Rescue Mission for Willem the Orange Mumzel

A Koningsdag Adventure Once upon a time, in a little- flat land, there lived a brave little creature called Willem, an orange Mumzel. Tomorrow was going to be his birthday, just like the King of the Netherlands. And just like the King’s birthday, everyone in the land was going to be dressed in orange, justMeer lezen over “Rescue Mission for Willem the Orange Mumzel”

“The Nighttime Adventures of Flurry and Twikky: A Tale of Temptation and Responsibility”

The Nighttime Adventures of Flurry and Twikky: A Tale of Temptation and Responsibility Once upon a time, in a small town, the night had fallen, and the Mumzels began to wake up from their slumber. Flurry and Twikky were starving, and they lived under the roof tiles of a house near a building that housedMeer lezen over ““The Nighttime Adventures of Flurry and Twikky: A Tale of Temptation and Responsibility””

The Christmas Tree

It has been a beautiful day and the sun beginning to set. While The Mumzels are still dreaming, their bellies start to rumble. Their hunger begins to stir them from their sleep and The Mumzels slowly awaken in their nest. One by one the Mumzels wake up and start to wash themselves, if you haveMeer lezen over “The Christmas Tree”

Cleaning the Garage

Yesterday when I went to clean our garage I came across all old stuff that I had lost for months or years. I couldn’t remember putting them in the Garage. While removing a cupboard from the garage, while I was emptying the cupboard I saw what looked very much like a Mumzel nest. There wereMeer lezen over “Cleaning the Garage”

What did the mumzels do in october ?

what did the mumzels do in october ? The Mumzels have written 12 blogs about different events in the past month, the mumzels have created a spatial environment, created a Halloween Mumzel. prepared a collab with The Stamp man. The Mumzels received or won this month several NFTs. Thanks for the NFTs twitter accounts ofMeer lezen over “What did the mumzels do in october ?”

Last chance!!

Halloween Mumzel October 30, the mumzels send their first Halloween Animation Mumzel NFT to all holders. it doesn’t matter to this Mumzel how many or which Mumzels you own. all holders of a Mumzel bought or received will receive this Mumzel. Do you want this Mumzel too? make sure you also own a Mumzel NFTMeer lezen over “Last chance!!”

My 2nd passion Halloween

Halloween my second Passion For some who don’t know yet, I’m Bram 37 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. besides the Mumzels I have other passions like Halloween. Fun fact: I like to act with Daims the wizard and Robin the mud girl (both also help me with the Mumzels every now and then)Meer lezen over “My 2nd passion Halloween”

Mumzel Egor

Mumzel Egor It’s Halloween month again. all over the world there are families who decorate their homes beautifully with scary props. pumpkins , ghosts , lights , monsters. It may not be too crazy for some. Mumzel Egor doesn’t like Halloween. he finds it very scary. He already lives in a very old house withMeer lezen over “Mumzel Egor”

Guard the cake! my son’s birthday

Today my son Finn turned 7 years old and is celebrating his birthday. So the Mumzels are therefore a little less active this week or the social media. Last night the Mumzels had been in our house because they tried to steal the birthday cake. I had to guard him all night. my bed wasMeer lezen over “Guard the cake! my son’s birthday”

The Mumzels Adventures Story for Jason

Tell ghost stories at slumber party Night arrived in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania. The streets are dead quiet. Almost all people are asleep, except for a few children. They had a party at home for Asher’s birthday. Jackson Asher’s friend is staying over and Asher and Brother Shylo’s parents are already sleeping. It wasMeer lezen over “The Mumzels Adventures Story for Jason”