The Mumzels

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Collections & Merch

the link goes to the page on our website where all the different MumzelHunt collections and information are listed


First opensea collection
The Mumzel Adventures Collection Autominter Mint Page
Mumzels for special occasions or because we like it.
The Mumzels also enjoy collaborating on other projects. in this opensea collection you will find the Mumzels that have been used for collaborations.if you want to work with the Mumzels, please contact us via our twitter account.
The Mumzelmarket is where all NFTs are listed and where Mumzels sell and buy NFTs from other Artists. all proceeds with this account will be used to purchase new NFTs.
The Mumzels on a social media platform where you can claim free NFTs that the Mumzels drop.
The Mumzels Webshop where we sell different clothes and accessories


The Mumzels Discord Server , see the projects of the mumzel family and earn coins , don’t miss Free NFT’s Drops and much more
Mumzel community place where there are projects and NFTs from other artists who bought a mumzels from the first Mumzel collection and the Mumzels Adventures(+10) , also here are NFTs that the Mumzels bought.
All Blogs that the Mumzels write on their own website about Events, projects and of course stories about the Mumzels
The Mumzel Community on Twitter , follow us for the latest Mumzel news


Information about the different Mumzel collections and utility
Information about the Mumzels
What are the Mumzels going to do..?

External Websites

A Metaverse environment where you can find mumzels

πŸ“Š Mumzelhunt Stats πŸ“ˆ πŸ”¦πŸͺ£

πŸ“Š Mumzelhunt Stats πŸ“ˆ πŸ”¦πŸͺ£ 🎊 288 Free Mumzel NFT’s Given Away in the Mumzelhunt from February until May between 21 Hunters in mumzelhunt special editons πŸŽŠβœ…οΈ 42 Mumzelhunt Mumzels are sold ! πŸŽŠβœ…οΈ 103 Mumzels left in the Mumzelhunt between 5 payed πŸ’° collections (with Collection June) βœ…οΈ All payed Mumzelhunt collections are 1/1…