The Mumzels


Those are the Mumzels!

About us

What are the Mumzels?

I spent years catching them, no one knew they existed, the Strange noises you hear at night were blamed on other animals or things. I didn’t believe that, my father used to say when I was little that it was the Mumzels who make strange noises at night and who took my toys that I sometimes lost for months. I always found the toys in a different place and I thought that was very strange which made me believe my father that they are the Mumzels. I went exploring and ended up in the world of the Mumzels and discovered more and more Mumzels on my journey in the beginning I wanted to catch them and wrote the story in a book (2012) now I draw them in NFT and let them in their natural environment.

The Mumzels

lost something?

has the biscuit tin been emptied in the morning when you wake up, have you lost toys or keys? then there is a good chance that there is a Mumzel in your house

Do you hear strange noises?

Are you afraid of strange noises on the roof or in the house that you hear at night? these are the Mumzels they live mainly at night and when we sleep they often come in looking for food and nice things that they often want to borrow.


The Mumzels mainly live around us at night and experience all kinds of adventures. The Mumzels all have their own personality and talents.

They don’t easily show themselves to people.
They have to trust you first and that takes a lot of patience. Mumzels like to help people and animals and usually do so when we are sleeping. Only some actually like to play jokes on us.


Join the World of the Mumzels


if you Buy a Mumzel we write a Blog about your project and share your Logo, info and Links in the world of the Mumzels

Community Support

Everything the Mumzels Buy from other artist we share in the world of the Mumzels

Mumzel Friends

Everything we win or get as present we share in the world of the Mumzels

World of the Mumzels

Mumzel World Blog

Making New Collection

The Mumzels are busy making a new collection. at the moment there are already 75 different Mumzels made in the new collection. some will be in objects others have objects in their hands. some Mumzels will be rarer than other Mumzels. the Mumzels will be mined , so you get a Random Mumzel NFT. WithMeer lezen over “Making New Collection”

Mumzel Buster

Afraid of spiders? Buster likes to catch them and take them to Spidy’s spider farm. so you never have to be afraid of spiders in the house again. Summer is in full swing and that means Spiders are busy multiplying again.   now it is still nice and warm and they catch flies outside.  butMeer lezen over “Mumzel Buster”

Have you discovered them yet?

Collect Them All !!

Making a new collection !

At the end of Summer there will be a New Collection with Mumzels , Keep an eye on our website, Blogs and social media for more information