfit Ryders of Umbryalopaka los banos bought!! 2 Mumzels Marley after my daughter pitched about the mumzel project in the Twitter Space Polygon community Share Projects #Allwelcome #Trogstrong . on behalf of me, my daughter Robin and the Mumzels and want to say a big thank you to all these wonderfulMeer lezen over “MumzelFamily:  Pollywhallet Troglodyte Society”

The Mumzels

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Are all kinds of small things disappearing in your house? that’s what the Mumzels do. Mumzels are very small creatures with big eyes, walk on 2 legs and have 2 feelers on their head with which they quickly recognize danger. They live around us allMeer lezen over “The Mumzels”

Flugly the collector

Flugly the Collector no.39 Lvl 4 we all come across those places where a lot of rubbish is gathered together, sometimes it seems like a whole collection. you may be watching a Mumzel’s Nest at the time. Because Mumzels collect everything in their Nest. collect, collect and collect. Flugly spends the whole day collecting everythingMeer lezen over “Flugly the collector”

Do you Know a Good Name? For A Mumzel?

on twitter I asked if you know a nice name for this Mumzel? all comments with names under my twitter message have a chance to win 1 of the 5 copies of this mumzel. (Give away) the name with the most Likes wins the Mumzel . you can join and like names on Twitter untilMeer lezen over “Do you Know a Good Name? For A Mumzel?”