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Below, you’ll find the names and projects of our esteemed Mumzel Friends and Family members who have proudly acquired Mumzel NFTs. We also showcase the NFTs acquired by the Mumzels from our valued Community members. Welcome to the Mumzel Community!

– Individuals who possess a Mumzel are considered members of the esteemed Mumzel community.

“There exists a potential scenario wherein the Mumzels may procure a non-fungible token (NFT) from said individuals at a later point in time.
The NFTs obtained shall be proudly showcased within The World of the Mumzels.”

– Holders of the first mumzel collection
– Bought more then 15 payed Mumzels

“Increase your productivity and efficiency by showing your own project in the world of the Mumzels. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

– I have recently acquired a Mumzel from one of the esteemed Mumzel collections.

“Your name will be featured among the Mumzel friends in the world of the Mumzels.” For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

The promotions included with certain collections, such as a blog about your project, receiving a certain number of Mumzel NFTs, giveaways, Goodies, or a weekly free Mumzelhunt NFT, are separate offerings that accompany specific collections and are independent of the Mumzel Friends and Family.

The place for individuals, NFT artists and companies who have discovered the Mumzels.

Holders of the First Mumzel Collection

The Holders of the First Mumzel Collection also have a dedicated blog on our website where you can find information about their project. If you have purchased a Mumzel from our initial collection, we will gladly write a blog post specifically for you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to publish certain content on our website due to our target audience. For further information, please feel free to contact us via Twitter or Discord.

You own more than 15 paid mumzels? Contact us via Twitter or Discord to have your information displayed here.

Artistic Alliances

Who is Artistic Alliances ? In addition to building digital galleries and bringing artists together in the Web3 environment, Artistic Alliances is also an Abstract artist who can also take beautiful photographs and write poetry. Artistic Alliances is part of Mongoose Club, a collaborative club that will bring 300+ projects and Web3 Enthusiasts together..

Jason Smith

Bought 25 The Mumzels Adventures and is the first person to reach all Tiers #ChaosInvoker.

Jason Support helps many artists in their journey through NFT world and likes to collect NFT’s from projects he likes. he also regularly gives away giveaways from various artists. #ChaosInvoker.

Heavily involved in Zalgo’s project and one of his GM’s in Discord

Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

Did you know theres an easy way to send large amounts of NFTs (airdrops) to unlimited wallets?  Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool can help save artist so much time, effort and energy when they want to do giveaways and reward their token holders!

is your best friend in Airdrops


Rock Artist

Has several other artworks such as his NFT collections.
AJ has put several NFTs online for sale on


The chalk monsters are very fun animated monsters created by father and daughter. at the moment the collection has 35 monsters that change their appearance in an animation.


Aiming to add value to the web3gaming world via tweets, spaces and game reviews. Introvert, but DMs always open for web3gaming chat…Play games you enjoy

Subscribe to GaspodeWD Gaming Channel and learn more about Web3 Gaming

Stacey Mayer

Stacey enjoys spending time at home in Texas with her grandson Benjamin.

She is known for her signature and vibrant style for her contemporary animals, horses and sports art. true fans recognize her artworks immediately when they see it and the artworks are collected all over the world.

She is active on various media platforms and has been featured in international lifestyle magazines and plans to create much more art for generations to enjoy.

on Twitter in spaces she helps other Artists on art and other topics with NFT , Marketing. which many people like to listen to and is very helpful for many in the journey through the NFT and art world especially for beginning artists. but also experienced artists can learn a lot from Stacey Mayer.

Jason & Sheamus


Jason and his Son Sheamus are now for a while in the NFT world , the both sell NFT to get More Awareness for Autism.

Jason’s son is now 13 years old and has autism and loves to make art. Studies have also shown that making art or listening to music can help children with autism develop and grow. Autism is very different in many children and many children and parents also experience it differently. one child shuts down and needs years to start talking or communicating with other people at all and the other child is very social but does not understand norms and values at all and therefore expresses strange behaviors, which more often than also resembles ADHD, in short, autism The spectrum is very extensive and varied and it is important that more attention is paid to it so that children also receive the right care. because a child is not always just annoying, quiet or busy. often there is not much they can do about it themselves because they are not in control.

Sheamus has made multiple collections Art go and look to his art and Support him


is a platform that gives retailers of all sizes the power to create their own NFTs.

The mission of NFT arc.Network is to make the process of selling NFTs easier, faster and less complicated.

NFT arc.Network work with companies, entrepreneurs and other organizations to give them the power to create their own collections of NFTs and sell them on their own websites of via NFT marketplaces.


NFT Lover and Supporter of many Projects.

DorkLovesSport is very active in the Twitter Community and has helped many projects by collecting NFTs.

Support projects by sharing or participating in Projecten’s event. The Mumzels are one of the many projects that have the pleasure of getting acquainted with DorkLovesSport.


IIkesObit his real name is llia 23 years old and living in a small but beautifull country Bulgaria in east Europe.

He studied Graphic design at the university and he loves it all kinds of designs and art.

in his last year at the university , he had a Subject about 3D modeling and since then he was fallen in Love with 3D Art.


has very sweet Hawa cats one of the collections NFTeve made. In addition to making very cute cats and art, Eve is also very good at belly dancing and has also made an NFT collection of it. in addition to various collections, she also holds spaces on Twitter as a Host.

it is very nice to listen to Eve and she often has instructive conversations with other Artists. she also has a Youtube channel where she does interviews with NFT artists but also explains a lot about NFT and WEB3 in various tutorials. which you can learn a lot from. she has a very sweet and nice voice, she is a sweet nice woman and is a valued person within the NFT communtiy who does a lot for the community and brings people together.

her collections and mastermind Club have described the Mumzels in a Blog about her.. you can look this up on our website or do your own research and explore her own websites to discover what an amazing woman NFTeve is


Rita studied art and came across the discovery of NFT during her pregnancy and started to delve into it. in February Rita started Loading her first NFT collections. Rita is very creative and has many qualities in Art . she masters several techniques and this is reflected in her various collections. below we will highlight a number of collections and NFT with the story behind it

Rita likes to make art so she will still make many collections to share with you and to get rid of her creativity. She hopes that you like her artworks and want to buy so that she can invest in better software – hardware and studio to make more art for you in the future.

An NFT project Storm Virtual Labs LLC that originated during a sushi Dinner

Founded in Captain flannel’s gaming den, their aim is to bridge cryptocurrencies and art by collaborating with talented artists to release NFT projects that can lead to everyone hopefully retiring together quickly.

(Not financial advice, do your own research and read their disclaimer on website)

Their vision is to create a fun and prosperous community that has the time and resources to do what they love. For the founders this project is not a job , Which is ironic for starting a new business , They love doing it.





Duo artists bart and brent

Bitcoin is considered the digital gold but it consists of all the colors of the world. It not only ensures freedom but brings everyone closer together. Without bitcoin, we wouldn’t be talking or writing to each other here. Like a stone in the water, it spreads further and further around the world.

Click the button to view the collection on opensea.oi


GalleryHope, The Art of Loving Kindness launched #NFTsForACause to directly support Special Needs families in need.  Every NFT sold pays for a 1-year scholarship in art or music therapy for underprivileged families with children challenged on the Autism spectrum in New Jersey and Florida. Both professional artists and children alike on the Autism Spectrum are donating original 


Troglodyte Society is a collection of 10,000 Trog NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain. Your Trog doubles as your Troglodyte Society Club membership card and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to the private member’s Discord Channel and Live charity events, perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation


Prepare to be mesmerized by the enchanting melodies and extraordinary talents of this musical maestro DrugMusic. With a heart that beats to the rhythm of friendship, he is not only a connoisseur of Web3 wonders but a beloved figure in its vast expanse. Immersed in countless pursuits, his passion knows no bounds. From creating harmonious compositions to igniting conversations in the dynamic web3 spaces on Twitter, he leaves an indelible mark wherever he goes. And let’s not forget his captivating opensea collection, waiting to take your breath away. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring journey into sound and creativity.

Below you can see the Mumzel friends. These people have all purchased a Mumzel and the mumzels are really happy about it! Would you also like to be a part of the Mumzel friends? And have you also bought a mumzel?

Then please contact us via Twitter or Discord. We look forward to hearing from you!

The mumzels find it important to also buy art from other NFT artists in the Twitter community. here will be exhibited all the works of art we have bought with link to their website that the mumzels own.

This are the NFT’s the Mumzels Bought in the Time of the First collection (Feb-dec 22)

NFT’s Bought and won in 2023

A Metaverse environment where you can find mumzels