School day

Morning came again. My mother walks into my room, she is angry when she wakes me up. “Stand up Bram!“. She says. “What did you do last night? What did your father say?”   Half asleep I respond “ok mom“. I get out of bed, grab some clothes, and put them on. I have toMeer lezen over “School day”

Mumzel Marley

while walking the Dog. my dog suddenly heard something in the bushes, my dog went to it and then I saw a Mumzel running away. I don’t know what the mumzel was doing there but I saw that the mumzel was so scared that it looked like he saw a monster.. Marley runs away fromMeer lezen over “Mumzel Marley”

Sneak into the shed.

Night came and I was lying in my bed.This morning my father told me, that I was not allowed to go to the shed at night, to see if the Mumzel were there.But I can’t sleep, I‘m curious. I want to know if the Mumzels are there. Even though I am constantly thinking about theMeer lezen over “Sneak into the shed.”